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Geoff Simmonds MSc

Geoff Simmonds MSc in Engineering and Management. Founder of EMF Clothing Ltd, Leblok EMF Protective Clothing brand and EMF Shielding Ltd.

Originally a design engineer, Geoff has over 30 years engineering and technical experience in providing EMF shielding and communications solutions for companies such as EMC², Rockwell and British Aerospace.

In 2010 he was diagnosed with Eletromagnetic Field Intolerance Sydrome by Professor Belpomme at ARTAC, Paris and was forced to give up his job as a Project Manager. Having relocated several times in several European Countries he now lives in Sweden and runs three successful EMF protection companies providing expertise and help for EHS sufferers in over 30 countries.

You will find EMF consultant Geoff highly supportive in advising you on the following EMF issues:

EMF Shielding at home and in the work place
Personal EMF Protection
Dealing with family, friends and work colleagues with respect to EMF issues.
How to find an EMF free environment.
Understanding EMF technology.
General EHS advice.

Geoff offers consultancy in English

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