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Street lighting that can track and spy


Ladies and Gentlemen,
Yet another death of a young athlete should be cause for concern for any parent. The deaths of up to 80 young people a year should long ago have cause legislative and judicial enquiries. The waters are further muddied by the failure of the medical profession to find adequate terminology to identify the syndrome shows the inadequacy of a system trying to hide the dangers of electromagnetic radiation. Hidden in plain sight is the cell tower behind the building (see photo below).
A second photo of blue gates reveals a power line pylon – another layer of electromagnetism.
Prof. Andrew Goldsworthy in the U.K. has proposed that these deaths occur when the human body is under stress it becomes vulnerable to electromagnetism. He suggests there is interference with the metabolism of testosterone.
The situation begs the question of how many more will die. Further, how many will die if / when the Smart Metering system is deployed for electricity along with 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), Virgin Media’s system of micro-nano-pico antennae, and wireless-enabled street lighting?
As question that has yet to be answered – because governments can’t answer it is: how many women will miscarry due to exposure of the coming wave of electromagnetic radiation? The Kaiser Foundation study cited below should again be cause for concern.
Please circulate widely.
Happy and Safe Holidays,
John Weigel


Another Sudden Adult Death (SADs) / Sudden Cardiac Death

‘We are heartbroken’ – tributes paid to teenager who tragically died after collapsing during match

‘You had a heart of gold man and everyone loved you for that’

Tributes were paid today to a 16-year-old soccer star who died after collapsing during a match in Dublin last night.

Izzy Dezu was playing for the under-16 Shelbourne FC in a league decider against Saint Kevin’s Boys FC when he collapsed.

The game at the Athletic Union League (AUL) complex in Clonshaugh was in the second half when the young player collapsed on the pitch.

The game was abandoned as emergency services were alerted. Paramedics from Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) worked on the youth for some time before he was brought by ambulance to Beaumont Hospital.


From James Devaney, Leixlip, Ireland

Have a cell phone against your ear? You should consider putting it down

Put your cellphone down – and keep it away from your pillow, the California Department of Public Health is advising.

Smartphone use continues to increase in the U.S., especially among children, and the health department said some people and health professionals have concerns about the radio frequency energy emitted from cell phones. The scientific community has not reached a consensus on the risks of cell phone use, but the health department said research suggests long-term, extensive use may affect health.


Cellphones driving modern humans to the brink of insanity? New science reveals young brains DERANGED by cellphone radiation exposure

(Natural News) It’s fairly obvious to most intelligent people that modern society is going insane. It’s especially true among today’s hyper-connected youth who seem to be truly deranged and mentally ill, hyperventilating over every issue imaginable such as “net neutrality” or the election of Donald Trump. The lunacy of modern society has never been more extreme, and many of us who observe all this are wondering is there a common cause behind the insanity?

As it turns out, the mass poisoning of human brains with cellphone radiation has only been going on for a generation or so. It may be the common cause behind the insanity, and California health authorities have just confirmed this possibility by issuing new warnings about the adverse brain effects of cellphone radiation exposure.


Firefighters demand removal of cell phone towers from their property


DARPA can exterminate humanity: ‘You could feasibly WIPE OUT the human race’

One of the most dangerous experiments that mankind has ever embarked upon is DARPA’s desire for gene drive technology. Scientists now have the knowledge and the tools they need to create and deliver “Doomsday genes” which can selectively target and exterminate an entire species.
According to Sputnik News, and as previously reported by SHTFPlan, the United States highly-secretive and advanced military research body DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced that it will invest tens of millions of dollars into genetic extinction research. While the official aim of this research is said to be fighting harmful insects, like mosquitos which carry Malaria, there are significantly darker implications and speculations surrounding the possible use of such a tool.


Jeff Rense December 16 2017 – THE END OF NATURAL WEATHER – Jordan Maxwell 2017


California health officials release guidelines to avoid cellphone radiation

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – California health officials have a new message for cellphone users.

For the first time ever, the California Department of Public Health has released guidelines about harmful cellphone radiation and how you can avoid it.

Dr. Karen Smith with the California Department Of Public Health said, “We recognize that there are a lot of people in the general public that have some concerns about their cellphones and whether using a cellphone is safe.”


Siemens calls on Ireland to begin its movement towards digitalisation

by John Kennedy

6 DEC 2017

From bricks to billions, the promise of the digital age is already evident. And Ireland holds more cards than it knows.

Siemens Ireland CEO Gary O’Callaghan has called on Ireland to begin a movement towards the full digitalisation of its economy.

There are many terms to describe the shake-up of IT platforms and the new digital services that are emerging. Some call it digital transformation, some call it disruption but, for Siemens’ O’Callaghan, it is simply a matter of Ireland using its resources and skills more effectively.


From David Reid, Ireland
Exposure to magnetic field non-ionizing radiation and the risk of miscarriage: A prospective cohort study.

Sci Rep. 2017 Dec 13;7(1):17541. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-16623-8.

Li DK1, Chen H2, Ferber JR2, Odouli R2, Quesenberry C2.

Author information

1 Division of Research, Kaiser Foundation Research Institute, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA, USA.dkl@dor.kaiser.org.

2 Division of Research, Kaiser Foundation Research Institute, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland, CA, USA.


Magnetic field (MF) non-ionizing radiation is widespread and everyone is exposed to some degree. This prospective cohort study of 913 pregnant women examined the association between high MF exposure and miscarriage risk. Cox (proportional hazards) regression was used to examine the association. After controlling for multiple other factors, women who were exposed to higher MF levels had 2.72 times the risk of miscarriage (hazard ratio = 2.72, 95% CI: 1.42-5.19) than those with lower MF exposure. The increased risk of miscarriage associated with high MF was consistently observed regardless of the sources of high MF. The association was much stronger if MF was measured on a typical day of participants’ pregnancies. The finding also demonstrated that accurate measurement of MF exposure is vital for examining MF health effects. This study provides fresh evidence, directly from a human population, that MF non-ionizing radiation could have adverse biological impacts on human health.





Free full text


Miscarriage occurred in 10.4 percent of the women with the lowest measured exposure level (1st quartile) of magnetic field non-ionizing radiation on a typical day, and in 24.2 percent of the women with the higher measured exposure level (2nd, 3rd and 4th quartiles), a nearly three times higher relative risk. The rate of miscarriage reported in the general population is between 10 and 15 percent

In this study, we found an almost three-fold increased risk of miscarriage if a pregnant woman was exposed to higher MF levels compared to women with lower MF exposure. The association was independent of any specific MF exposure sources or locations, thus removing the concern that other factors connected to the sources of the exposure might account for the observed associations. While nausea and vomiting were hypothesized to be potential confounders, adjustment for both nausea and vomiting did not change the results in this study or in a previous study20. Although we did not observe a dose-response relationship for MF exposure above 2.5 mG, this could be due to a threshold effect of MF exposure in which MF levels at or above 2.5 mG could lead to fetal demise, thus examining further higher levels of MF exposure were not able to confer additional risk.

Street lighting that can track and spy

World’s largest operational smart street lighting project delivers massive energy savings for Hampshire County Council

An innovative PFI project in Hampshire – the largest of its kind in the world – has delivered massive savings for the local authority.

Since 2010 it has reduced the local authority’s street lighting energy consumption by 21GW/hr per annum. This equates to a reduction of 41% – or enough electricity to power 3,500 homes for a year.

Mayflower‘s innovative Complete Lighting Control Central Management System (CMS) allows individual street lights, signs and bollards to be monitored and controlled remotely by having a smart node on each installation. The company, which is part of SSE Enterprise Contracting, has installed nearly 150,000 nodes across the Hampshire County Council area, making it the world’s largest single CMS network.

Mayflower has installed 250,000 CMS nodes across the UK with the milestone being celebrated in the Hampshire city of Winchester.


…and in New Zealand too

Wellington city council selects Telensa for its Smart street light management system

Wireless solution saves money by connecting and managing LED streetlights and provides a low-cost platform for smart city applications.

Cambridge, UK & Wellington, NZ – 28 November 2017Telensa, the market leader in connected street lighting and Smart City applications, today announced that it has been selected by Wellington City Council to deploy its PLANet intelligent streetlighting system. The project will start in November 2017 and is due for completion in June 2018.

Telensa PLANet is an end-to-end intelligent street lighting system, consisting of wireless nodes connecting individual lights, a dedicated wireless network owned by the city, and a central management application.



British police lose phone & web search powers

Senior British police officers are to lose the power that allows them to self-authorise access to personal phones, and web browsing records under a series of late changes to the Investigatory Powers Act, or so called ‘snooper’s charter‘ law, proposed by UK ministers in an attempt to comply with a European court ruling on Britain’s mass surveillance powers.


The Deep State’s Christmas present to America: Surveillance that never ends

If this power-hungry cabal gets its way, the government’s power to spy on its citizens will soon be all-encompassing and permanent.

As it now stands, Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act-the legal basis for two of the National Security Agency’s largest mass surveillance programs, “PRISM” and “Upstream”-is set to expire at the end of 2017.

“PRISM” lets the NSA access emails, video chats, instant messages, and other content sent via Facebook, Google, Apple and others. “Upstream” lets the NSA worm its way into the internet backbone-the cables and switches owned by private corporations like AT&T that make the internet into a global network-and scan traffic for the communications of tens of thousands of individuals labeled “targets.”


SAE international publishes J2954™ recommended practice enabling wireless charging to 11kW

SAE International published SAE J2954™ Recommended Practice (RP) providing the first worldwide specification for wireless power transfer for electric vehicles up to 11 kW power levels (WPT3). Following the previous Technical Information Report J2954, with power levels up to WPT 2 (7.7kW), 11kW wireless charging is a big step towards commercialization for electric vehicles.

The RP also provides a standardized test stand (first up to WPT 2) which enables both electric vehicle manufacturers and infrastructure companies a means for testing performance and validation of products and new developments. The J2954 standard test stand is based on the circular topology but also provides a way to demonstrate compatibility to other topologies such as the “double D” design.


From Prof. Olle Johansson, Stockholm

Health risks linked to electromagnetic field exposure

Date: December 13, 2017

Source: Kaiser Permanente


A study of real-world exposure to non-ionizing radiation from magnetic fields in pregnant womenfound a significantly higher rate of miscarriage, providing new evidence regarding their potential health risks.

* * * *
free open access full text
De-Kun Li, Hong Chen, Jeannette R. Ferber, Roxana Odouli, Charles Quesenberry.
Exposure to Magnetic Field Non-Ionizing Radiation and the Risk of Miscarriage: A Prospective Cohort Study.
Scientific Reports, 2017; 7 (1)

France forbids mobiles at school

The French Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, announced on December 10 in a television interview that cell phones “will be banned at French schools and colleges from the start of 2018”. He also stated that it would be good from a health point of view if children up to seven years of age did not use screens at all, based on their impact on the children’s mental health and cognitive ability (learning, memory). The French school act already prohibits the use of mobiles during the lessons.

“We are working on this issue, it can take different forms, you may need it for teaching purposes and for emergency situations, so cell phones must be confined”, he said. He also recalled that some colleges “already have decided to do it”.

According to Jean-Michel Blanquer, the question of screens is a matter of “public health”.


Guest Blog ‘Phonegate: The health and industrial issues of a global scandal’ by Marc Arazi

We are more than six billion persons in the world using a mobile phone. It has become an indispensable object of our daily life. Who is interested in the health risks from cell phones? Who has thoroughly read the user manual of their cell phone? Who has studied the regulations that control phones being placed on the market?

Not many of us! Most of us are seduced into trusting manufacturers and national and international organizations which ensure that mobile phones respect our health and safety.


Professor Girish Kumar, Electrical Engineering Department I.I.T. Bombay, India

Today, crores of people in India use cell phones for >4 hours per day. Children are more vulnerable and the brain tumor risk for them may be 400% more in 8 to 10 years if they use cell phones for >4 hours per day. Many

countries advice that children below 12 years should not use cell phone or use it only for emergency.

I had earlier submitted a report on Cell Tower Radiation to Secretary, DOT in Dec. 2010. Inter-ministry committee report of Jan. 2011 had also listed several health hazards and had recommended 1/10th of ICNIRP norm

(450mW/m2), which was implemented on Sep. 1, 2012. However, according to Bio-initiative Report, Austrian Medical Association Guidelines, etc., long term exposure of even 1mW/m2 is not safe.

Your immediate attention is required to protect the people of India from overuse of cell phones, high cell tower radiation, etc., which in turn also causes hazards to birds, animals, fruit yield of the trees, etc.

Industry-paid and undisclosed experts nestled in top-echelons of science

British ‘The Guardian’ revealed today that, yet again, famous and presumed trustworthy scientist was not so “trustworthy”… Sir Richard Doll, famous epidemiologist who demonstrated causal link between tobacco and lung cancer, was a consultant for the chemical industry as show documents discovered at the Wellcome Foundation library archive. The undisclosed previously contract was with Monsanto: […]


The technocrats are building re-education cities

Globalist social engineers want a dystopian future

Alex Jones explains the technocratic bubble cities that are being built to create a reeducation environment for future mind-controlled and genetically altered generations.


Researchers: Hackers can spy on kids through some holiday toys

Some of this holiday season’s smart toys that can listen and talk to children are vulnerable to hackers who can take over such devices’ electronics, researchers are warning parents.

According to Pen Test Partners, the “Teksta Toucan Electronic Toy” is the latest device they have found which can have its microphone and speaker connect to a Bluetooth audio device such as a phone or laptop computer.

While the firm’s demonstration was lighthearted – making the bird-like toy say profanity instead its pre-programmed words – the researchers stressed a greater concern of hackers using the toy to listen in on rooms where the toy is located.

Previously Pen Test was critical of “My Friend Cayla,” a doll which connected to the Internet to answer children’s questions. The company posted code on their website showing how easily the toy’s related mobile app could be changed from simply responses to anything a hacker wanted to make the toy speak aloud.

Earlier this year a consumer watchdog group in Germany successfully moved to remove “Cayla” dolls from the market there, stating “any toy capable of transmitting signals and surreptitiously recording audio or video without detection is unlawful.”

“My Friend Cayla” and “i-Que,” a connected robot toy previously released, “fail miserably when it comes to safeguarding basic consumer rights, security, and privacy,” said the BEUC, the European Consumer Organization.


And don’t forget My Friend Cayla and i-Que…

About My Friend Cayla

My Friend Cayla is like a real friend, she’s so much more than a talking doll or app toy! Get to know her by asking questions about her family, favourite foods, hobbies, pets and more. Cayla also loves to answer tricky questions about things like animals, countries and famous people. She can also play games, tell stories and talk about pictures in her photo albums. Cayla is 18″ tall and comes with a hairbrush and mirror. Download the free app to an Android or iOS smart device and connect to Cayla via Bluetooth Wireless Technology. There are multiple safeguards in place to make her internet safe. Cayla can understand almost anything you say by using speech-to-text technology. You can also meet Cayla’s best friend, My Friend Chloe.

  • He understands what you say to him.
  • Play games & quizzes, change his voice, make him move & more.
  • Cheeky sense of humour!
  • 6 points of articulation.
  • Compatible iOS or Android phone or tablet required.

‘Minority Report’ Artificial Intelligence machine can identify 2 BILLION people in seconds

A LEADING tech company has developed an Artificial Intelligence machine that can identify two billion people in a matter of seconds.

Yitu Technology has made an AI algorithm that can connect to millions of surveillance cameras and instantly recognise people.

The company – based in Shanghai, China – developed Dragonfly Eye to scan through millions of photographs that have been logged in the country’s national database.

This means it has a collection of 1.8 billion photos on file, including visitors to the country and those taken at ports and airports.


DARPA genetic extinction research a mistake – human rights watchdog

The US advanced military research body – DARPA – announced that it will invest tens of millions of dollars into genetic extinction research. While the official aim of this research is said to be fighting harmful insects, there are significantly darker speculations about the possible use of such a tool.


From Arthur Firstenburg,

New Mexico is now ground zero

Dear Friends,

The news, both in the New Mexico state legislature and the City of Santa Fe, is incredible.

First the City: Mayor Javier Gonzales has declared a “bad cell phone reception” state of emergency permitting Verizon to begin putting cell towers and antennas anywhere on city property without application and without land use review, beginning tomorrow. The press release was issued this morning at 10:19 a.m. He has declared a SIX MONTH state of emergency under the city’s Riot Control Ordinance! I kid you not. He has way overstepped his authority. The Riot Control Ordinance only allows him to set a curfew, prohibit firearms in public places, and prohibit the sale of alcohol. Our City Code does not exempt “temporary” wireless facilities from zoning review. I am in a state of shock. I am pasting the Mayor’s Proclamation of Emergency below this email. If he gets away with this, you can be sure the industry will try this elsewhere.

Now the State of New Mexico: The wireless industry has drafted an ordinance that will be introduced in the 2018 session titled “Network Nodes Deployment Act.” It is bolder than anything we’ve seen so far. It states that cell towers and antennas in the public rights-of-way that are less than 50 feet tall or 10 feet taller than the tallest existing utility pole within 500 feet, whichever is taller, are “not subject to zoning review and approval.” Period.

The lawsuit against the City, which we had already been putting together will be filed at the end of this week. We intend to put RF radiation on trial and challenge the constitutionality of Section 704 of the Telecommunications Act.

WE NEED DONATIONS TO PAY FOR THIS LAWSUIT. Please help if you can, by going to the donations page on our website: //www.cellphonetaskforce.org/?page_id=196 (choose “Santa Fe Campaign” as the purpose of your donation).

Thank you!


Arthur Firstenberg

P.O. Box 6216

Santa Fe, NM 87502

(505) 471-0129



I, Javier M. Gonzales, Mayor of the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico, hereby determine that an emergency exists in the City resulting from insufficient telecommunications capacity in the City, which have caused or are causing danger, or injury or damage to persons and property within the City.

I hereby invoke all of the regulations necessary to preserve the peace and order in the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico that are set forth in Section 20-1.1 through 20-1.5 of the Santa Fe City Code of 1987.

I hereby declare that this Proclamation will become effective upon my signature and order the City Manager to disseminate the contents hereof to the public by appropriate news media and any other means at the Manager’s disposal.


City Staff is authorized to work with Verizon Wireless to install temporary and/or mobile wireless telecommunications facilities on City property pending review and approval of fixed wireless facilities within the City; and

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the purpose of these temporary telecommunications facilities is to supplement the capacity of the cellular networks in the City so that emergency responders, like police, fire, and EMS will be able to better communicate with their departments, other agencies, and most importantly, the public.

This Proclamation of Emergency terminates automatically six months after it becomes effective unless sooner terminated by proclamation of the Mayor.

DONE at Santa Fe, New Mexico this 21st day of November 2017.



City of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Addenda to above:

I heard back from John McPhee in New Mexico and here is what he had to say about this:


Not to worry….last night the testimony at the city council meeting basically put the last nail in the mayor’s coffin, and he will not seek reelection in March anyway. Arthur’s detailed list of what the emergency proclamation was intended for instead of telecom installation, plus the fact that the mayor excused himself to go play in a mayor’s chess tournament during out testimony, plus Arthur’s equally explicit list of telecom facilities providing income for the mayor’s family, left the city council basically embarrassed and, I think, even more relieved that the mayor would be gone in 90 days.

Then, surprise testimony from an out of state doctor and daughter really “sealed the deal”. I just keep repeating the overwhelming evidence of harm from creditable studies done by the best institutions at each hearing, and then pray for a constant stream of personal and powerful stories from other experts and the general public. It’s working, and this pleasant surprise last night was very encouraging.

Then, I will be continuing to put this issue on every table, as 7 people are seeking the position of mayor of Santa Fe, plus we have the gubernatorial race coming up in November, plus a number of legislative seats. My former boss, a public health advocate and Democrat, is the front runner for governor, plus the state legislature will most likely stay Democratic next November as well. Needless to say, time is of the essence, and we will not miss the opportunities presented….

Next week we will start addressing the proposed state legislation to allow ubiquitous 5G, which apparently is even worse than vetoed in CA, and I will work both sides of the aisle to ensure it dies in committee……

Hope you are well. The fight continues…..

John McPhee

Santa Fe Alliance for Public Health and Safety

From Andre Fauteux, Editor/Publisher, La Maison du 21e siècle Magazine

Questions for Drs. Mercola and Klinghardt

Greetings Drs Mercola and Klinghardt (and cc’d EMF & Building Biology contacts),

Thanks for the transcript of your very informative interview
notably about how the Chinese and Russians protect their populations from EMFs, especially pregnant women.

What test do you perform that indicates everyone is affected by an open cell phone 12 feet away?

What USB adapter do you recommend to use an old iPad with a wired internet connection?

Can you please send the name of the application that serves as an RF dosimeter (mentioned on p20)?

PS: Here are errors I spotted in the transcription:

Potsdam is in Germany, not Sweden.

Wolfgang Maes (cc’d also, //www.maes.de) is not an architect nor a physicist by training. He is a former journalist who became ill notably from extension cords below his bed.

Building Biology founder Anton Schneider was an architect.

Graham Stetzer is not a person but the name of a company founded by Martin Graham, former professor emeritus of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley and inventor of Graham-Stetzer (GS) filters and the Stezerizer Microsurge Meter, and electrician Dave Stetzer. Filtering dirty electricity (DE) in a home typically costs less than 1 000 $. In many cases, if a house is properly wired and use of switch-mode power supply devices is minimized, two 35 US$ GS filters (one on each circuit) can be enough to clean up the DE in a house if the exterior sources are minimal (often they are not). It’s always best to fix the source since capacitive filters are a questionable way of ”cleaning” harmonics, writes Building Biologist Sal La Duca.

Air Tube is another great anti-radiation earphone for a cell phone

Concerning voltage-gated calcium channels, Lou Gehrig’s, etc. see notably Martin Pall’s (not Martin Paul’s) ME Pedia page


Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium …


Download Interview Transcript


The Importance of EMF Mitigation : Story at-a-glance

• According to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, women should take drastic steps to lower their EMF exposure during pregnancy to reduce the risk of having an autistic child

• Microwave radiation from cellphones, Wi-Fi routers and similar devices concentrate twentyfold in the womb, meaning whatever the reading is outside the womb, the measurement will be 20 times higher inside the mother

• Klinghardt found the average exposure of an autistic child to high frequency electric fields from household currents and microwaves from cellphones and other wireless technologies was twentyfold higher than that of the non-autistic children

• Nonionizing cellphone microwave radiation has also been linked to Alzheimer’s and infertility, especially in men, both of which, like autism, are rocketing skyward in terms of prevalence

• One of the best strategies is to eliminate exposure to ELF electric fields during sleep, as this is a most important time for your brain. Details on how to do this, as well as many other remediation strategies, are discussed

Big Brother Is watching… Your driver’s license

The government is doing something it doesn’t want you to know about.

It’s using a secretive tool that lets officials determine who’s naughty and who’s nice.

With just a few sweeps of a mouse, it can put your face in a lineup and see if you’re the guy who robbed the bank… ran the red light… or joined the protest down the street.

Citizens in the know are up in arms these days about the news that Arizona has turned its Department of Transportation into one of the state’s largest law enforcement entities.

That’s right… the government body designed to build roads and bridges and maintain safety on our streets is now in the criminal-busting game.

But what few folks realize is that Arizona is just the headline maker. At least 42 other states are quietly in the game as well.

The Digital Lineup

It makes sense.

The DOT has something few other agencies have.

It has a picture of every driver in the state.

Most folks don’t think much of those pictures on their driver’s licenses. Getting an ugly mug shot has been part of the licensing process for generations.

But there’s something new that they have overlooked… facial recognition technology.

Over the last decade or so, tremendous strides have been made in the realm. Computers can now scan the national database of 411 million photos and accurately pick out select individuals. If your driver’s license picture matches a shot taken at a crime soon… you can expect a knock on your door.

Experts call the technology a “perpetual lineup,” but naysayers wonder just how far this net will stretch.

Even in the program’s infancy, the chances are quite high that you’re already in the database.

According to a report from Georgetown Law’s Center on Privacy & Technology last year, at least one in every two American adults is in a law enforcement face-recognition network.

It’s a number that has certainly risen over the last year as more states have fallen into line with Bush-era licensing mandates that go live in 2018.

“By using face recognition to scan the faces on [43] states’ driver’s license and ID photos, police and the FBI have basically enrolled half of all adults in a massive virtual lineup. This has never been done for fingerprints or DNA. It’s uncharted and frankly dangerous territory.”


Unlike with fingerprints and traditional mug shots, you don’t need to be convicted of a crime to find your way onto this list.

In many states, you only need to have a driver’s license.

If you’re like most folks whom we share this startling news with, you’re likely wondering why you never heard of this program before.

“Surely the states would have to disclose this sort of thing,” most folks say.


That’s what’s so infuriating… and scary.

From WirelessWatch

Confirmed: New York City’s public Wi-Fi stations are spying on you

If there is ever a perfect example of dual-use technology, it is WiFi connectivity. I’ve already covered the mounting evidence that our ubiquitous gadgets and wireless connections are doing irreparable physical harm, especially to the young and to pregnant women, but the concern about surveillance is running a parallel track.

So, when New York City announced its LinkNYC program in early 2016 to convert 7,500 public payphones into WiFi stations, I sounded the alarm about the threat it potentially posed to civil liberties.


From Pauline Keeley, Dublin

Surveillance firms spied on campaign groups for big companies, leak shows

Targets included grieving family of Rachel Corrie, environmental activists and local campaigners protesting about phone masts

British Airways, the Royal Bank of Scotland and Porsche are among five large companies that have been identified as having paid corporate intelligence firms to monitor political groups that challenged their businesses, leaked documents reveal.

The surveillance included the use of infiltrators to spy on campaigners.

The targets included the grieving family of Rachel Corrie, a student protester crushed to death by a bulldozer, as well as a range of environmental campaigns, and local campaigners protesting about phone masts.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Has the Smart Phone replaced the cigarette?

To see recent research on addiction to smart phones,

social media and internet gaming: //bit.ly/addictionsaferemr.

Is the smart phone the cigarette of the 21st century?

Yesterday cigarette companies published the following notice in major newspapers in the U.S. as part of a year-long counter-advertising campaign to comply with a Federal court order.

What if the courts decide some day that the smart phone is the 21st century cigarette — might we see the following smart phone ad?


To see recent research on addiction to smart phones,

social media and internet gaming:

Does smartphone addiction show up in teen’s brains?

Dennis Thomas, CBS News. Dec 4, 2017.

Smartphone addiction could be changing your brain

Sandee LaMotte, CNN, Dec 1, 2017.

Hooked on your phone?

Brit McCandless, CBS 60 Minutes, April 9, 2017.

Screen addiction Is taking a toll on children

Jane E. Brody, New York Times, July 6, 2015.

Smartphones are addictive and should carry health warning, say academics

Haroon Siddique, The Guardian, Mar 4, 2015.

Smartphone addiction: Tips for breaking free of compulsive smartphone use

Helpguide.org, Undated.


Wi-fi and cellphones increase pregnant women’s risk of a miscarriage by nearly 50%, study reveals

• Magnetic field (MF) non-ionizing radiation is also given off by power lines

• Pregnant women exposed to the highest levels are 48% more likely to miscarry

• Some 24.2% of such women miscarry versus 10.4% with the lowest exposure

• MF radiation, which everyone is exposed to, has previously been linked to cancer

• Miscarriages affect between 15 and 20 percent of pregnancies in the US


France to forbid mobiles in schools in the Fall of 2018

French Minister of Education confirms cell phone use by students will be banned in schools and colleges next Fall

Without banning tablets however, he admitted that screens are a “public health issue”. “We have studies showing that exposure to the screens of children under seven is a health problem. It is good that children are not too much, if at all, in front of screens before the age of seven, “said Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer on the TV show Le Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro. LCI.


California issues cell phone radiation warnings

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, December 13, 2017

Today the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued a press release to announce their long-awaited cell phone warning document. The document forewarns the public about health risks from exposure to cell phone radiation and provides tips on how to reduce exposure.

This document originally prepared in 2009 by health professionals within the CDPH Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control underwent numerous revisions but was never published by CDPH until now.

In March of this year, the Sacramento Superior Court ordered the CDPH to release the draft documents to Dr. Joel Moskowitz, the plaintiff in a law suit filed under the California Public Records Act by the Environmental Law Clinic at UC Berkeley Law and the First Amendment Project.

Health risks linked to electromagnetic field exposure

Date: December 13, 2017

Source: Kaiser Permanente

Summary: A study of real-world exposure to non-ionizing radiation from magnetic fields in pregnant women found a significantly higher rate of miscarriage, providing new evidence regarding their potential health risk.


CDPH issues guidelines on how to reduce exposure to radio frequency energy from cell phones


Laptops are great. But not during a lecture or meeting

But a growing body of evidence shows that over all, college students learn less when they use computers or tablets during lectures. They also tend to earn worse grades. The research is unequivocal: Laptops distract from learning, both for users and for those around them. It’s not much of a leap to expect that electronics also undermine learning in high school classrooms or that they hurt productivity in meetings in all kinds of workplaces.


From Angela Tsiang, California

EHS: A medical condition w/ abnormal blood brain flow, similar to head injury, compared to 59 controls

Both the full text of the original study showing fMRI’s of 10 people with EHS


AND the corrigendum with 59 control fMRI’s (of non-EHS people)


are available for free download now with the links above.

To read more about the science explaining EHS, aka microwave illness //ehtrust.org/science/electromagnetic-sensitivity/


fMRIs done on 10 adults with EHS all showed similar abnormalities, often described as a hyper connectivity of the anterior component of the default mode in the medial orbitofrontal area, that is NOT present in fMRI’s of people with no EHS (controls). Regular MRI studies on EHS patients were unremarkable. Another finding of this study was that half of the EHS patients had a history of head injury sometime prior to EHS development. (Functional magnetic resonance imaging or functional MRI (fMRI) measures brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow.


The 10 EHS patients had mainly neurological symptoms such as headaches, memory and cognitive impairment, attention deficit disorder, and changes in behavior

Important Points:

1) Abnormal Blood Flow in EHS

Notice that the EHS fMRI (below, on the left) shows a very large white spot in the frontal/forehead area but that the white spot is very small in the control fMRI (the middle picture below). The computer model (the right image), which is a fusion of 59 control non-EHS MRI’s, shows a small green spot in the same frontal forehead area instead of a large one.

So in EHS people, the forehead area has abnormal blood flow.

See that all 10 fMRI’s in EHS people show this same pattern

fMRI brain scan images of EHS (left) vs. Non-EHS (middle):

2) Head Injury increases Vulnerability to EHS, and EHS is similar to head injury on fMRI

p. 298 of study: A final point of interest is the fact that the abnormality seen on the fMRI can also be seen after head injury [32, 33].

This means that the fMRI of EHS looks like fMRI of head injury, meaning that EHS is a medical condition that appears similar to head injury on an fMRI.

“Since neurotoxic chemicals as well as head injury and EMF exposure are known to impair the blood brain barrier, it is almost to be expected that singly or in combination they make a given patient more vulnerable to impaired brain function (including seizures) …Two of our patients (#3 and 9) developed a well documented seizure disorder. This can be understood as having been “kindled” by repeated exposures to EMFs.”

Half the EHS people in this study said they had head injuries prior to developing EHS (case #1, 3, 8, 9, 10)

The case studies are interesting. They did not have EHS until after repeated chronic exposures to wireless radiation, and in most of the cases, took many years of exposure before EHS was apparent. They include an air conditioning worker who worked on rooftops of commercial buildings (cell antennas often on top of building rooftops), an air traffic controller (cell phone towers at workplace), a cell phone user who held the phone against her head, and others who had a cell phone tower near their home or workplace.

“We propose that functional MRI studies should become a diagnostic aid when evaluating a patient who claims electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and has otherwise normal studies. Interestingly, the differential diagnosis for the abnormalities seen on the fMRI includes head injury. It turns out that many of our patients indeed had a history of head injury which was then followed sometime later by the development of EHS. Many of our patients also had a history of exposure to potentially neurotoxic chemicals, especially mold. Head injury and neurotoxic chemical exposure may make a patient more vulnerable to develop EHS.”

This study, in addition to the 2014 DeLuca study //www.hindawi.com/journals/mi/2014/924184/ , which found statistically significant genetic and metabolic differences between EHS and non-EHS, is further evidence of EHS as a medical condition, and not a psychosomatic one.

From Cece Doucette, Technology Safety Educator, Massachusetts

EMF Bills

• Thank you to everyone who came to the State House to testify Monday on the bill Senator Spilka introduced on my behalf, as well as the two school bills discharged from the Joint Committee on Education to the Joint Committee on Public Health.

• More than a dozen citizens rearranged their schedules to speak directly to our legislators and 11 of them were taped; this week’s are at the bottom here.

• Many of you have also been sending in testimony, and for that we are equally grateful! Please keep them coming, the Massachusetts legislators are listening. Templates are attached here and are on the MA EMF Bills page.

• Bills are to be reported out of committee by February 7, but some may go sooner so please submit your testimony at your earliest convenience if you haven’t done so already. You needn’t be from MA or even the U.S. to tell your story, or to simply ask for their leadership. Every testimony is an important seed planted for awareness: we have not only the legislators, but other key state-level public servants on the distribution.

Generation Zapped

• I have been honored to host three screenings of Generation Zapped in Massachusetts, and more are scheduled for 2018.

• So far in attendance we have had parents, adolescent students, a school custodian, a health teacher, a wellness director, a principal, health professionals, scientists, researchers, a journalist, advocates, EHS sufferers, an industry nay-sayer, and more. The discussions afterwards have been insightful and diplomatic.

• Thank you to journalist Tom Godfrey for the following article, please feel free to share/post:


• I strongly encourage everyone to host a screening of Generation Zapped with loved ones, friends, colleagues and your public servants. Since wireless radiation is not properly covered in mainstream media, it is up to those of us who are able, to educate and help bring change. I am very grateful to the Generation Zapped team for giving us such an incredible tool with which to open this conversation at the local level.

• They have a lot of materials already prepared to make hosting an event easy. Please contact them via the Generation Zapped website.

• Should your library, school or other community venue require room requests be made by a non-profit and you are not affiliated with one, please reach out to me for permission to go in under the non-profit Wireless Education.

California, France and Cyprus

With deep gratitude to the Environmental Health Trust, Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Ellie Marks and others working so diligently behind the scenes, I was buoyed to read the following advancements this month:

• California has finally released a long-suppressed fact sheet, How to Reduce Exposure to Radiofrequency Energy from Cell Phones. Although it provides links to government and WHO resources that do not yet reflect current science, it’s an important start to alerting the public. As some already know, the risks with cell phones apply to all wireless technology as they all operate in the microwave radiation spectrum which is biologically hazardous. Hard-wired technology (Ethernet cables/fiber-optics) is safest, with wireless antennas turned off; keep devices in airplane mode when on the go except for the few seconds needed to transmit data and check for messages.

• After banning wireless in nurseries and kindergartens, France discovered cell phones violate safety limits when tested against the body and has now banned cell phones in schools up through age 14. Some colleges are following suit.

• The Mediterranean country of Cyprus has signed a Declaration on Electromagnetic Fields/Radiofrequencies and issued 16 Practical Rules To Decrease Mobile Phone and Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation

Please feel free to forward this information to your state and local public servants; most are not aware wireless radiation is hazardous so you may wish to set up an appointment to start this important conversation as the industry is moving fast to install hazardous 5G infrastructure. Without education, your town may be taken in by the promised revenue stream and allow antennas right in your neighborhood on a street-level pole outside your home. It’s amazing what a calm, fact-based conversation can do!

Please keep the testimonies and Generation Zapped screenings coming 🙂

Thanks for your consideration, wishing you all joyful, restful holidays!

We encourage practicing physicians to evaluate carefully any concerns a patient may have about whether presenting symptoms are being caused by EMF exposures (and/or other environmental issues). In particular, a physician is in a unique position to educate and support a patient to use a blinded approach-not unlike that employed by Bruntland and Eberle-in determining if they are truly reacting to some kind of EMF.

We recommend the following articles to physicians who encounter patients who might be electrosensitive:

EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 (35): A comprehensive review for evaluating a person with possible EHS, which includes sections on history, exam, labs, measurement of EMF exposure, prevention or reduction of EMF exposure, diagnosis, and treatment.

Eberle’s physician recommendations (36): Another outline of how to approach the care of a person with suspected EHS, compatible with the Austrian guidelines.

Genuis and Lipp’s review article (37): They, too, offer both an overview of EHS and an approach to the management of the condition.

Belpomme’s article(38): Potentially useful for directing which biomarkers might be measured.

Eberle’s second article, “An Underworld Journey” (39): Helpful for understanding the profound psychological sequelae that may result from this biophysical sensitivity.

Summary Recommendations Derived from These Five Sources

• Take the patient’s symptoms seriously: This alone will have a positive impact on the patient’s care.

• Take a full history and physical: The history should include identifying all suspected symptoms, variations of health problems depending on time and location, an assessment of EMF exposures, and an evaluation for other possible environmental sensitivities. The Austrian guidelines note that there are no specific findings on physical exam to confirm or deny a suspected case of EHS.

• Consider tests as indicated:

◦ Pursue an appropriate non-EHS work-up as indicated by a patient’s symptoms.

◦ The Austrian guidelines outline a comprehensive approach to a lab work-up for someone who may have EHS.

◦ The Havas study suggests a possible diagnostic provocation study for those reporting sensitivity to radio-frequency EMF.

◦ The Belpomme article suggests EHS biomarkers that might be worthy of measurement (e.g. checking serum histamine levels may help direct the therapeutic use of antihistamines).

◦ Genuis and Lipp reference work that suggests an elevated prevalence of thyroid dysfunction and liver disease occurs in people with EHS.

• Recommend a diagnostic “EMF vacation”. This is most easily achieved by camping in a remote natural setting, with the support of a radio-frequency meter to confirm the environment is clear. If symptoms improve dramatically during the “vacation”, only to return soon after coming home, then an environmental cause is possible. Further investigation will then be needed to determine what in the environment may be a trigger for symptoms.

• Have the patient keep a detailed symptom diary: This is essential for helping to tease out if EMF exposures are the cause of a person’s symptoms.

• If indicated, encourage the patient to have EMF levels evaluated at home and/or work. Some will choose to do this themselves by ordering the necessary meters (measurements should be done for electric fields, magnetic fields, “dirty electricity” and radio-frequency radiation). Given the complexity of the issue, however, getting EMF consultation from a reliable expert may be the preferred approach. See the Austrian guidelines for specific recommendations about this kind of testing.

• Use a physician’s understanding of blinded studies to help the person design exposure experiments. As with the physician case histories described above, this will help identify triggers and then direct potentially beneficial interventions. Meter(s) measuring the type(s) of EMF being tested will be essential to insure the quality of this self-study.

• Encourage the person to avoid excess EMF exposure. Here are simple, first-pass changes to consider: 1. minimize use of cellphones and cordless phones and turn them to airplane mode at night and when not in use; 2. use a wired internet connection and keep the computer in airplane mode when possible; 3. keep the internet router far from the bedroom and/or turn it off when not in use; 4. avoid the use of microwave ovens; and 5. consider calling your utility company and having nearby “smart meters” turned off or shielded. See the Austrian guidelines and/or the Genuis and Lipp article for a more detailed review of first-pass strategies.

• If indicated, consider a more radical approach to avoidance and shielding: For people with a severe form of EHS, the above first-pass changes may not be adequate. Arranging EMF consultation, as mentioned above, may be critical in developing more advanced strategies. For example, while EMF shielding can be hugely beneficial in creating a safe haven, it can also make an environment less safe if the shielding is not done properly.

• Encourage a healthy lifestyle. This includes a quality diet and aerobic exercise (if not contraindicated) especially after a significant exposure. In addition, sleep is especially important to highlight (as per Belpomme’s work, melatonin production is commonly altered and insomnia is often a problem). Interventions to consider include (1) making the bedroom into a safe EMF haven is essential, (2) using melatonin supplementation, and (3) avoiding excess blue light exposure (e.g. computer and TV screens), which can delay the circadian rhythm and disrupt sleep.

• Support the patient’s exploration of complementary therapies. In particular, a functional medicineevaluation may be useful. The Austrian guidelines highlight that EMF exposure in electrosensitive people may cause a reduction of “oxidative and nitrosative regulation capacity” and thus they recommend “anti-oxidative and anti-nitrosative therapies including trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.” The Genuis and Lipp article makes similar recommendations focused on the remediation of a person’s nutritional and biochemical status.

• Refer for counseling and/or recommend a support group as indicated. See Eberle’s “Underworld Journey” article (39) for a harrowing account of what a person with severe EHS may encounter psychologically, beginning with overwhelm, fear and shame. Don’t misinterpret these difficulties as being part of a psychosomatic illness. On the contrary, they are the sequelae of the sensitivity, not the cause. As profound as these psychological difficulties may be, they should be addressed in parallel with the physically-oriented approaches outlined above.

• Use existing diagnostic codes as indicated. The EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016 recommends the following diagnostic codes from the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), ICD-10-WHO 2015:

◦ Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS): use existing codes for the different symptoms plus code R68.8 “Other specified general symptoms and signs” plus code Z58.4 “Exposure to radiation” and/or Z57.1 “Occupational exposure to radiation”.

◦ EMF-related health problems (except EHS): use existing codes for the different diseases/symptoms pluscode Z58.4 “Exposure to radiation”

◦ and/or Z57.1 “Occupational exposure to radiation”


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