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Major solar storms causing anxiety, fatigue & powerful energy shifts: March 16th – 26th

Ladies & Gentlemen,

It is relevant to any discussion about physical safety and information security when an individual of the stature of Tim Berners-Lee, the so-called Father of the Internet, uses the term “Weaponised”.
Between data theft, censorship and dis-information competing with truth, discernment has never been more important.
For every punch landed by those telling their version of the truth, a counter-punch is returned.
The video discussions about 5G (below) are an important example of individuals – most without any personal motivation other than informing their fellow man about the dangers inherent in a wireless world – who put their heads, hearts and reputations above the parapet. It is one of the most inspiring characteristics of human beings.
The most important factor in determining the truth is following the money and asking the question of who benefits. Cui Bono? Thus follow the money becomes an important factor in discernment.
The French philosopher, Michel Foucault, taught the world about the value of scandal and was imported to Silicon Valley. By creating confusion, any debate can be guided in the desired direction by those who have the opportunity and means to create the confusion in the first place.
The following contributors have put their reputations on the line and deserve your attention – for your own protection. Ultimately, what you believe resides with you.
Ignore the following information at your peril.
Pay special attention to the decision by Russia to trial 5G and the proliferation of Smart Meters in China to determine the wireless direction the whole world is heading. Apple, Inc.’s cosy relationship with China is worthy of watching as Technocracy is rising to replace elected government. What Apple learns in China will eventually find it’s way to the corridors of power in The West.
Please circulate widely.
John Weigel

Tim Berners-Lee: we must regulate tech firms to prevent ‘weaponised’ web

The inventor of the world wide web warns over concentration of power among a few companies ‘controlling which ideas are shared’

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, has called for large technology firms to be regulated to prevent the web from being “weaponised at scale”.
The web can be weaponised – and we can’t count on big tech to stop it

Tim Berners-Lee

Read more: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2018/mar/12/tim-berners-lee-web-weapon-regulation-open-letter

Berners-Lee, in an open letter to mark the 29th anniversary of his invention, said: “In recent years, we’ve seen conspiracy theories trend on social media platforms, fake Twitter and Facebook accounts stoke social tensions, external actors interfere in elections, and criminals steal troves of personal data.”
These problems have proliferated because of the concentration of power in the hands of a few platforms – including Facebook, Google, and Twitter – which “control which ideas and opinions are seen and shared”.


CIA war game simulates electronic assault

3-day exercise meant to test response to Internet disruptions

WASHINGTON – The CIA is conducting a secretive war game, dubbed “Silent Horizon,” this week to practice defending against an electronic assault on the same scale as the Sept. 11 terrorism attacks.
The three-day exercise, ending Thursday, was meant to test the ability of government and industry to respond to escalating Internet disruptions over many months, according to participants. They spoke on condition of anonymity because the CIA asked them not to disclose details of the sensitive exercise taking place in Charlottesville, Va., about two hours southwest of Washington.


MOBILE MADNESS: Woman who stared at phone for 20 hours straight nearly dies from blood clots on the brain

The 47-year-old Chinese woman was travelling from the central Henan province to the southern city of Guangzhou

A WOMAN almost died after she spent her entire 20-hour train journey lying on her side and playing on her mobile phone.
Medics say the 47-year-old Chinese migrant worker had developed life-threatening blood clots on her brain.


Google spying on your phone even when your data is off

Published on Feb 10, 2018

Find out how Google is tracking and spying on you and your movements even when your phone data is off or you turn on airplane mode

Verizon wants to build cellphone towers inside church steeples

SANTA ROSA (KPIX 5) – Verizon has already built one church steeple with a cellphone tower inside it in Santa Rosa, now it wants to build another. And it wants to bypass the normal review process.
They are unlikely business partners, but Verizon wants to do a deal with a Santa Rosa church.
In the middle of a Santa Rosa neighborhood, one church has become ground zero in a crusade against Verizon.
Neighbor Cailyn McCauley said, “My first thought was: Why is Big Brother here? And do I want Big Brother in my backyard?”

Lifx wi-fi enabled light bulbs

Back in 2012, when a smart home was just whispers and dreams, we kickstarted into action and launched the first ever multicoloured LED Wi-Fi light. Its been a crazy 5 years and we now offer 12 products in over 80 countries that bring the future of lighting within your control.

Product overview

  • Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home
  • Bright, WiFi enabled, energy efficient, LED smart lightbulb with 16 million colours including warm to cool whites
  • For use in lamps and light sockets with an E27 fitting
  • A+ energy efficiency rating keeps the cost of running the smart bulb down
  • Runs at 11W, which is the equivalent of a 75W filament output
  • Control your lightbulb wirelessly via the LIFX app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop using Wi-Fi
  • Dimmable bulb that can go from a very bright white of 9,000k to a warm white of 2,500k
  • Lifespan of up to 23 years, which reduces the cost of lighting your home
  • Easy to install, as it simply replaces your existing light bulb

16 million colours
The LIFX Plus range offer some of the brightest WiFi enabled LED light bulbs, with 16 million colours to choose from including warm to cool whites and infrared for night vision. You have a full intuitive control over the bulb, allowing you to control lights individually or as groups if you own more than one LIFX smart bulb. What’s more, you get all this and no hub is required.

Hey Google! Who should the US government kill today?

Only months after it was disclosed that the Pentagon was using artificial intelligence (AI) to hunt for terrorists, officials have now acknowledged that Google has been collaborating with the Department of Defense to use AI in analyzing drone footage. The disclosure comes amid an uproar among Google employees who aren’t happy to be assisting in the development of military applications.

While Google has had controversial contracts with the government before – most notably with the NSA – this is its “pilot” project with Project Maven, which is itself the Pentagon’s own flagship weaponized AI program. The purpose of Project Maven is to implement Big Data and machine learning into the U.S. military, which officials say is currently in a new AI arms race with China and Russia.According to information from an internal mailing list, Google will now join this arms race and assist the DoD with storing and analyzing the massive troves of data from aerial drones.

Smart Madness Kindle Edition

by David Sullivan

The digital world in the last two decades has changed beyond recognition. More than 2.5 billion people worldwide use smart phones daily. Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) in the Microwave range used by all our digital devices is ubiquitous. Ten years ago people complained about the lack of adequate mobile cover whereas nowadays its the opposite, it is almost impossible to get away from this RF radiation.

Major Solar Storms causing Anxiety, Fatigue & Powerful Energy Shifts: March 16th-26th

Cosmic energy has been at an alarmingly high intensity for some weeks now, and it is likely that many people are feeling frazzled and exhausted.

People may be currently wondering how much more of it they can handle-and unfortunately, this isn’t settling down any time soon.


Comment: We have been feeling lousy the last 3 days here. Something is definitely going on. I’ve heard it from the UK too. Whilst if the above were true it may have an affect of course, however the solar storm theory doesn’t bear out when you check the kp index from the aurora forecast. here:

Also we are 60 degrees north here and we have seen nothing despite clear skies so at this latitude it would seem strange. Of course there could be various ‘systems’ being switched on given current world events.Are you picking up any feedback from folk there feeling anything out of the ordinary?

Amazon, Google, others are developing private air-traffic control for drones

Validation tests in conjunction with NASA are slated for the next three months

BALTIMORE-The commercial drone industry wants to create a privately funded and operated air-traffic control network, separate from the current federal system, to enable widespread operations at low altitudes.

Plans to accelerate such efforts, spelled out at a conference here this week, have the backing of companies like Amazon.com Inc., AMZN 1.74% General Electric Co. , Boeing Co. and Alphabet Inc.’s GOOGL 2.79% Google. Proponents envision one day using automated cellular and web applications to track and prevent collisions among swarms of small unmanned aircraft flying a few hundred feet above the ground.

Google wants to make military spy drones even smarter

Google has partnered with the U.S. Department of Defense to help the agency develop smarter drone software. According to a report from Gizmodo, Google has agreed to provide the DOD with machine-learning software that will help the department’s computers better detect objects in surveillance drone footage.

The new partnership, which was leaked from an internal Google mailing list last week and confirmed yesterday (March 6) in a statement, is part of a DOD initiative called Project Maven (also known as the Algorithmic Warfare Cross-Function Team). According to a DOD news release issued last July, Project Maven aims to improve America’s ability to “[win] wars with computer algorithms and artificial intelligence” by rapidly upgrading the military’s ability to analyze drone footage. [5 Surprising Ways Drones Could Be Used in the Future]

Chinese police are expanding facial recognition sunglasses program

China’s police have been testing sunglasses with built-in facial recognition since at least last month to catch suspects and those traveling under false identities. Now China is expanding the facial recognition sunglasses program as police are beginning to use them in the outskirts of Beijing, according to Reuters.
The program was used as extra security while Parliament voted to extend Xi Jinping’s presidency to a lifetime rule, and paralleled the increased censorship and surveillance measures seen throughout China.

Cancer watch

‘I was shocked to get cancer at 17, I thought chest pains were from gym’

“I’m still so young and find myself comparing my life to others on social media but I realise how silly it is and how much I have to be grateful for. I would say to people if they are worried about their bodies to go get it checked. I had my pain for five months before I went to hospital. Don’t ignore that feeling.”

Bay Area residents: 93 towers for Palo Alto residential zones

Architectural Review Board hearing on March 15th, Thursday at 8:30 A.M. – Testimony to oppose 93 upcoming cell towers

Dear All,

Our next Architectural Review Board hearing (regarding placing 93 Verizon cell towers in Palo Alto Residential neighborhoods) is scheduled to be on March 15th, Thursday at 8:30 A.M. in Palo Alto City Hall.

It would be great if we can gather as many people as we can, to attend this very important hearing. The presence of a big group of people to oppose this project is extremely crucial.

Even if the attendees do not want to give the testimonies themselves, they can give their speaking minutes to me, Ann or anybody else (who is willing to give their testimonies to oppose these cell towers), by filling out the speaker’s cards. For example, if four people give us their speaker’s slots, then we will have 15 minutes to speak (assuming ARB sticks with three-minutes-per-speaker rule).

Ann and I are planning to give our testimonies this time as well.

Here is the video link to our (Ann and mine) testimonies (at the ARB hearing that happened in Dec 2017)


New Set of Palo Alto Cell Towers Proposed for Residential Zones

Comment from From Amrutha Kattamuri, Palo Alto, California:
Anyone who is concerned about the installation of cell towers next to homes, day cares, and preschools has a right to speak out against this proposal. Each speaker is provided 3 minutes to express their opinion. If you prefer someone else to speak on your behalf, you still need to be present to donate your time to the designated speaker. We will notify you of the specific date and time.
Legislators who are speaking up to protect constituents.
Please view this testimony of Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck, whose background is in aerospace engineering:
He talked about the problems with FCC limits and the scientific research regarding health effects and spoke the truth courageously.
Please watch the short 6 minute video above, and then please write him a thank you note toSenPColbeck@senate.michigan.gov and put a “LIKE” to his speech. Also, share his speech with your state assembly members and your representatives in Congress.
If our representatives want our vote, they should know to meet this standard.
Above all, please remember,

Mobile license pilot study to allow police to ‘ping’ cellphone for a license

“Delaware is among the first states to test a mobile driver’s license, and we’re excited to help move this new technology forward,” said Gov. John Carney said in the release.
Transportation Secretary Jennifer Cohan believes the pilot will help the state how mobile driver’s licenses work in real-world scenarios.
“[They will] address any issues that arise as a result before we decide to fully adopt and implement this application for our more than 800,000 licensed drivers and ID card holders,” she said in the release.
The pilot is being run by both the Delaware DMV and IDEMIA, the company that produces the state’s physical driver’s licenses and identification cards, according to the release.


Smartphone addiction or brainwave entrainment?

There is a silent war going on for control of our consciousness. A war on our consciousness is simply another method of attempted social control. It involves collusion between the military industrial complex, politicians and the media on a truly global scale. This ‘Trojan horse’ was hatched way back in the mists of time and I provide a timeline of events that eventually ushered in the digital age. This short article will connect disparate and seemingly isolated technological ‘advances’ within our society that have already severely and adversely impacted our states of consciousness and biology. This silent war on our consciousness goes under the name ‘psychotronic’ or SSSS (silent sound spread spectrum). It involves the militarization of sound frequencies to entrance, entrain and hijack our natural brain wave activities. The patent for this technology was developed for military use by Dr.Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia, and is described in US Patent #5,159,703 – “Silent Subliminal Presentation System” for commercial use in 1992(1).

“The Race for 5G” includes bailing out the telecom industry and allowing them to install small cell towers everywhere. Ain’t that America, for you and me.

By B.N. Frank
If you weren’t aware of it already, “The Race for 5G” promotes state and federal legislation that allows for small cell towers to be installed in front of American homes, public rights of ways, historical districts, pretty much everywhere. This has become such a highly debated topic all over the country that Dr. Oz featured a segment about it on his show, February 9, 2018
Telecom analyst, Bruce Kushnick, has been instrumental in alerting the public to all the ugly details and shady dealings that are behind the marketing of “The Race for 5G”. From his March 8, 2018 article, “5G Wireless Is the New Fiber Optic, Bait-and-Switch Scandal,” he cites that 5G requires a $130 to $150 billion dollar buildout of fiber. No one is jumping to pay for that.

UK 5G testbed bid winners announced

The Government reveals the six 5G testbed areas across the UK that have been selected to share in the £25m funding – and what each hopes to achieve.
After OnTheWight revealed that council was supporting a consortium bidding for a 5G testbed licence for the Isle of Wight, there’s been an interest in the outcome of the DCMS’ decision of where those trials would occur. Today the UK 5G test-bed bid winners have been published.
Below are the six winning bids that will share the £25m funding and a summary of what they hope to explore:

The coming 5G menace

KILL GRID: 5G networks and frequency warfare


5G Death Towers: Whistle blower blows lid off 5G death towers! (Part 1 of 2)

5G small cell towers; Checkmate humanity

Urgent! Forbidden information, a must watch! 5G is a kill grid that will lead to forced vaccinations


Tech Officer Mark Steele: ‘5G will kill our kids. It’s a bigger story than Jimmy Savile!’


WARNING: Nine ways 5G ‘WILL’ harm humans, all other living
things, the environment and Earth . . .

Health – The robust and growing independent science shows harms to our health from microwave radiation

Privacy – The invasion of our privacy from the collection and mining of our digital data

Cyber Security -The fast growing and devastating cyber security risks

Environment – The harms to wildlife, particularly bees, butterflies and other pollinators

Energy – The huge energy consumption to produce and power a wireless Internet of Things

Brains and Humanity – The effects on our brains and humanity from humans increasingly inhabiting the cyber world

E-Waste – The astronomical e-waste that will be generated from connecting virtually every “thing” to the Internet

Conflict Minerals – 5G and the IoT will vastly grow our dependence on conflict minerals, which have brought about the death of close to 6 million people

Ethics – Ethical issues arising from the IoT. New human rights laws are being being considered; how should humans relate to robots and AI? The blurring of what was once a clear delineation between technology and human

On Fri 3/2/18, it was announced that “Republican and Democratic lawmakers have reached agreement to allow for the sale of spectrum to speed up the introduction of next-generation 5G wireless networks”. Read the Reuters News article: U.S. Congress to vote on allowing spectrum auction for 5G Networks
The house will vote on the Bill HR.4986 on Tue 3/6/18. The Senate passed S.19 on 8/4/17. Scientists For Wired Technology lobbied against S.19 in at the US Senate and House in Feb/Mar 2017.
The Bill on which they agreed to vote in favor of, H.R. 4986, is incorporating key provisions from S.19 MOBILE NOW Act – the Bill that was introduced on the first day of Congress in 2017 by Senator Thune, the head of the Senate Commerce Committee. S.19 was the first 5G Bill and aimed to enable to fast track 5G and to facilitate the auctioning of the 5G frequencies. It is not if the House will also move ahead with MOBILE NOW Act.
The House PR Statement further explains that the legislation to be considered next week would:
“Enact key provisions from the Senate-approved MOBILE NOW Act (S. 19) to boost the development of next-generation 5G wireless broadband by identifying more spectrum – both licensed and unlicensed – for private sector use and reducing the red tape associated with building wireless networks.”
According to the statement the first frequencies that will be auctioned are the 24 GHz & 28 GHz. Verizon already owns a large chunk of 28 GHz spectrum.
House Represenative Martha Blackburn (R-TN) who introduced the Bill is the chairman of the House Telecommunication Subcommittee and has received about $700,000 from Telecom.



ConsumerWatch: 5G cellphone towers signal renewed concerns over impacts on health


Development of 5G networks in Russia

5G – the next stage in the development of mobile technologies, which assumes a fundamentally new level of service and opportunities for customers. Among the main features of the developed standard can be identified the highest data transfer rates (significantly more than 1 Gb / s), ultra-small data transmission delays (~ 1 millisecond). These advantages will allow solving a lot of new tasks that require high reliability in real-time connection. Technologies such as augmented and virtual realities, thanks to 5G can provide a complete effect of presence and feedback for the user.

The little company that’s bringing wireless charging to electric cars

WiTricity has been working on wireless charging for over a decade. With a shift toward electric cars, the company may soon reap its rewards.

The chances are pretty good that you’ll be one of the millions of consumers who’ll buy an electric or hybrid vehicle in the next decade.
Right now only about one percent of the cars on the road are electric vehicles, but by
almost allaccountsEVs will be speeding toward the mainstream by 2030. Some automakers, like Volvo, expect to sell nothing but EVs and hybrids. The U.K., France, China, Norway, and even Germany are now talking about banning the sale of fossil-fueled vehicles in the coming decades.

Smart electricity meters are here, but consumers are failing to reap the benefits

With the exception of Western Australia and the Northern Territory (and Victoria which has them already), all new and replacement meters will be smart. This means that instead of simply recording electricity use for later checking, they can give retailers detailed consumption data, measured at 30-minute intervals or less – and also allow the supply to be turned on or off remotely.

INDIA SMART GRID WEEK (ISGW 2018) is the fourth edition of the Conference and Exhibition on Smart Energy and Smart Cities, organized by India Smart Grid Forum(ISGF) scheduled from 05 – 09 March 2018, New Delhi, India. ISGW 2018 is supported by Government of India Ministries – Ministry of Power, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Affairs and Make in India.

ISGW 2018 will bring together India’s leading Electricity, Gas and Water Utilities, Policy Makers, Regulators, Investors and world’s top-notch Smart Energy Experts and Researchers to discuss trends, share best practices and showcase next generation technologies and products in smart energy and smart cities domains. ISGW 2018 will include plenaries, interactive workshops,keynotes, and technical sessions.Several Internationally renowned organisations such as Korea Smart Grid Association, Global Smart Grid Federation, NEDO – Japan, U.S Commercial Services (USA), IEC, CIGRE, IEEE, Indo-German Energy Forum, Think Smart Grid France, Japan Smart Community Alliance, TIE- Delhi, Skill India, TERI, BEE, India Energy Storage Alliance, etc. have already confirmed their support to the event.

Airlines could start charging based on online shopping habits, experts say

New preferential pricing could take off at some major airlines, as providers are looking at ways to charge passengers based on their online shopping habits.

People who spend more may find themselves paying higher prices…

Schumer says under the policy, two flyers sitting next to each other could be given two different prices based on their internet browsing history, online purchasing, or even income level.

China leads smart electric meter market

Navigant’s research report shows North America and Western Europe lagging due to smart meter project late adoptersNavigant Research has released a new report analysing the state of the global utility electric smart meter market, tracking data related to customer endpoints, meter manufacturers, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), communications vendors, systems integrators, and meter data management (MDM) vendors.

Global AMI Tracker 4Q17

Smart Meter Projects: Project Tracking, Regional Analysis, and Market Shares
An Executive Summary of the report is available atdownload https://www.navigantresearch.com/research/global-ami-tracker-4q17

New civilian airport in Southern Israel to be protected by 30m high ‘smart’ fence

Israel’s newest civilian airport, Eilat Ilan and Assaf Ramon International Airport, will be protected by a 30-meter high smart fence, the Defense Ministry announced on Monday.
The fence, which will extend 4.5 km., has been under construction for several months and is expected to cost a total of NIS 300 million by its completion in the next few months.
Similar to the one on the Israel- Egypt border, the fence will feature electronics, sensors and detection technology to ensure that incoming and departing planes are protected from all types of threats.

2018 Symposium C4ISR Conference


$119.4 billion global C4ISR market 2017-2022 – Increased requirement for situational awareness in military operations is driving the market

The C4ISR market was estimated at USD 100.25 Billion in 2017 and is projected to reach USD 119.39 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 3.56% from 2017 to 2022.

The electronic warfare segment of the C4ISR market, by application is anticipated to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Electronic warfare systems provide capabilities to protect assets from various enemy defense systems such as air defense and naval defense systems. They ensure operation in hostile environment. Intelligence is expected to be the second fastest-growing segment in the C4ISR market, by application.
The airborne segment is expected to be the fastest-growing segment of the C4ISR market, by platform. The growth in use of various UAVs in the modern warfare systems for intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance missions has led to the growth of the airborne segment. Development of new communication and data linking technologies for integration of various airborne platforms has also led to the growth of the airborne segment.

How Amazon’s bottomless appetite became corporate America’s nightmare

Amazon makes no sense. It’s the most befuddling, illogically sprawling, and-to a growing sea of competitors-flat-out terrifying company in the world.
It sells soap and produces televised soap operas. It sells complex computing horsepower to the U.S. government and will dispatch a courier to deliver cold medicine on Christmas Eve. It’s the third-most-valuable company on Earth, with smaller annual profits than Southwest Airlines Co., which as of this writing ranks 426th. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person, his fortune built on labor conditions that critics say resemble a Dickens novel with robots, yet he has enough mainstream appeal to play himself in a Super Bowl commercial. Amazon was born in cyberspace, but it occupies warehouses, grocery stores, and other physical real estate equivalent to 90 Empire State Buildings, with a little left over.
Investors have grown to love Amazon.com Inc. despite, or perhaps because of, its contradictions. Shareholders pushed its value above Microsoft Corp.’s for the first time on Valentine’s Day and to an all-time high of $774 billion on March 12. Only Apple Inc. and Google parent Alphabet Inc. remain more valuable, and unlike them, Amazon breaks all the rules of the modern corporation. It’s also wielding its power against an unprecedented range of other businesses.

Defense agency to begin moving classified data to Amazon’s secret cloud after protest

Microsoft withdrew a bid protest that allows U.S. Transportation Command to begin migrating data to Amazon’s secret cloud region.

For the first time, the Defense Department will begin moving classified data and applications to Amazon Web Services’ Secret Region-the same cloud environment developed for the CIA and intelligence community several years ago.
U.S. Transportation Command-the part of the department responsible for moving troops and equipment around the globe-announced its intent to make use of AWS’ Classified Secret Commercial Cloud Services in December after the company expanded its capabilities and availability to non-intelligence agencies.
The Defense Department’s sole-source decision-a contract awarded without a full and open competition-was protested by Microsoft, which itself offers a variety of cloud services to the federal government. The company withdrew its protest March 8, allowing TRANSCOM to begin migrating data to the AWS Secret Region. In a statement to Nextgov, Microsoft said it withdrew its protest “because the issues involved were resolved” to the company’s satisfaction.
Microsoft and AWS are considered two of the front-runners for a different cloud contract, the Defense Department’s Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. JEDI would supply the whole Defense Department with cloud infrastructure around the world at all levels of classification, including warfighters in remote areas, Defense officials explained at a recent industry day. Market analysts say such a contract could be worth as much as $10 billionover 10 years.

Jeff Rense & Dr. Eric Karlstrom, PhD – Satanic Evil, GangStalking & Mind Control


The telly you can’t stop emitting emf signals

Samsung TV becomes a subtle shape shifter with new ‘ambient mode’ feature

samsung’s latest QLED TV features fewer cords, a voice assistant and – most notably – samsung ambient mode.it’s cooler than it sounds.
TVs used to stand out like beautiful, alien boxes at the center of our home. somewhere along the way, their luster was lost, and now, TVs have largely become giant, techy eye-sores – the best of which are thin and sleek, and a little unnecessary. here, samsung has created a TV that is thin, sleek, practically invisible and potentially useful, but still not as useful as a computer.

PESI studio integrates wireless charging technology into everyday furniture pieces

using mobile products, seoul-based design studio PESI – an acronym of possibility, essential, standpoint, interpretation – has communicated new interpretations and possibilities of experiences through a design-partnership named ‘creative square’ with samsung electronics co., ltd. as the use of mobile products is increasing, the studio analyzed not only the form and function of the product itself, but also the environment where the mobile product is used will change significantly.
instead of using complex, and bothersome USB connectors, PESI created two wireless charging products generating an environment that naturally mixes in with the living space. ‘on the surface’ is a design of wireless-charging product converged with table accessories. based on the inherent form of the existing flat wireless-charging product, we have visualized the convergence as if a table accessory rises to water surface. it has a detachable wireless charging module on the bottom surface and shows another use of each case type even when it is not in use. container, clock, mirror, speaker and tray – a total of five types of cases are available and compatible with basic wireless-charging modules.

Automotive issues

Why self-driving vehicles are going to deliver pizzas before people

In the wait for self-driving technology, cell-phone toting tech bros may have to cede their spot in line to pizzas, Craigslist couches and the mounting ephemera of e-commerce.
The future-at least in the near-term-will not only be driverless, but sans passenger as well.

Uber halts autonomous car tests after fatal crash in Arizona
The 49-year-old woman, Elaine Herzberg, was crossing the road outside of a crosswalk when the Uber vehicle operating in autonomous mode under the supervision of a human safety driver struck her, according to the Tempe Police Department.
halted autonomous vehicle tests after one of its cars struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Arizona, in what is likely the first pedestrian fatality involving the technology.Uber Technologies Inc.

New book on EMFs by Olga Sheean : EMF off!

Olga Sheean is an author, editor, educator, relationship therapist and empowerment coach, specializing in human dynamics and creative potential. An ‘archaeologist of the mind’, Olga is dedicated to excavating the deeper truth buried in every complex, amazing, powerful human being. Using her unique framework for self-mastery, she specializes in identifying and transforming the negative subconscious programs that drive our circumstances, relationships, performance, self-worth and success. As a result of being adversely affected by electromagnetic radiation (primarily microwave radiation from WiFi, cell phones, cordless phones and other wireless devices/systems), Olga has researched and written widely on the issue of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in our environment. She has also connected with many of the scientists, researchers, activists and global networks addressing this crucial issue. In March 2018, she published her fifth book: EMF off! A call to consciousness in our misguidedly microwaved world. Olga has had a rich and exciting career-exploring the jungles of South America as a photojournalist with WWF International in Switzerland; working as an editor in the highly political arena of the United Nations in Geneva; writing over 300 articles on human dynamics, personal growth, relationships, electromagnetic radiation, holistic health and the environment; operating her own publishing company for non-fiction authors; and working as a magazine editor and columnist. In her 25 years of private practice and research, Olga has gained an in-depth understanding of the mind-body connection, the power of our subconscious minds, and how neuroscience and the principles of quantum physics enable us to cultivate the reality and outcomes that we seek. Olga has trained in applied kinesiology, Body Alignment Technique, whole-brain integration, intuitive and energetic healing, interpersonal dynamics and conflict resolution. She has also studied nutrition and metabolic therapy. She works internationally, offering private consultations, empowerment intensives and online training to help people elevate their consciousness, activate their higher faculties, transcend crises/challenges, and enhance their health, relationships and happiness quotient.

EMF off! A call to consciousness in our misguidedly microwaved world is now available as a hard copy and an e-book, and you can find out more on my new website, https://emfoff.com. The book is a blend of my personal story (with some rather quirky humour), the science on EMR, an exploration of the deeper dynamics driving the issue, and empowered approaches for personal and planetary health.

Here’s what reviewers are saying about EMF off!:

A call to consciousness on many levels, EMF off! is informative, smart, sad and funny all at once. A must-read for a holistic view of the global effects of EMF in this technological age.

-Jolie Jones, artist, author, environmental activist, producer

Olga Sheean’s book is a wake-up call for us all. Beautifully written […] May everyone who cares about health, the environment and our common future on this planet read this book and become part of the growing web of consciousness.

-Mona Nilsson, journalist, founder/chair of Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation, and author of Health Risks of Wireless Technology

This is an important book from someone with wide experience and a unique background. [Olga’s] analysis of the wireless dangers that society faces is balanced by empowering solutions made possible by scientific advances.

Michael Bevington, Chair of Electrosensitivity UK and author of Electromagnetic Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity-a summary

Powerful, joyous, painful, witty, illuminating and memorable, this book is a rich montage by a masterful writer.

Denise Rowland, human rights activist, writer and performer

[…] I’m so thankful for this book.

-Theodora Scarato, MSW, Executive Director, Environmental Health Trust



Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach

Whistleblower describes how firm linked to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon compiled user data to target American voters
The data analytics firm that worked with Donald Trump’s election team and the winning Brexit campaign harvested millions of Facebook profiles of US voters, in one of the tech giant’s biggest ever data breaches, and used them to build a powerful software program to predict and influence choices at the ballot box.
A whistleblower has revealed to the Observer how Cambridge Analytica – a company owned by the hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, and headed at the time by Trump’s key adviser Steve Bannon – used personal information taken without authorisation in early 2014 to build a system that could profile individual US voters, in order to target them with personalised political advertisements.

Raleigh police are asking Google to provide user data for all people near crime scenes
Police in Raleigh, North Carolina, have presented Google with warrants to obtain data from mobile phones from not just specific suspects who were in a crime scene area, but from the mobile phones of all people in the area,reports Raleigh television affiliate WRAL. The request will trouble Fourth Amendment advocates as it could be seen that police are carrying out unreasonable searches on people who just happened to be in the area at the time the crimes were committed. And the area sizes the police requesting the data on are not small. In one instance, police requested user data from Google for anyone within a 17-acre area.For its part, Google has not revealed whether it has complied with the police request.

Smart Meters are worse than you think


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From Andre Fauteux, editor, Magazine La Maison du 21e siècle

Trumping the truth about cellphone induced cancers

A historical animal study funded and run by a U.S. government agency has reproduced what epidemiology observes in humans: rats exposed to high doses of radiofrequency (RF) radiation from a cell phone had an abnormally high incidence of rare forms of cancers of the brain and peripheral nerves.

But the Trump government is misleading the public and the media about the impact of this study on humans, charge independent researchers. Medpage Today wrote Cell Phone Radiation Unlikely to Cause Cancer – Rare cancer in rats likely not an issue for humans and Popular Science even assured its readers that they could stick their cell phones to their heads with duct tape!

Cardiovascular disease: Time to identify emerging environmental risk factors.

Bandara P1, Weller S1.

Author information

PMID: 28969497 DOI: 10.1177/2047487317734898

Excerpt :

Acute radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation exposure has been shown to increase blood pressure under experimental conditions, while chronic exposure has been found to be associated with an increased cardiovascular disease risk as well as alteration in the diurnal rhythms of blood pressure and heart rate…

A US Army medical intelligence document reporting on Soviet research stated:

Comparison of a group of engineers and administrative officials who were exposed to microwaves for a period of years and an unexposed control group revealed a significantly higher incidence of coronary disease, hypertension, and disturbances of lipid metabolism among the exposed individuals. Hereditary predisposition to heart disease was approximately the same for both groups, but overt disorders developed much more frequently in the previously exposed group. It was concluded that microwaves may act as a nonspecific factor which, under certain conditions, interferes with adaptation to unfavorable influences. Exposure may,

therefore, promote an earlier onset of cardiovascular disease in susceptible individuals.

However, despite substantial evidence of biological effects and some evidence of adverse health effects even back in the 1970s, the west did not stringently control public exposure as did the Soviet Bloc countries, and conflicts of interest are apparent in same military report:
If the more advanced nations of the West are more stringent in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military functions.

JAMA : Neurological manifestations among US government personnel reporting directional, audible and sensory phenomena in Havana


Results Of 24 individuals with suspected exposure identified by the US Department of State, 21 completed multidisciplinary evaluation an average of 203 days after exposure. Persistent symptoms (>3 months after exposure) were reported by these individuals including cognitive (n = 17, 81%), balance (n = 15, 71%), visual (n = 18, 86%), and auditory (n = 15, 68%) dysfunction, sleep impairment (n = 18, 86%), and headaches (n = 16, 76%). Objective findings included cognitive (n = 16, 76%), vestibular (n = 17, 81%), and oculomotor (n = 15, 71%) abnormalities. Moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss was identified in 3 individuals. Pharmacologic intervention was required for persistent sleep dysfunction (n = 15, 71%) and headache (n = 12, 57%). Fourteen individuals (67%) were held from work at the time of multidisciplinary evaluation. Of those, 7 began graduated return to work with restrictions in place, home exercise programs, and higher-level work-focused cognitive rehabilitation.Conclusions and Relevance In this preliminary report of a retrospective case series, persistent cognitive, vestibular, and oculomotor dysfunction, as well as sleep impairment and headaches, were observed among US government personnel in Havana, Cuba, associated with reports of directional audible and/or sensory phenomena of unclear origin. These individuals appeared to have sustained injury to widespread brain networks without an associated history of head trauma.

Second study in two months confirms microwaves cause the same types of cancers in rats as in humans


From Virginia Farver, Colorado

Bosch, RTI, Huawei and Dell EMC confirmed as new IIC leadership

International team comprised of leaders from industry, IT, OT and telecom

NEEDHAM, MA – MARCH 13, 2018 The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC™), the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced the results of its Steering Committee officer election. The new IIC Steering Committee leadership team combines industrial giants from Europe, North America, and Asia with a fast-growing Silicon Valley company. It includes leaders in industry, IT, OT, and telecom.

“The makeup of this leadership team reflects the global business reach, technical breadth, and embrace of new approaches by the IIC. The IIC is the largest Industrial IoT consortium, and the only one that is truly international in scope and execution,” said IIC Executive Director Dr. Richard Soley.

The new Steering Committee leadership team is:

• Chair: Dirk Slama, Vice President of Business Development, Bosch Software Innovations

• Vice Chair: Stan Schneider, CEO of Real-Time Innovations (RTI)

• Secretary: Wael William Diab, Senior Director, Huawei Technologies

• Testbed Subcommittee Chair: Dr. Said Tabet, Technology Lead, IoT and AI Strategy, Dell EMC

CENIC recognizes technology projects to combat California wildfires

WIFIRE, HPWREN, AlertTahoe projects win 2018 Innovations in Networking awards

Two University of California San Diego projects, along with a complementary University of Nevada, Reno project, have been selected as recipients of the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) 2018 Innovations in Networking Award for Experimental Applications in recognition of work advancing IT and telecommunications technologies to help minimize potential damage caused by wildfires.

CENIC, a nonprofit corporation formed in 1996 to provide high-performance, high-bandwidth networking services to California universities and research institutions, will formally present the awards to the leaders of the WIFIRE, HPWREN, and AlertTahoe projects at its annual conference, to be held this year March 5-7 in Monterey, California. The conference highlights exemplary innovations that leverage ultra-high bandwidth networking, particularly where such innovations have the potential to transform ways in which instruction and research are conducted, or where they further the deployment of broadband in underserved areas.

NGO REN21, partner of the United Nations, guides future energy plans

REN21 brings together governments, non-governmental organisations, research and academic institutions, international organisations and industry to learn from one another and build on successes that advance renewable energy. To assist decision-making process, REN21 provides high quality information, catalyses discussion and debate, and supports the development of thematic networks.

Irish prime minister tried to help ‘The Donald’ block golf course wind farm

From Angela Tsiang, Minnesota, EHT Team

Uber driverless car kills pedestrian. SB1188 HEARING WAS CANCELED !!!

Perhaps the news of an Uber driverless car kiling a pedestrian yesterday 3/18 in Arizona was a factor in this decision to cancel the hearing?

Michigan Senator speaks out against 5G – great speech about health effects and duty to protect the people

Hi Everyone,

In Michigan, the 5G legislation passed the Michigan Senate and is now heading to Michigan House.
There were 3 State Senators who voted no, and one of them was
Michigan State Senator Colbeck, who gave his reasons for his no vote in his speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkDDQqDVsbk&feature=youtu.be

It’s only 6 minutes along. I watched it and I was very impressed. (transcript of his speech available here on p. 9

This was the first time that I heard a politician, who was very well educated on this subject, speak the truth courageously. It gave me hope that some of our politicians are becoming educated on this important issue. He talked about the problems with FCC limits and the scientific research regarding health effects. He truly cares about the welfare of his constituents.

Please watch the short 6 minute video above, and then please write him a thank you note to SenPColbeck@senate.michigan.gov
and put a “LIKE” to his speech.Please also share his speech with your state assembly members and your representatives in Congress

I wrote a thank you to him and I got a nice response.

In my current resident state of Minnesota, 5G bill was passed. In my former state of California, 5G was vetoed by the governor.

To see what is happening in your state

Studies of Wi-Fi, cell phones on thyroid

Are you having hypothyroid problems? Are your children having hypothyroid problems?

High TSH, Low T4, and/or Low T3?

If so, read below.

1) Baby et al, 2017. The Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation due to Mobile Phone Use on Thyroid Function in Medical Students Studying in a Medical College in South India. Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2017 Nov-Dec;21(6):797-802

“Radiofrequency waves are emitted by cell phones. They are non-ionising and the effect on the thyroid gland is part of their non thermal effects.

Conclusion: In our study there was a significant correlation between total radiation exposure and increasing TSH values among both all respondents.”

Full Text: http://www.ijem.in/temp/IndianJEndocrMetab216797-4818202_012018.pdf

2) Esmekaya et al, 2010. Pulse modulated 900 MHz radiation induces hypothyroidism and apoptosis in thyroid cells: A light, electron microscopy and immunohistochemical study 2 Int. J. Radiat. Biol., Vol. 86, No. 12, December 2010, pp. 1106-1116

Rats were exposed to a 900 MHz pulse-modulated RF (cell phone) radiation at a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 1.35 Watt/kg for 20 min/day for three weeks. [Cell phones sold in the US cannot exceed a SAR rating of 1.6W/kg] “The results indicated that thyroid hormone secretion was inhibited by the RF radiation. In addition, we also observed formation of apoptotic bodies and increased caspase-3 and caspase-9 activities in thyroid cells of the rats that were exposed to modulated RF fields.

Conclusion: The overall findings indicated that whole body exposure to pulse-modulated RF radiation that is similar to that emitted by global system for mobile communications (GSM) mobile phones can cause pathological changes in the thyroid gland by altering the gland structure”

Pictures of damage to thyroid cells were also included in the study.

RF-exposed rats had higher follicle diameters in their thyroid glands compared to sham and cage control rats (p<0.001). Similarly, diameters of colloids increased significantly in the RF-exposed group (p<0.001).

Full Text: http://www.avaate.org/IMG/pdf/Tiroides_Pulse_modulated_900_MHz_radiation_induce_hypothyroidism_and_apoptosis.pdf

3) Sangün Ö, Dündar B, Çömlekçi S, Büyükgebiz A. The Effects of Electromagnetic Field on the Endocrine System in Children and Adolescents. Pediatr Endocrinol Rev. 2015 Dec;13(2):531-45.

“Children are exposed to various kinds of non-ionizing radiation in their daily life involuntarily…there are unignorable amount of studies indicating the increased risk of cancer, hematologic effects and cognitive impairment. Although they are less in amount; growing number of studies reveal the impacts on metabolism and endocrine function. Reproductive system and growth look like the most challenging fields. However there are also some concerns on detrimental effects of EMFs on thyroid functions, adrenal hormones, glucose homeostasis and melatonin levels…there is growing evidence to distress us about the threats of EMF on children.”

Abstract: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=The+Effects+of+Electromagnetic+Field+on+the+Endocrine+System+in+Children+and+Adolescents

4) Mortavazi et al, 2009. Statistically significant differences in TSH (p<0.05) among 3 groups of university medical students using cell phones – non-users had normal TSH, moderate users had higher than normal TSH, heavy users had even higher than normal TSH levels.

Full text study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3243874/pdf/OMJ-D-09-00089.pdf

A higher than normal TSH level, low mean T4 and normal T3 concentrations in mobile users were observed. It has been established that even a small change in thyroid hormone levels circulating in the blood are sufficient to alter the brain function of subjects

5) Eskander et al, 2012. Study showing long-term effects of cell phone use/cell tower exposure after 6 years. Statistically significant (p<0.01) Lowered levels of thyroid hormones T3, T4 adrenal gland hormones ACTH and cortisol, lowered progesterone and testosterone levels.

Full text study: http://www.escuelasinwifi.org/sites/default/files/imagenes/13-84_11-18-2013_catherine_kleiber_3_of_5_7520958240.pdf


TV Celebrity Holistic Chef Andrea Beaman feels pain in the area of her thyroid when she uses a cell phone next to her ear

From Emil-Pierre Steck, Australia

Those who hold a seat in the Parliament can make comments and vote free of being held legally accountable of or any such conduct in a court of law. This is the protection that is inherited from the Westminster system. However, Members of Cabinet are the Ministers in Government and in my view can be sued for any decision and other comments they make in cabinet and or as Ministers in Government and so their Officials. They in my view can be sued for failing to act where as a Minister they ought to have acted, such as to deal with the harm of the Smart meters in general to society and individually. Smart meters are not only an invasion of privacy but are harmful, even can cause death. It can cause women to be infertile, etc. Hence the onus was upon the Federal government to ensure that any roll out of Smart meters was subject to extensive testing of any possible harm upon the general community. Where such extensive investigation were done then I view unlikely Smart meters would have been allowed to be installed.

20180313-21- Smart Meters – MUST SEE!


20180317-02-InPower Episode #1_ A Mass Action of Liability (2017)


20180317-03-InPower Episode #2 – Notice of Liability Walkthrough (2017)


There can be no doubt about it that the Federal government is using taxation to make it more expensive for a person to purchase cigarettes. It claims this is done because causing can be or is a health hazard either directly or indirectly. Yet, the emission of Smart meters is beyond doubt a health hazard and yet instead of preventing such direct/indirect health hazard it with the State/Territory Governments enforced this upon citizens.


Precautionary principle: origin, definitions and interpretation

Environmental Risk Management in New Zealand – Is There Scope to Apply A More Generic Framework?

The likelihood of problems arising depends on the way the precautionary principle is formulated and implemented.

There are a number of problems associated with applying the precautionary principle. The likelihood of these problems arising depends on the way the principle is formulated and implemented. Application of the principle within an integrated risk management framework, with well designed guidelines that allow for a range of options and the costs, benefits and risks to be considered, may help avoid these problems.

Peterson (2006) summarises the most frequent criticisms of the principle:

• Excessive discretion – where decision-makers have a high level of discretion as to when and how to apply the precautionary principle and the regulatory framework is not applied consistently, this may lead to unpredictable and inconsistent environmental management decisions, which create high costs for businesses and inhibit corporate planning (Harding and Fisher, 1999). Lack of clarity can provide opportunity for legal challenge through the courts, where the principle may be interpreted differently from what was intended by the policy maker. This does not provide industry with sufficient guidance or certainty.

• Reversal of the burden of proof – this could impose excessive costs on developers and producers, although it does not necessarily dictate who will pay the costs. According to Peterson (2006), a more important factor influencing the costs could be the “standard” of proof required to satisfy authorities.

• Distortion of regulatory priorities – this may occur through application of the precautionary principle (Majone, 2002) by redirecting regulatory attention from known or plausible hazards to speculative or ill-founded ones (Graham, 2004). This could increase environmental damage. It highlights the need to prioritise risks within a broader risk management framework and to assess the costs and benefits.

• Stifling of technological innovation and paralysis of development – this is claimed by Graham (2004) and Hahn and Sunstein (2005) and could occur under stronger versions of the principle, depending on how they are applied and the standard of proof of safety required. The counter-argument is that application of the precautionary principle may lead to some innovation in alternatives if firms know that certain avenues have been closed off. However, this is likely to be at the margin compared with the wider stifling effect that strong forms of the principle can have.

• Costs of precautionary measures – some highlight the costs of measures taken to avoid potential harm, but frequently overlook or discount the potential benefits, which could be substantial (eg, the experience with asbestos). If the hazard does not eventuate, expenditure on avoidance measures may be seen as wasted. However, in a cost-benefit context, this may not be the case if the expected benefits outweighed the costs, the most cost-effective and efficient alternative was chosen and the best available information was taken into account at the time.

• Perverse consequences from precautionary measures – may result from a failure to recognise that regulatory measures have costs, as well as benefits, and may themselves give rise to risks (Hahn and Sunstein, 2005).

• Misuse as a protectionist barrier – the precautionary principle is open to misuse and opportunistic manipulation by rent-seeking and commercial interests (Gollier and Treich, 2003; Graham, 2004; Majone, 2002; Treich, 2001). For example, commercial interests may oppose a competing product on the grounds that it could have unproven harmful impacts. The precautionary principle may also be used as a disguised form of protectionism and has been implicated in a number of trade disputes. An example is the European Union imposing import barriers on hormone treated beef and genetically modified food products.


For Immediate Release
March 20, 2018
Ed Friedman, Bowdoinham, ME, USA 207-666-3372
Marcey Kliparchuk, Edmonton, AB, Canada, 780-760-0872

Frequent rocket launches destroy ozone, worsen climate change

Serious implications for SpaceX, OneWeb, and Boeing

Thirteen companies are competing to cover the entire Earth with high-speed wireless Internet from low-orbit satellites within one to two years. This would be an ecological disaster. The biggest players are SpaceX (12,000 satellites), OneWeb (4,560 satellites) and Boeing (2,956 satellites).

The recent finding, in 2018, that stratospheric ozone is still declining despite the Montreal Protocol took everyone by surprise. The increasing pace of ever-more-powerful rocket launches is a likely factor. Imminent plans for beaming high-speed Internet from space would require the launching of large rockets almost daily. This is expected to alter, if not destroy, the ozone layer and contribute significantly to climate change. Although many new rockets burn liquid fuel containing no ozone-destroying chlorine, the assumption that this is environmentally friendly is proving wrong.

Martin Ross and colleagues at the Aerospace Corporation have been sounding the alarm. Their 2009 paper, “Limits on the Space Launch Market Related to Stratospheric Ozone Depletion,” pointed out that although liquid fuels do not contain chlorine, they produce significant amounts of nitrogen and hydrogen oxides, as well as water vapor and soot, when burned. All of those destroy ozone.

In a November 2017 interview, Ross warned black soot from rockets remains in the stratosphere for a long time and could soon become a potent driver of climate change as well as ozone loss. “Rocket soot accumulates in the upper stratosphere, where the particles absorb sunlight,” he said. “This accumulation heats the upper stratosphere, changing chemical reaction rates and likely leading to ozone loss.” A previous study found the atmospheric heating effect of rocket exhausted soot is as much as 100,000 times that of carbon dioxide emissions.

In 1991, The New York Times quoted Aleksandr Dunayev of the Russian Space Agency saying, “About 300 launches of the [space] shuttle each year would be a catastrophe and the ozone layer would be completely destroyed.” At that time, the world averaged only 12 rocket launches per year. Even using liquid fuel, deploying and maintaining a fleet, such as SpaceX is proposing, of 12,000 satellites each with an expected lifespan of 5 years, will likely involve so many rocket launches that an environmental catastrophe is imminent. University of Colorado atmospheric scientist Darin Toohey has urged all rocket companies to become more transparent so scientists can better study the effect rocket launches are having on the atmosphere.

Few scientists and virtually no policy makers are considering possible adverse atmosphere or magnetosphere effects of 20,000 transmitting satellites but an increasing number of scientists are urging attention to another environmental consequence of these massive programs: the increased artificial irradiation of Earth. Carcinogenic and other adverse biological effects from radiofrequency (RF) radiation emitted by wireless technologies such as cell phones and towers, smart meters, radar and other wireless devices and networks have long been known. They are extremely well documented, are the subject of scores of governmental and organizational actions, multiple international appeals by scientists and are only controversial for reasons having little to do with science.

While public focus has been on the safety of wireless device users, an increasing number of studies show second-hand or ambient radiation levels negatively effecting endocrine, cardiac, neurological and other biological functions, as well as harming wildlife andplants. Currently efforts are underway promoting use of higher frequencies in 5th generation wireless known as 5G. While these frequencies can carry massive amounts of data, they do not travel or penetrate very well and will require an extraordinarily dense network of radiation-emitting transceivers every hundred yards or so to be functional. “As if this isn’t bad enough,” said Ed Friedman, a spokesperson for GUARDS, “now we have to worry about destroying the ozone and life as we know it in order to download video faster.”

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified RF radiation as Class 2B, a possible human carcinogen. With this classification now outdated by further research, numerous scientists are calling for a reclassification to Class 1, a known human carcinogen. Universal wireless from space, the goal of SpaceX, Boeing and OneWeb, would inundate the entire planet (including previously unexposed regions) with RF radiation, involuntarily subjecting all people, wildlife, and plants to the serious adverse effects of second-hand radiation exposure.

GUARDS was formed in 2014 to prevent irreversible atmospheric and biological damage from massive deployments of altitude-based radiation-emitting intrusive technologies.
Posted at www.stopglobalwifi.org/documents/RocketExhaustMarch2018full.pdf

Help stop Congress from mandating 5G!

Dear All-

There are scores of bills before Congress seeking to increase societal exposure to wireless radiation. A bill, H.R. 4986, to expedite 5G now has bipartisan support and is a serious threat (see Dafna’s email below for details).

I know many of you cannot travel to D.C. to lobby Congress, but the wireless industry can and does lobby Congress continually. Kevin Mottus and Dafna Tachover have both been working at the national level to educate lawmakers about the tragic consequences wireless technology is having for many people.

They need your help! They need your story to share with lawmakers to help them to understand the terrible price tag wireless technology has. Every story adds another dimension and another face to the invisible, oft derided, masses of people being injured by wireless radiation and forced from society.

Take a few minutes to write a succinct (a page or less) summary of your experience. Include as many details as possible to establish your normality and credibility prior to the toxic exposure that gave you RF sickness. It is essential that lawmakers really understand that it can happen to them and to their families and friends too!

Additional directions are below. Brenda, who is assisting Kevin, can help people who can’t use computers to get their stories heard by taking dictation over the phone. Her contact information is below. Please send one copy to Kevin Mottus/Brenda at brenschl@gmail.com and another to Dafna Tachover through www.WeAreTheEvidence.org or at dafna@wearetheevidence.org. Dafna can also use brief high quality videos of articulate people talking about their experience, see her website for additional information. She can post stories anonymously if necessary, but it would be most helpful to the movement if you’ll allow your name to be used.

Help Kevin and Daphna help us – Send them your story today!

Also, call your Congresspeople in opposition to 5G and H.R. 4986

Please pass this on widely!

Thank you,


P.S. It would be best if you used primarily or exclusively either radiofrequency (RF) sickness or microwave sickness to help lawmakers understand that it results from toxic exposures to RF and microwaves. See below for further information.
Protecting our health and the environment by using a hardwired computer in a low RF environment. For more information, see www.electricalpollution.com

Request for testimony:

Length of Testimony: 1-2 pages is fine but one tight page is even better in simple format.

1. Who are you? Where you are from – include your name, address, State, telephone and email. Include facts about you to show you are normal and credible (for example I am a mom of 3, PTA President, Attorney etc…)

2. How your sickness began? How did you make the connection between the symptoms you were experiencing and wireless radiation. How has Cancer and or EHS/microwave sickness affected your life and health? List your symptoms specifically and the specific wireless source. Use the term microwave sickness as well as EHS because that is what it is-we are being microwave radiated. EHS is the industry term used to marginalize the issue.

3. Then most importantly-What will the implementation of 5G with its cell transmitters every 2-10 homes emitting ultra high frequency wireless (24 Ghz to 90 Ghz) continuously mean to you, your health, functioning and life?

Stay focused on Cancer and or EHS/Microwave sickness for this testimonial because this is what we are advocating for in these short meetings. Please leave out multiple chemical sensitivity for now. Please refrain from talking about mental health issues or mental health treatment because the industry likes to marginalize and dismiss electrosensitivity as a mental health issue rather than the medical condition that it is. We do not want to make it easy for them to marginalize or dismiss us.

4. Please email these testimonials to my assistant at brenschl@gmail.com. If you can sign the testimonial, scan it and email it to us that is even better. If you cannot scan it then send it back with your name and address at the bottom without the signature.

Thank you for helping us to get you the protection you deserve. Kevin

If you need to dictate your testimonial, please call:

Brenda Renschler



Catherine Kleiber

P.S. It would be best if you used primarily or exclusively either radiofrequency (RF) sickness or microwave sickness to help lawmakers understand that it results from toxic exposures to RF and microwaves. See below for further information.

Protecting our health and the environment by using a hardwired computer in a low RF environment. For more information, see www.electricalpollution.com

Request for testimony:

Length of Testimony: 1-2 pages is fine but one tight page is even better in simple format.

1. Who are you? Where you are from – include your name, address, State, telephone and email. Include facts about you to show you are normal and credible (for example I am a mom of 3, PTA President, Attorney etc…)

2. How your sickness began? How did you make the connection between the symptoms you were experiencing and wireless radiation. How has Cancer and or EHS/microwave sickness affected your life and health? List your symptoms specifically and the specific wireless source. Use the term microwave sickness as well as EHS because that is what it is-we are being microwave radiated. EHS is the industry term used to marginalize the issue.

3. Then most importantly-What will the implementation of 5G with its cell transmitters every 2-10 homes emitting ultra high frequency wireless (24 Ghz to 90 Ghz) continuously mean to you, your health, functioning and life?

Stay focused on Cancer and or EHS/Microwave sickness for this testimonial because this is what we are advocating for in these short meetings. Please leave out multiple chemical sensitivity for now. Please refrain from talking about mental health issues or mental health treatment because the industry likes to marginalize and dismiss electrosensitivity as a mental health issue rather than the medical condition that it is. We do not want to make it easy for them to marginalize or dismiss us.

4. Please email these testimonials to my assistant at brenschl@gmail.com. If you can sign the testimonial, scan it and email it to us that is even better. If you cannot scan it then send it back with your name and address at the bottom without the signature.

Thank you for helping us to get you the protection you deserve. Kevin

If you need to dictate your testimonial, please call:

Brenda Renschler



Neurodegeneration, anxiety, memory and learning in children

ADHD has increased 53% in the US over the last decade per the CDC. For ages 14 to 17, 19 % of boys and 10% of girls now have ADHD.

• October 2013: The NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) reported 25-30% of kids between ages 13-18 will experience an anxiety disorder. This is an increase of 20 fold(i.e. 1900%) over the last 30 years

• November 2013: Time Magazine reports that the rate of reported anxiety disorders among U.S. troops jumped 327% between 2000 and 2012. http://swampland.time.com/2013/11/05/anxiety-disorders-on-the-rise-in-the-ranks/

A 2016 study found altered brain structure in college students who were addicted to mobile phone use. Decreased brain grey matter volume and abnormal white matter integrity were found via functional magnetic resonance images (fMRI). https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2016.00597/full

Below are 3 studies showing effect of Wi-Fi and cell phones on anxiety, neurodegeneration, and/or learning.

1) Dasdag et al. “Effects Of 2.4 Ghz Radiofrequency Radiation Emitted From Wi-Fi Equipment On microRna Expression In Brain Tissue.International Journal of Radiation Biology, vol. 16, 2015, pp. 1-26.

Study showed that “long-term exposure of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi may lead to adverse effects such as neurodegenerative diseases originated from the alteration of some miRNA expression. Results were statistically significant. Long Term exposure [24 hours a day for 1 year] to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radiation can alter expression of some of the miRNAs such as miR-106b-5p (adj p * _ 0.010) and miR-107 (adj p * _ 0.005). We observed that mir 107 expression is 3.3 times and miR-106b-5p expression is 3.65 times lower in the exposure group than in the control group. “

Full Text https://www.researchgate.net/publication/273637962_Effects_of_24_GHz_radiofrequency_radiation_emitted_from_Wi-Fi_equipment_on_microRNA_expression_in_brain_tissue

2) Saikhedkar N, et al. Effects of mobile phone radiation (900 MHz radiofrequency) on structure and functions of rat brain. Neurological Research, vol. 2, no. 6, 2014, pp. 2499-504.

Rats (age 30 days, 120 ¡ 5 g) were exposed to 900 MHz radio waves (cell phone) at an average SAR of 0.99 W/kg by means of a mobile hand set for 4 hours per day for 15 days. [Cell phones sold in the US are not to exceed a SAR of 1.6W/kg] “A significant change in behavior, i.e., more anxiety and poor learning was shown by test animals as compared to controls and sham group. A significant change in level of antioxidant enzymes and nonenzymatic antioxidants, and increase in lipid peroxidation were observed in test rats. Histological examination showed neurodegenerative cells in hippocampal sub regions and cerebral cortex. Discussion: Thus our findings indicate extensive neurodegeneration on exposure to radio waves. Increased production of reactive oxygen species due to exhaustion of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants and increased lipid peroxidation are indicating extensive neurodegeneration in selective areas of CA1, CA3, DG, and cerebral cortex. This extensive neuronal damage results in alterations in behavior related to memory and learning.”

“A neuronal damage of the kind described here may not have immediate demonstrable consequences, but in the long run it may result in reduced brain reserve capacity that might be unveiled by other late neuronal diseases. We cannot exclude the possibility that after some decades of daily (often) use, a whole generation of users may suffer from the negative effects, perhaps as early as in middle age.”

Full Text https://www.researchgate.net/publication/273950390_effect_of_mobile_phone_radiation_on_structure_and_functions_of_the_brain

3) Varghese, Rini, et al. Rats exposed to 2.45 GHz of non-ionizing radiation exhibit behavioral changes with increased brain expression of apoptotic caspase 3.Pathophysiology (2017).

Rats were exposed to 2.45 GHz Wi-Fi for 4 h/day for 45 days at 7.88W/m2 (=788uW/cm2) [FCC limit is 1000uW/cm2 for 30 minutes, so exposure within US limits]

“The study clearly indicates that exposure of rats to microwave radiation of 2.45 GHz leads to detrimental changes in brain leading to lowering of learning and memory and expression of anxiety behavior in rats along with fall in brain antioxidant enzyme systems.”

Full Text http://www.pathophysiologyjournal.com/article/S0928-4680(17)30052-4/pdf

To read more scientific research on effects of wireless radiation on the brain

Huge increases in brain cancer, neurological disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, mental illness:

• August 2015: Washington Post reports people are developing dementia a decade earlier compared to 20 years ago (2010 vs. 1990) The disease is now regularly diagnosed in people in their late 40s and death rates from early onset dementia are soaring. The study found that deaths caused by neurological disease had risen significantly in adults aged 55 to 74 and more than doubled in the over-75 population overall. The problem was particularly acute in the United States, where neurological deaths in men aged over 75 have nearly tripled and in women increased more than fivefold. The rate of increase in such a short time suggested a silent or even a hidden epidemic, in which environmental factors must play a major part, not just aging.” The environmental factors cited included chemical pollution and increased background electromagnetic fields (which includes wireless radiation)
https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/people-are-developing-dementia-earlier-and-dying-of-it-more-a-study-shows/2015/08/06/599b16b8-3c0a-11e5-8e98-115a3cf7d7ae_story.html?wprss=rss_world .

• Feb. 24, 2016: the American Brain Tumor Association has found that brain cancer is the highest cause of cancer deaths in ages 15-39 and the most common cancer among 15-19 year olds. There’s also been an increase in Malignant Brain and Central Nervous System Tumors in American children. For ages 0-14 between 2000-2010, it has increased annually 0.6%/yr. In ages 15-19, between 2000-2008, it has increased annually 1.0%/yr. (Read details of the study here

• October 2010: Autism has increased 600% in prevalence over the last two decades.
http://autisminnb.blogspot.com/2012/07/burden-of-proof-iacc-director-insels.html In 2014, CDC estimated 1 in 68 children are autistic http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/03/27/autism-rates-rise/6957815/

• September 2007: The number of American children and adolescents treated for bipolar disorderincreased 40-fold [that’s 3900%!] from 1994 to 2003 The senior author of the study, Dr. Mark Olfson of the New York State Psychiatric Institute at the Columbia University Medical Center, said, “I have been studying trends in mental health services for some time, and this finding really stands out as one of the most striking increases in this short a time.” The increase makes bipolar disorder more common among children than clinical depression, the authors said.

• In 2011, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that antidepressant use in the United States has increased nearly 400 percent in the last two decades, making antidepressants the most frequently used class of medications by Americans ages 18-44 years. http://www.salon.com/2013/08/26/how_our_society_breeds_anxiety_depression_and_dysfunction_partner/

• In May 2013, CDC reported in “Mental Health Surveillance Among Children-United States, 2005-2011,” the following: “A total of 13%-20% of children living in the United States experience a mental disorder in a given year, and surveillance during 1994-2011 has shown the prevalence of these conditions to be increasing.”

From Kevin Mottus,

Please contact your US Senators and other Senators by dialing *67 before you call their offices.

ASK Senators to put a HOLD on HR4986 which provides the spectrum for 5G and streamlines placement
of small cells across the country

(see text attached).

ASK Senators to vote against HR4986 and Ask Other Senators to do the same.

See list of Senators and their contact info at: .


IMPORTANT: HR4986 was passed through the House with a SUSPENSION OF THE RULES PROVISION that basically allowed a handful of Congress members who were co-authors of the bill to vote the bill through without the other 400 House Members present.

Very sneaky, dirty, pool.

Let your Senators know that this is not the way we should be doing business with a bill that will eventually affect every resident

Please Call and Email NOW!

Thanks for your Help and Support!

H.R. – Ray Baum’s Act of 2018


Kevin: 5Gharmful@gmail.com

Hi All,

Some more bad news…

On Friday.2/3 it was announced that “Republican and Democratic lawmakers have reached agreement to allow for the sale of spectrum to speed up the introduction of next-generation 5G wireless networks”.Reuters News article – U.S. Congress to vote on allowing spectrum auction for 5G networks

The house will vote on the Bill – H.R. 4986 (Ray Baum’s Act) on Tuesday 3/6/2018.

The House PR statement,says “This bipartisan, bicameral product puts consumers first and solidifies the nation’s critical telecommunications infrastructure …Importantly, it includes spectrum legislation that passed the Senate unanimously last year…” .

Press Here to the Senate Commerce Committee PR

The Bill on which they will agreed to vote in favor of, H.R. 4986 is incorporating into it key provisions from S.19 MOBILE NOW Act the Bill that was introduced on the first day of Congress in 2017 by Senator Thune, the head of the Senate Commerce Committee. S.19 was the first 5G Bill and aimed to enable to fast track 5G and to facilitate the auctioning of the 5G frequencies. It is not clear if they will also move ahead with MOBILE NOW Act and vote on it in the House.

The House PR Statement further explains:

The legislation to be considered next week would: …

Enact key provisions from the Senate-approved MOBILE NOW Act (S. 19) to boost the development of next-generation 5G wireless broadband by identifying more spectrum – both licensed and unlicensed – for private sector use and reducing the red tape associated with building wireless networks.”

According to the statement the first frequencies that will be auctioned are the 24G & 28G.

Of course the announcement is starting by saying that the Bill Puts Consumers First… Well I guess if we refer to industry as being a customer of Congress, after all it is paying “our” Congressmen and Congresswomen to do what it wishes, then yes, this legislation indeed puts “consumers”, ie, idustry first…

And the lie continues.

Dafna Tachover, Managing Director

Attorney (NY, Israel), MBA

Phone: (845) 377 0211

Leszczynski: Brief opinion on the NTP rat study – ‘The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.’

Posted on March 22, 2018

Publication of the full results of the NTP study, yet again, re-confirms what Aristotle said “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know“. No matter how disappointed some might be, this is the reality of the scientific research.
The study is a classic toxicology. Namely: rats were long-term exposed to various doses of cell phone radiation and their health was followed over the long period of time.
NTP study demonstrates that exposures to cell phone radiation cause biological and health effects in animals. This confirms that the biological and health effects in humans are possible.

Three steps to protect your data on Facebook

By Andy Snyder | March 22, 2018

The Twitter-in-chief has done it again.

Trump continues to shake up the world. But this time he didn’t have to do a thing. It’s the mere inclusion of his name that has got the media in a frenzy.

Facebook is in hot water (again) this week after a pro-Trump data firm got ahold of all that data the social beast collects on its users.

With a few clicks of the mouse, its marketers were able to scour the deep web to uncover the most intimate of details.

They know where folks ate… who they dated… what sites they visited… and, of course, who they were going to vote for.

But here’s the funny part – the part CNN is not so eager to share.

No laws were broken.

No servers were hacked.

Cambridge merely duped Facebook to get its hands on data it didn’t overtly ask for.

While Trump’s involvement keeps the story on the front page, the tactic is nothing new.

Dare we keep squeamish readers up tonight… everybody’s doing it.

Even Obama. Gasp.

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