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Irina Gorozankina DPaS

EMF consultant Irina Gorozankina, trained in Russia as a child care provider and then a Paramedic. An expert in care provision for the elderly, disabled, in particular dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers, her career took a new direction when she became aware that care of the elderly was being compromised by society’s attitude and rejection of those also suffering from the effects of environmental electromagnetic pollution.

Irina has extensive experience of managing and dealing with local authorities, care provision agencies, health practitioners, occupational health authorities, and family members who may have little understanding of the effects of electromagnetic pollution.

In 2010 she was diagnosed with Eletromagnetic Field Intolerance Sydrome by Professor Belpomme at ARTAC, Paris and was forced to give up her job as a specialist homecare provider, After a long fight with her employers and occupational health she was subsequently granted ill-health retirement.

Having lived in Ireland, Scotland and France she now resides in Scandinavia where she advises on care of those affected by electromagnetic pollution, in particular children and the elderly. Irina offers consultation in English and Russian.

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