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Linda Orr-Easo MA

EMF consultant Linda became electro sensitive in February 2011 after a powerful Wi-Fi router was installed next to her office. The management of the scientific organisation where she was worked did not accept her electro sensitivity claim, thus she was forced to continue to work whilst her health deteriorated significantly.

In March 2012 she was diagnosed as suffering from Electromagnetic Field Intolerance Syndrome by Prof Dominique Belpomme at ARTAC, Paris, France.

Linda’s employment contract was terminated in November 2016 after her employer was unable to make the necessary adaptations to compensate for her condition. In addition to losing her career Linda suffered the indignation of being alienated from friends and colleagues who declined to understand her condition.

In overcoming the traumatic loss of career and understanding the difficulties EHS people face with work and family difficulties Linda is uniquely placed to provide support to others in a similar situation.

Linda has now regained a quality of life which she did not have after 2011, through having adapted her lifestyle. She has made a significant career change and would like to help others achieve this, where it is either desirable or necessary.

EMF consultant Linda offers help in two ways. Firstly, regarding the management of EHS and the isolation of the condition, enabling the client to discuss openly and honestly with someone who has experience and knowledge. This can help alleviate the feeling of being alone.

Secondly, with her strong background in coaching, Linda can help those who are suffering from EHS to move forward in their lives, whether this be in terms of their professional life and/or in more general terms.

She offers consultations in person in Geneva, or by telephone or Skype.

She also runs workshops on raising awareness of the effects of Wi-Fi and other electromagnetic sources.

Languages: English / French

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