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New device covertly scans you with a Wi-Fi blast to determine your emotional state

Ladies & Gentlemen,

The unfortunate difference of opinion between two of the most vocal critics of electromagnetic radiation is further exacerbated by the personal attacks on scientists and doctors such as Prof. Olle Johansson, Sweden, and Oncologist, Prof. Dominique Belpomme.
Johansson says that there is no safe level of artificial man-made electromagnetic / microwave radiation.
Belpomme says that patients can be treated for the symptoms. This is called medicalization.
Big Pharma, naturally enough, prefers medicalization because that means increased sales of pharmaceutical products.
A second method of treating individuals who present with electromagnetic poisoning is referral to a psychiatrist which also frequently involves psychotropic drugs. The approval by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration of the first drug to be “chipped” is cause for concern. The drug, frequently administered in the British Isles is called Abilify (Aripiprazole) developed by Otsuka and Bristom Meyers Squibb. Otsuka has now gone one better and microchipped the drug. This allows doctors to ensure that those prescribed the drug actually consume it. Abilify, originally prescribed for depression, schizophrenia and autism has often been used to force medicate patients – including some who complain of a severe reaction to electromagnetism. The side effects can be devastating.
The news, then, from Iris Atzmon in Israel, that there has been a “paradigm shift” in Israeli psychiatry, causes concern. See the article below in which as expert explains: “When a patient improves, with ‘a reasonable dose of psychotic drug, but mild signs of psychosis remain, to consider together with the
patient, to accept it, instead of increasing the doses, that will expose the patients to harsh side effects’.
It may be simple irony that at Christmas, President Trump and the First Lady spoke from either side of the White House Christmas Tree. Below is a photo of Vladimir Putin also using a landline – a topic to be discussed by the Commonwealth Club of California.
Listen to the videos by Deborah Tavares and look at the other material and judge for yourself is there is a connection to her work and the other issues. Judge for yourself if you can see a connection. The presence of influential companies such as Lloyd’s of London and Arup are evidence of worldwide cooperation to utilize wireless signal in ways that are more authoritarian than democratic.
Please circulate widely.

John Weigel


French Prof. Belpomme under attack

Professor Dominique Belpomme is attacked by the Order of Doctors for his work on EHS.
The denigration comes from doctors in conflict of interest from the national company : “Electricity of France” (EDF) which is currently installing connected electricity smart meters Linky.

National and international support for Professor Dominique Belpomme’s work is under way:



In Progress (in French PDF)
You will soon have precise information on the attacks on which Professor Dominique Belpomme is the subject.

U.S. FDA accepts first digital medicine new drug application for Otsuka and Proteus Digital Health

The drug Abilify is to become the first-ever microchipped drug. More than two years ago it was reported that patients in the United Kingdom were being force-medicated the same drug.

The Wikipedia entry for Abilify explains:

It is a partial dopamine agonist. Aripiprazole was developed by Otsuka in Japan. In the United States, Otsuka America markets it jointly with Bristol-Myers Squibb. From April 2013 to March 2014, sales of Abilify amounted to almost $6.9 billion.[9] In 2017, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Abilify MyCite, a digital pill containing a sensor that records when a person takes their medication.

The approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration of the first psychotropic drug to carry an RFID tag is ominous. The drug, Abilify, often used as a medical “cosh” (blunt instrument), is an antipsychotic medication that works by changing the actions of chemicals in the brain. It is used to treat the symptoms of psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (manic depression). It is also used together with other medications to treat major depressive disorder in adults.

Report from 12 August 2015 noted:

When Stephen Clarke, the father who protested against the exposure of his children to microwave radiation in the classroom in Northern Ireland, was arrested he was force-medicated with Abilify. He did not swallow the tablets and was force-medicated but the treatment was stopped abruptly after an international appeal.

Administration of the drug was done under the aegis of Prof. Simon Wessely, professor of psychological medicine and president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Britain. He appeared on the Kaye Adams show (link below) on BBC Scotland last week. Wessely came to prominence treating victims of Gulf War syndrome. He admits that the symptoms sufferers feel are real but denies microwaves as the cause. This stance is relates to the Irish television programme ’10 things to know about…pain.’

These developments coincide with publication of the Observer’s Tech Monthly supplement and the article, “Welcome to the home of the future” which describes a home festooned with sensors but fails for mention smart meters and internet-enabled LED lightbulbs.

Even toilets will monitor human waste.



Infrasound and low-frequency noise – does it affect human health? (Think wind turbines / powerlines)

Biomedical engineer Dr Mariana Alves-Pereira recently studied the impact of ILFN from wind turbines in Ireland, concluding that noise regulations need updating to reflect noise levels that endanger human healthconcerns.

On the Engineers Ireland website, a search for ‘infrasound’ or ‘low-frequency noise’ yields zero results. A search on ‘noise’, however, yields 44 results. Why is it that infrasound and low frequency noise (ILFN) is still such a taboo subject? While it is improbable that this particular question will be answered here, an exposé of ILFN will be provided with a brief historical account of how and why ILFN was ultimately deemed irrelevant for human health concerns.


The real reason why you’re told to put your mobile in flight mode

However, there are at least two serious incidents in which mobile phones have been implicated: first, the unsolved crash of a Crossair plane in Switzerland in 2000, when spurious transmissions confused the autopilot, and second, a fatal crash in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2003. But these are the extremes.

It’s called the 5G BEAST SYSTEM for a reason (2018)

Published on Jan 9, 2018


Warning from man who designed RFID microchip

The 5G Beast Grid ( Babel’s rise from the ashes)!


From Bert Panza, Ireland

Reggae legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry calls out chemtrails and 5G pollution

It’s been called a conspiracy theory so many times that it’s easy for people to overlook the ever-growing body of evidence that atmospheric spraying (chemtrails) is in fact happening today. It is well-documented that governments the world over have geoengineering programs, which include cloud-seeding and the airborne dispersal of aluminum, barium, strontium, lithium and other toxic agents.


Canadians claiming to have ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity’ feel forced to escape modern life

David Fancy first noticed it while was living in Montreal in the early 2000s.

He got headaches and heard ringing in his ears after he used his cell phone. It got worse when he moved into an apartment near power lines and a cell tower. It got so bad, he had to move out.

He finally discovered an explanation that seemed to make sense: “electromagnetic hypersensitivity,” or “EHS” for short.

“Simplest terms, it’s an allergy to human-made electromagnetic emissions,” says David, a dramatic arts professor at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont.

Reported symptoms of EHS include headaches, ear ringing, dizziness, nerve pain, burning skin sensations and heart palpitations. Common triggers are cell phones, WiFi, Bluetooth signals, cell towers, power lines and, in extreme cases, anything electric.


Tech addiction & the Illuminati agenda

In an open letter yesterday, the two largest investors in Apple – Jana Partners & The California State Teacher’s Retirement System – called on the tech giant to take a serious look at how increased screen time is affecting and addicting children to technology.

The letter said, “Apple can play a defining role in signaling to the industry that paying special attention to the health and development of the next generation is both good business and the right thing to do.”

While a handful of commentators including myself


have railed against the dangers of a world operating in “augmented reality” mode, could this letter be a bellwether towards a quantum leap in societal awareness as to the dangers of technological addiction on a mass scale?

Let’s hope so.

With CERN opening Pandora’s box in its arrogant quest for the “God particle”, increasingly powerful cell phone towers to broadcast CERN-generated dark matter, and demonic “pay with your face” portals in the hands of every nearly every American – child and adult alike – we are at a spiritual crossroads on planet earth. Illuminati programming on both TV and the Internet is coming out in the open. The very end of the latest Taco Bell commercial contains a tacit admission of the secret societies’ existence.

On November 13 the FDA approved the first-ever micro-chipped prescription drug. Abilify MyCite contains a “digital ingestion tacking system”, which will record whether or not the patient took his/her medication.

The Illuminati end game is nigh. And technology is their spearhead.


The Young Turks (video)


The vision of technocracy and your future

Technocracy is the basic agenda and plan for ruling global society from above, so we need to understand it from several angles.

Consider a group of enthusiastic forward-looking engineers in the early 20th century. They work for a company that has a contract to manufacture a locomotive.

This is a highly complex piece of equipment.

On one level, workers are required to make the components to spec. Then they must put them all together. These tasks are formidable.

On another level, various departments of the company must coordinate their efforts. This is also viewed as a technological job. Organizing is considered a technology.

When the locomotive is finished and delivered, and when it runs on its tracks and pulls a train, a great and inspiring victory is won.

And then…the engineers begin to think about the implications. Suppose the locomotive was society itself? Suppose society was the finished product? Couldn’t society be put together in a coordinated fashion? And couldn’t the “technology of organizing things” be utilized for the job?

Why bother with endlessly arguing and lying politicians? Why should they be in charge? Isn’t that an obvious losing proposition? Of course it is.

Engineers could lay out and build a future society that would benefit all people. Disease and poverty could be wiped out. Eliminating them would be part of the blueprint.


While Apple still languishes in the quagmire of objection to planning permissions, Amazon has managed to come out the other side

Amazon has secured permission from An Bord Pleanála to start building its 223,000 sq ft data centre in Mulhuddart, Dublin, despite attempts to derail the company’s plans.

According to The Irish Times, this will allow Amazon Data Services Ireland Limited (ADSIL) – its given name in Ireland – to build the first phase of the development dubbed ‘Project G’, which is estimated to be worth a total of €1bn.

The recommendation for the plans to be approved came from senior planning inspector John Desmond, who said the building of such a large part of the country’s digital infrastructure “must be viewed positively”.

IDA Ireland – which also owns the 26-hectare site that could play host to seven more data centres – also backed the plans, saying that the data centre was crucial to maintain the country’s competitiveness on the world stage.



Oh, brother: The potential for tech tyranny

Already, there have been warnings that “smart” televisions and even cell phones can be used to eavesdrop. It’s no longer tin-foil paranoia. As we have long warned, the concerns about “one-world” control by a particular person or small cadre are perhaps better directed at global tech companies than government, military, or U.N.-like agencies.


‘Data on everybody’: Whistleblower warns of massive scope of US surveillance

Kiriakou and co-host Brian Becker of Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear spoke to William Binney, a famous whistleblower who spent 30 years with the National Security Agency (NSA) before leaving the agency over what he has described as its “totalitarian” approach to surveillance that was “better than anything that the KGB, the Stasi, or the Gestapo and SS ever had.”


Can you hear me now?: NSA can find & track people with ‘voice-matching technology’

Declassified documents reveal the National Security Agency has been using secret “speaker recognition” technology to identify people by their unique “voiceprint” for more than a decade.

The NSA has been recording and gathering private phone calls for years, but it used to be difficult for the agency to identify unknown speakers. In the past, signals intelligence (SIGINT) transcribers worked on the same targets for years before they became familiar enough with a speaker’s unique voice to be able to verify their identity.

Now, the NSA is using more advanced computational systems developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in order to catch spies and terrorists, according to a declassified NSA documentobtained by media outlet the Intercept.


House renews enhanced Big Brother surveillance law

Voting 256 – 164, House members renewed Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 – amending the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Amendments Act (FISA) of 1978.

It lets the federal government engage in mass, warrantless surveillance of Americans and others abroad – monitoring their phone calls, text messages, emails, and other electronic communications.

Warrantless information collected can be used to prosecute, convict, sentence and imprison people – even for offenses unrelated to national security, including misdemeanors.

The law is disproportionately used against political activists, human rights supporters, Blacks and Latinos, even journalists.

The measure was last renewed in 2012, set to expire at year end 2017. Trump urged making it permanent. It’s one of numerous US police state laws, measures just societies don’t tolerate.



It’s time to take our privacy back from tech companies

Your personal information is being collected, organized, purchased and sold on a global market. Pollsconsistently show that most people are concerned they have lost control of their own personal data. No one is immune from the pervasive information grab by governments, companies, and hackers. This is happening to pretty much anyone alive (or dead) who has ever used the internet, a credit card, gone to school, subscribed to cable television or used a cell phone. There is no escaping this new reality.

However, we can change the rules that govern the way your information is collected and used.


Google has an actual secret speech police

YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers” program goes back to 2012, but the program has exploded in size in recent years amid a Google push to increase regulation of the content on its platforms, which followed pressure from advertisers. Fifty of the 113 program members joined in 2017 as YouTube stepped up its content policing, YouTube public policy director Juniper Downs told a Senate committee on Wednesday.


Data-stealing spyware ‘traced to Lebanon’

A security bug that has infected thousands of smartphones has been uncovered by campaign group the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Working with mobile security firm Lookout, researchers discovered that malware in fake messaging designed to look like WhatsApp and Signal had stolen gigabytes of data.

Targets included military personnel, activists, journalists and lawyers.

Researchers say they traced the malware to a Lebanese government building.


Big Brother on wheels: Why your car company may know more about you than your spouse

DETROIT – Daniel Dunn was about to sign a lease for a Honda Fit last year when a detail buried in the lengthy agreement caught his eye.

Honda wanted to track the location of his vehicle, the contract stated, according to Dunn – a stipulation that struck the 69-year-old Temecula, Calif., retiree as a bit odd. But Dunn was eager to drive away in his new car and, despite initial hesitation, he signed the document, a decision with which he has since made peace.

“I don’t care if they know where I go,” said Dunn, who makes regular trips to the grocery store and a local yoga studio in his vehicle. “They’re probably thinking, ‘What a boring life this guy’s got.’ ”

Dunn may consider his everyday driving habits mundane, but auto and privacy experts suspect that big automakers like Honda see them as anything but. By monitoring his everyday movements, an automaker can vacuum up a massive amount of personal information about someone like Dunn, everything from how fast he drives and how hard he brakes to how much fuel his car uses and the entertainment he prefers. The company can determine where he shops, the weather on his street, how often he wears his seat belt, what he was doing moments before a wreck – even where he likes to eat and how much he weighs.


Surveillance on steroids: New device covertly scans you from a distance with a wi-fi blast to determine your emotional state, without your consent

(Natural News) Our society has reached a point where it is now more difficult to think of things that are truly private than it is to think of things that are not. Indeed, virtually every new piece of technology has the ability to infringe on your privacy rights to one degree or another. Now, it appears that even your private emotions aren’t safe.

A team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say that they have developed new technology that is capable of accurately reading a person’s concealed emotions from a distance. That means that regardless of whether you feel excited, angry or happy, and regardless of how well you are trying to hide it, this new device will be able to see through even the best poker face and read you like a book.

MIT researchers claim that their “EQ-Radio” is accurate 87 percent of the time at detecting concealed emotions. Even though this may sound like something that only appears in science fiction films, especially considering the fact that it does not need to be directly linked to a person’s pulse and body in order to operate, researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) say that their device works by sending out WiFi signals to read one’s concealed emotions. These signals bounce off a person to read things like their heart rates and other relevant information that helps it to determine how the person is feeling. (Related: New AI technology can read your mind by decoding your brain signals.)


Amazon’s creepy plan to put a camera and microphone in every BEDROOM with launch of its £120 Echo Spot ‘smart alarm’

• The latest edition to the tech giant’s family of devices is powered by Alexa

• Each device has a camera and microphone for making video calls

• The camera will probably be facing directly at the user’s bed

• The Echo Spot, which will cost £119.99 ($129) will be shipped on 24th January

Amazon wants to put a camera and microphone in your bedroom with the UK launch of its latest Echo home device.

The camera on the £119.99 ($129) Echo Spot, which doubles up as a ‘smart alarm’, will probably be facing directly at the user’s bed.

The device, which is already available in the US has such sophisticated microphones it can hear people talking from across the room – even if music is playing.

However, there remain privacy concerns over using such a device in the home.

Amazon devices have previously activated when they’re not wanted meaning this small device could turn into a potential spy.


Silicon Valley reconsiders the iPhone era it created

Debate over iPhone use by young people reflects the misgivings some in the industry feel toward smartphones’ ubiquity

A tussle this week between prominent investors and Apple Inc. over iPhone use by young people comes amid a nascent re-evaluation of the smartphone’s social consequences within the industry that spawned it.

The smartphone has fueled much of Silicon Valley’s soaring profits over the past decade, enriching companies in sectors from social media to games to payments. But over the past year or so, a number of prominent industry figures have voiced concerns about the downsides of the technology’s ubiquity.

They include Apple executives who helped create the iPhone and now express misgivings about how smartphones monopolize attention, as well as early investors and executives in Facebook Inc. who worry about social media’s tendency to consume ever more user time, in part by pushing controversial content.

Those are the kinds of concerns spotlighted in a letter to Apple on Saturday from Jana Partners LLC and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, or Calstrs, which control about $2 billion of Apple shares. The letter urged the tech giant to develop new software tools that would help parents control and limit phone use more easily, and to study the impact of overuse on mental health.


Google has an actual secret speech police

YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers” program goes back to 2012, but the program has exploded in size in recent years amid a Google push to increase regulation of the content on its platforms, which followed pressure from advertisers. Fifty of the 113 program members joined in 2017 as YouTube stepped up its content policing, YouTube public policy director Juniper Downs told a Senate committee on Wednesday.


AT&T Plans to be the first to launch mobile 5G in 2018

Mobile 5G services to become reality for consumers and businesses this year in a dozen cities

AT&T expects to be the first U.S. company to introduce mobile 5G service in a dozen markets by late 2018. The promise of mobile 5G is seemingly endless and we’re moving fast to make that promise a reality. To reach this ambitious milestone, we’ve taken a different approach to transforming our network. AT&T 5G services will be based on industry standards for 5G. To make this happen, we were one of the key drivers for standards acceleration last year.

Because of that acceleration, 3GPP, the international wireless standards body, completed key elements of 5G new radio (NR) standards last month. With these specifications now available, hardware, chipset and device manufacturers can start development. This allows us to provide mobile 5G services sooner. We’re confident this latest standards milestone will allow us to bring 5G to market faster without compromising its long-term vision.


State Police to start using drones


New York State Police will soon begin using unmanned drones to help support law enforcement missions like public safety, disaster response and traffic safety.

Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement Wednesday.

The program is launching sometime this month with four drones, one of which will be used by the State Police right here in Western New York. The other three will go to State Police in Central New York, the Hudson River area, and the Capital region.

By April 2018, an additional 14 aerial drones will be deployed throughout the state.


EXCLUSIVE: Volocopter’s air taxi takes flight for first time in the U.S.

Intel’s shiniest new toy takes off at CES

Regardless of whether you believe “flying cars” will become a legitimate way to get around, there’s no doubting that people around the world are in love with the idea. There’s always been something inherently cool about the idea of skipping across the sky in a personal vehicle.

That’s why Intel capped its keynote address at this year’s CES by letting an 18-rotor air taxi prototype (octadecacopter?) known as the Volocopter VC200 fly across the stage, albeit briefly. This was the first time it flew in North America, in fact. No, the Volocopter is not quite a “flying car” as much as it is a “gigantic drone that you can sit in.” But even that’s still cool.


Conference features curious blend of tech players and actors


  • Brad Smith, President, Microsoft, United States of America
  • Susan Herman, President, ACLU, United States of America
  • Damon Wayans Jr., Actor, Special Guest, United States of America
  • Sophia Bush, Actress & Activist, Time’s Up, United States of America
  • Marc Mathieu, CMO, Samsung Electronics, United States of America
  • Keith Weed, CMCO, Unilever, United Kingdom
  • Eric Lempel, CMO, Sony Playstation, United States of America


Geoengineered winter weather, the chemical ice nucleation factor

The climate engineers have the power to chemically cool-down surface temperatures when enough atmospheric moisture is available to them. This is not speculation, but verifiable fact proven by patented processes. One example is below.


The dark side of wireless technology

Wireless technology is modern magic. For the price of a device and a data plan, you are granted the power to communicate and connect to the World Wide Web through a pocket-sized screen. But some evidence suggests this magic has a dark side, and we may be paying more for it than we realize.

With an estimated 4.8 billion cellphone users worldwide, it’s hard to fathom that something so commonplace could pose health problems. Besides, since the 1990s, government and industry experts have maintained that cellphones are safe, and have pointed to studies that reveal no problems associated with wireless exposure.

Yet there is compelling evidence of harm. In 2016, the National Toxicology Program released a report from its 16-year, $25 million study examining the health impacts of wireless radiation. Researchers determined that the microwave field flowing from our phones is “proven to be harmful to humans and the environment.” Effects include increased cancer risk, a rise in harmful free radicals, genetic damage, structural and functional changes to the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and a negative impact on our general well-being.

Researchers determined that the microwave field flowing from our phones is “proven to be harmful to humans and the environment.”


The AI that can tell you when you’ll DIE: Stanford reveals ‘startlingly accurate’ system to predict the end of life for hospital patients

• Stanford researchers trained a deep neural network on 2 million hospital records

• With this, the algorithm learned to accurately predict patients’ mortality

• Researchers say this can be used to help pre-screen patients for end-of-life care

Stanford researchers have developed an AI that can predict when a patient will die with up to 90 percent accuracy.

While the idea might sound unnerving, the team behind the work says it could vastly improve end-of-life care for patients and their families.

By more accurately pinpointing when a terminal or seriously ill patient may pass, caregivers can prioritize their wishes and ensure important conversations are held before it’s too late.


Automotive issues

GM drops the steering wheel and gives the robot driver control

Next year, General Motors Co. will no longer need an engineer in the front seat babysitting the robot brain that controls its self-driving Chevrolet Bolt. The steering wheel and pedals will be gone, giving total control to the machine.

When GM starts testing its autonomous electric sedan in San Francisco ride-sharing fleets, it’ll likely be the first production-ready car on the roads without the tools to let a human assume control. The announcement Friday is the first sign from a major carmaker that engineers have enough confidence in self-driving cars to let them truly go it alone.


Self-driving cars and AI will leave a ‘THIRD of the population unemployed’ and cause people to slip into a meaningless life ofmisery, expert warns

  • Comments are by Dr Subhash Kak, a computing expert at Oklahoma Uni
  • The scientist claims that jobs and employment provide a meaning to life
  • Self-driving cars could make millions of people unemployed as AI takes over


Fifth Gear: Speed camera detectors


From Arthur Firstenberg, author, ‘The Invisible Rainbow’

Dear Friends,
Below is an important new article on 5G. Please read, forward and circulate widely. This article is also posted on the Cellular Phone Task Force website, here:


5G – From blankets to bullets

The single most important fact about 5G that nobody is talking about is called “phased array.” It will totally change the way cell towers and cell phones are constructed and will transform the blanket of radiation which has enveloped our world for two decades into a million powerful beams whizzing by us at all times. Blake Levitt, author of Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves (Harcourt Brace, 1995), brought this to my attention. A mutual friend, with whom I was speaking during the campaign to defeat S.B. 649 in California, passed on a message from Blake: “5G antennas will be phased arrays; Arthur will know what that means.” And I did.

Phased arrays were one of the first things I learned about in the very beginning of my long, involuntary journey from medical student to campaigner against wireless technology. After I was injured by X-rays in 1980, I began to read everything I could get my hands on that had to do with electromagnetic radiation and its effects on life. And one of the first books I read was Paul Brodeur’s The Zapping of America (W.W. Norton, 1977).

From Sarah Benson, GUARDS

Moral technologies: redirecting the technological stream towards an ethical future

We would like to share with you the news that we have had to make some changes to this year’s Moral Technologies event. Yeshayahu Ben-Aharon who was anticipated to be with us is unable to attend the event this year. We continue to be in contact with him and we hope to have him visit Australia.

In the space created by this news we immediately asked the question about who could best contribute to this third event, and help us on the final stage of the journey we have taken with this theme. We are very excited to have Gopi Krishna Vijaya (whose smiling visage can be seen above) joining us from the United States. Gopi is a young man with enormous passion and commitment to exploring life and the future in a way that we, as the organising team, feel is an important contribution to this third and final event.

Join us for:

Moral Technologies: Redirecting the Technological Stream Towards an Ethical Future

April 6-9th, Templestowe, Melbourne

Registration includes food, accommodation and conference fee, click here to book.

About Gopi:
Dr. Gopi Krishna Vijaya is from Bangalore, India. He completed his undergraduate physics training at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (India), and his PhD in Physics (Solar Energy) at the University of Houston in 2014. He is currently engaged in Postdoctoral Research into the Reciprocal System of Physics – a way to inculcate Goethean thought into modern physics – in Salt Lake City, USA.

His work spans several subjects and is mainly focused on their connection to spiritual science. Some samples of his work include:

• Projective geometry and its significance in architecture

• Technology and the laws of thought (on computers – published in the Waldorf Research Bulletin)

• What is India? (On the Threefold nature of the Indian subcontinent, published online)

• Living nature of Liberty (a study of ideas behind Libertarianism)

• Several papers on physics with regard to Goethean science, foundations of astronomy, calculus, and the Reciprocal System of physics theory. (available online)

About the conference:

The purpose of this third conference is twofold. One aspect is to enable us as participants to engage with and understand the technological progress of the past, present and future. The other element is to use this understanding to seek new ways of thinking and working with existing technology in a practical sense, and also to develop new technologies. The intention is to speak of technology not only in general terms, but also in their immediate details. This will cover topics ranging from old tools and steam engines to smartphone apps, in terms of processes as well as the materials used for these devices.

Technological progress is not random: it is therefore absolutely essential to develop a feeling for the method behind the changes that have happened over time, as a historical process. The way that technology has developed so far – culminating mostly in pushing buttons – is not the only way that the development could have happened. There are alternative paths, often completely overlooked, which have to be picked up again energetically in order to to bring morality to technical development. The technological stream can then redirected to better serve its ethical development. Identifying ways to achieve this kind of ethical development will be a positive outcome of this gathering.

The event will include conversations around ethics, creative workshops, games, silence and the deep experience that four days of living in community offers in terms of inspiration and nourishment.

Also featuring Future Crunch:
The conference will also feature workshops with Melbourne hipster scientists Future Crunch exploring the ‘good news’ about future and technology.
For all questions about the Moral Technologies conference, please email by clicking here or call Rose Nekvapil on 0423 491 286 And don’t forget to browse the Moral Technologies website for all the lectures from the previous conferences and a treasure trove of articles.

Scholarships are again available to young people (38 and under) or anyone who would otherwise be unable to attend. Please email a brief story about yourself and your journey to MT, outlining your own contribution and what will support you to attend to rose.nekvapil@gmail.com.

This is the third and last conference on Moral Technologies in Australia. We have grown an amazing network and the process has moved us to question our role as human beings in relationship with the future through our technological creations. We will be in touch soon with more details about the event, and we look forward to seeing you there!

On behalf of the organizing team,

Rose, Clare and Vaike

For keen beans or armchair participants, here is some preparation material recommended by Gopi:

*Technology and the Laws of Thought
*Domino Computer Worksheets
*Muslim Engineers and their contributions to Modern Technology
*Heron of Alexandria
*Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman
*Can Technology make the Handicapped Whole?

Reference Books:

1. The Nature of Substance, Rudolf Hauschka

2. Gondishapur and Silicon Valley, Vols. 1,2, Paul Emberson

3. If A Then B, How Logic Shaped the World, Shenefelt and White

4. Turing’s Cathedral, George Dyson

5. Mendeleyev’s Dream, Paul Strathern

From Mark Steele, Gateshead, U.K.

Gateshead – where the sparrows don’t come out at dawn: 5G sparrow killer video for COE


Amazon go: Major Dublin data centre given green light to build

While Apple still languishes in the quagmire of objection to planning permissions, Amazon has managed to come out the other side.

Amazon has secured permission from An Bord Pleanála to start building its 223,000 sq ft data centre in Mulhuddart, Dublin, despite attempts to derail the company’s plans.

According to The Irish Times, this will allow Amazon Data Services Ireland Limited (ADSIL) – its given name in Ireland – to build the first phase of the development dubbed ‘Project G’, which is estimated to be worth a total of €1bn.

The recommendation for the plans to be approved came from senior planning inspector John Desmond, who said the building of such a large part of the country’s digital infrastructure “must be viewed positively”.

IDA Ireland – which also owns the 26-hectare site that could play host to seven more data centres – also backed the plans, saying that the data centre was crucial to maintain the country’s competitiveness on the world stage.


Deborah Tavares with evidence
of more dangers ahead




There is no escape: New transmitter technology will charge your devices in your pocket, constantly bombarding you with EMFs

Energous Corporation announced that it has received certification from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for its first-generation WattUp Mid Field transmitter. The technology was designed to emit focused, radio frequency-based power to devices at a distance. A company press release read that the FCC certification ushers in a new era of wireless charging for a wide array of small electronic devices such as smartphones, smart watches, fitness trackers, and tablets as well as smart speakers, earbuds, and wireless keyboards and mice.


FLU – Biological Warfare ATTACK!


Weather crimes discussed by EMF researcher-activist Deborah Tavares: California burning

Even though the mainstream media tosses tidbits out about what’s been going on in California regarding the 2017 fires and 2018 catastrophic mud slides, the average TV watcher, news magazine reader and computer-news ‘aficionado’ may not be aware of behind-the-scenes” activitycontributing to those catastrophes, plus the ‘preplanning that’s gone into them dating back years’ and now apparently being implemented into fulfillment for what’s pushing society toward the ‘global mind’ and its absolute control.

Deborah Tavares, a researcher-activist, who documents EVERYTHING she says with credible documentation, says the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are positioning “to restructure North America.” One of the apparent ‘tools’ for their soon-to-be-realized ‘pipe dream’ is the use of man-made climate-related “challenges.” The apparent buzzword that will be used to implement their plans is “Resilience”which, according to Deborah, is false policies. She says it’s more like “Peril and Opportunity.”

In a most informative interview on the “Power Hour Nation” program, Deborah shocks one with the statement people will be acculturated to believe “Government is your god!” Personally, I’ve come across in my research on these issues that technology wants to create a “man-made soul” to replace the one we currently come in with from Creator God or whatever attribute you call the Higher Being of Creation.

Artificially controlling the worlds weather has been occurring for many years now.

Weaponization of weather has been and is now being used to subdue and wreak havoc on the planet.

The on going manipulation of the earths climate are the plans behind all the policies of “climate change”. . . to many people using to much stuff.

For those doubtful about the degree of weather control please go to www.ToxicSky,org to learn more. .

Please keep in mind there are many other sources to learn our weather reality and we recommend you search yourselves.

Behind UN AGENDA 21 and the 2030 plans are plans that reveal unbelievable controls of mankind and all living animals and plants on the planet . .

What you are reading is just the beginning.

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We are all in the surreal journey together!


Creating clouds to stop global warming could wreak havoc

The U.S. government office that oversees federally funded climate research has recommended studies into two areas of geoengineering research, marking the first time scientists in the executive branch have formally called for studies in the controversial field. USA TODAY

To counteract global warming, humans may someday consider spraying sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to form clouds – and artificially cool the Earth.

The idea behind the process, known as geoengineering, is to keep global warming under control – with the ideal solution still being a reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases.

However, suddenly stopping that spraying would have a “devastating” global impact on animals and plants, potentially even leading to extinction, according to the first study on the potential biological impacts of climate intervention.

“Rapid warming after stopping geoengineering would be a huge threat to the natural environment and biodiversity,” said study co-author Alan Robock of Rutgers University. “If geoengineering ever stopped abruptly, it would be devastating, so you would have to be sure that it could be stopped gradually, and it is easy to think of scenarios that would prevent that.”

Rapid warming forced animals to move. But even if they could move fast enough, they might not be able find places with enough food to survive, the study said.

“Plants, of course, can’t move reasonably at all. Some animals can move and some can’t,” Robock said.

If stratospheric climate geoengineering is deployed but not sustained, its impacts on species and communities could be far worse than the damage averted.

While animals would be able to adapt to the cooling affects of the spraying, if it’s stopped the warming would ramp up too fast for the animals to keep up.

Researchers in the study used computer models to simulate what would happen if geoengineering led to climate cooling and then what would happen if the geoengineering stopped suddenly.

Starting geoengineering then suddenly stopping it isn’t necessarily far-fetched.

“Imagine large droughts or floods around the world that could be blamed on geoengineering, and demands that it stop. Can we ever risk that?,” Robock said.

The idea behind this type of geoengineering would be to create a sulfuric acid cloud in the upper atmosphere that’s similar to what volcanic eruptions produce, Robock said. The clouds, formed after airplanes spray sulfur dioxide, would reflect solar radiation and thereby cool the planet.

Geoengineering takes its cue from the natural experiment that actually had made the only recent dent in global warming’s rise in the last few decades – the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, which blasted more than 15 million tons of sulfur dioxide 21 miles high, straight into the stratosphere.

The stratosphere suspended those sulfur particles in the air worldwide, where the haze they created scattered and reflected sunlight away from the Earth and cooled global atmospheric temperatures nearly 0.7 to 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit in 1992 and 1993, before finally washing out, according to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies estimates.

But the airplanes spraying the sulfur dioxide would have to continuously fly into the upper atmosphere to maintain the cloud because it would last only about a year if spraying stopped, Robock said. The airplane-spraying technology may be developed within a decade or two, he added.

As detailed in the 2016 Paris climate change agreement, the world’s nations have pledged to ensure that global warming stays well below 3.6 degrees above industrial levels.

This method of geoengineering is one of two primary ways humans could counteract man-made climate change, with the other being trying to remove the carbon dioxide that’s already in the atmosphere.

Both procedures remain theoretical and untested at this point.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed British journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.


Electromagnetic Sense, Ireland

Wireless radiation and man-made electromagnetic radiation cause harmful biological effects in humans and living beings. We are being increasingly exposed to more and more man-made radiation, electropollution, in our homes, schools, towns, cities, parks, hospitals, frommobile/smart phones, telecommunication masts & antennae, wi-fi, wireless devices,powerlines and pylons. In addition, utility companies are currently rolling out Smart Meter installation outside and inside our homes, putting everyone, especially children, at higher risk.


  • WI-FRIED? Catalyst Australian TV Programme February 2016 Can Wireless Radiation be Harmful to your Health
  • Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity
  • Professor Olle Johansson, Karolinska Institute, Sweden, warning of mobile and wireless radiation effects on health
  • Desperately Seeking White Zone trailer (The plight of ES sufferers around the world)
  • Dr Kerry Crofton – How Our Children can be Tech Savvy, Healthy, and Connected


How to reduce your EMF exposure

January 14th, 2018

By Dr. Joseph Mercola

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) continue to ignite conversations and controversy worldwide. The most dangerous pollution affecting you is the invisible sea of EMFs your body swims in daily. You are exposed to EMFs all day long, not only in public but inside your home too. Most of the radiation emits from cellphones, cell towers, computers, smart meters and Wi-Fi, to name just a few of the culprits.

While it’s nearly impossible to avoid EMF exposure completely, there are practical ways to limit it. Given the number of EMFs that bombard you all day long, getting educated about the negative effects of EMFs is imperative to your well-being. Particularly if you are dealing with a serious illness, it is well worth your time to reduce your EMF exposure as much as possible. If you have been told EMFs are safe and not a danger to humans, you may want to consider:

• The telecommunication industry has manipulated federal regulatory agencies, public health authorities and professionals through powerful and sophisticated lobbying efforts leaving consumers confused and unaware of the health risks associated with EMFs

• Any negative health effects from EMFs, similar to smoking, may not be immediately noticeable, but will likely develop gradually over time. Cell phones indeed are the cigarette public health threat of the 21st century.

What are EMFs?

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, EMFs are “invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power.”1

Most agree on the hazards associated with ionizing radiation, which is why the dental hygienist covers you with a lead apron when taking X-rays. Similarly, you would expect to get sunburned if your bare skin is overexposed to the sun’s powerful UV rays. Ionizing radiation is generally believed to have enough energy to break the covalent bonds in DNA but actually most of the damage is due to the oxidative stress resulting in excessive free radicals.

The type of EMF your cellphone emits is in the microwave 2 to 5 gigahertz range. Besides your cellphone, electronics such as baby monitors, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, smart thermostats and Wi-Fi routers consistently emit microwave radiation at levels that may damage your mitochondria.

Interestingly I have reviewed a number of studies that show double and single strand DNA breaks are actually higher when exposed to nonionizing microwave radiation than ionizing radiation. This is believed to be due to the excessive oxidative stress that microwave exposure induces.

Intracellular calcium increases with exposure to EMFs

Download interview transcript


Martin Pall, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University, has identified and published several papers describing the molecular mechanisms of how EMFs from cellphones and wireless technologies damage humans, animals and plants.2,3,4,5,6 Many studies indicate your intracellular calcium increases with exposure to EMFs.

Pall also discovered a number of studies showing that you can block or greatly reduce the effects of EMFs using calcium channel blockers – medication commonly prescribed to patients with heart disease. Notably, it is the excess calcium in the cell and increased calcium signaling that are responsible for a vast majority of the biological effects of EMFs.

Pall discovered no less than 26 bodies of research asserting that EMFs work by activating voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), which are located in the outer membrane of your cells. Once activated, they allow a tremendous influx of calcium into the cell – about 1 million calcium ions per second per VGCC.

When there’s excess calcium in the cell, it increases levels of both nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide. While NO has many beneficial health effects, massively excessive amounts of it react with superoxide, forming peroxynitrite, which is an extremely potent oxidant stressor.

Peroxynitrites, in turn, break down to form reactive free radicals, both reactive nitrogen species and reactive oxygen species, including hydroxyl radicals, carbonate radicals and NO2 radicals – all three of which do damage. Peroxynitrites also do their own damage. All this to say EMFs are not having a thermal influence; they are not “cooking” your cells as some suggest. Rather, EMF radiation activates the VGCCs in the outer cell membrane, triggering a chain reaction of devastating events that, ultimately:

• Decimates your mitochondrial function, cell membranes and cellular proteins

• Causes severe cellular damage

• Results in DNA breaks

• Dramatically accelerates your aging process

• Puts you at higher risk for chronic disease

Peroxynitrites, Cellphones and Spikes in Chronic Disease

Once formed, peroxynitrite reacts relatively slowly with biological molecules, making it a selective oxidant. Inside your body, peroxynitrites modify tyrosine molecules in proteins to create a new substance, nitrotyrosine and nitration of a structural protein.7 These changes from nitration are visible in human biopsy of ALS, atherosclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, myocardial ischemia and septic lung disease.8

Significant oxidative stress from peroxynitrites may also result in single-strand breaks of DNA.9 This pathway of oxidative destruction triggered by low?frequency radiation emitted from mobile devices may partially explain the unprecedented growth rate of chronic disease since 1990.10 This, truly, is a far greater concern than brain tumors, when it comes to the hazards of cellphones.

Once you understand cellphones can contribute to these chronic diseases – not just brain tumors – you may be more motivated to limit your exposure. Although the top health threats continue to be cardiovascular disease, cancer and infections, the rates of increase noted for the following diseases and disorders is astounding. Some of them were not even public knowledge prior to 1980.11

Disease or disorder Increase since 1990

ADHD: 819 percent

Alzheimer’s disease: 299 percent

Autism: 2,094 percent

Bipolar disease in youth: 10,833 percent

Celiac disease: 1111 percent

Chronic fatigue syndrome: 11,027 percent

Depression: 280 percent

Diabetes: 305 percent

Fibromyalgia: 7,727 percent

Hypothyroidism: 702 percent

Lupus: 787 percent

Osteoarthritis: 449 percent

Sleep apnea: 430 percent

Are you affected by one of these EMF-related health problems?

Since biological damage from EMFs is triggered by activation of your VGCCs, it stands to reason that tissues with the highest densities of VGCCs are at greater risk of harm. Your body tissues with the highest concentration of VGCCs (and most susceptible to damage from EMFs) include your:

• Brain
• Testes (for men)
• Nervous system
• Pacemaker of your heart resulting in arrhythmias
• Retina

When VGCCs are activated in your brain, they release neurotransmitters and neuroendocrine hormones. Elevated VGCC activity in certain parts of your brain has been shown to produce a variety of neuropsychiatric effects. Among the most common consequences of chronic EMF exposure to your brain are:12

• Alzheimer’s
• Anxiety
• Autism: One of my longtime mentors, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, has linked autism in children to excessive EMF exposure during pregnancy
• Depression

While EMFs may not be the sole cause of heart problems, it is very likely a significant factor and one worthy of further investigation, especially if you are taking a heart medication. The most common heart issues that have been tied to EMF exposure include:

• Atrial fibrillation / atrial flutter
• Bradycardia (slow heartbeat)
• Cardiac arrhythmias (associated with sudden cardiac death)
• Heart palpitations
• Tachycardia (fast heartbeat)

EMFs Negatively Affect Reproduction

If you are a man, EMF exposure can increase your risk of infertility, especially if you routinely carry your cellphone in a pants pocket near your groin and/or use your laptop on your lap. Studies have linked low-level electromagnetic radiation exposure from cellphones to an 8 percent reduction in sperm motility and a 9 percent reduction in sperm viability.13,14

Besides those associated with reproduction, you have a number of other sensitive organs in that general area, including your bladder, colon, kidneys and liver, all of which are susceptible to damage from radiation.

If you are a woman, your risk of breast cancer is higher if you regularly carry your cellphone in your bra. Generally, the most common location for breast cancer is the upper, outer quadrant. When the cancer is located in the upper, inner quadrant, however, it’s more likely to be related to cellphone radiation (if you’ve been carrying your phone in your bra).

Ways to reduce your EMF exposure

Below are some tips to reduce your EMF exposure:

Connect your desktop computer to the internet via a wired connection and be sure to put your desktop in airplane mode. Also avoid wireless keyboards, trackballs, mice, game systems, printers and house phones. Opt for the wired versions.

If you must use Wi-Fi, shut it off when not in use, especially at night when you are sleeping. Ideally it is best to work toward hardwiring your house so you can turn off the Wi-Fi at all times. If you have a notebook without any Ethernet ports it is easy to purchase a USB Ethernet adapter that will allow you to connect to the internet without a wireless connection.

Shut off the electricity to your bedroom at night. This typically works to reduce electrical fields from the wires in your wall unless there is an adjoining room next to your bedroom. If that is the case you will need to use a meter to determine if you also need to turn off power in the adjacent room.

Use a battery-powered clock, ideally one without any light. I use a talking clock that I merely press a button to determine the time and never see any light at night.

If you still use a microwave oven, consider replacing it with a steam convection oven, which will heat your food as quickly and far more safely. Next to induction stovetop burners, microwave ovens are likely the largest EMF polluters in your home.

Avoid using “smart” appliances and thermostats that depend on wireless signaling. This would include all new “smart” TVs. They are called smart because they emit a Wi-Fi signal, and unlike your computer, you are unable to shut the Wi-Fi signal off. Consider using a large computer monitor as your TV, as they don’t emit Wi-Fi.

Refuse smart meters as long as you can or add a shield to an existing smart meter, some of which have been shown to reduce radiation by 98 to 99 percent15

Considering moving your baby’s bed into your room instead of using a baby monitor, or use a hard-wired monitor. In any case avoid any baby monitor that is wireless. There are some wired options available.

Replace CFL bulbs with incandescent bulbs. Ideally remove all fluorescent lights from your house. Not only do they emit unhealthy light, but more importantly they will actually transfer current to your body just being close to the bulbs.

Avoid carrying your cellphone on your body unless it is in airplane mode and never sleep with it in your bedroom unless it is in airplane mode (and especially not under your pillow). Even in airplane mode it can emit signals, which is why I put my phone in a Faraday bag.

When using your cellphone, use the speaker phone and hold the phone at least 3 feet away from you. Seek to radically decrease your time on the cellphone. I probably am down to below 30 minutes a month on my cell, mostly when traveling. Instead use VoIP software phones that you can use while connected to the internet via a wired connection. Google Voice is a free example.

While you may think the majority of your radiation exposure comes from outside your home, most of it is very likely coming from the items inside your home and the homes of your closest neighbors. Due to their proximity, particularly if you live in an apartment or condo, it may be worth your time to educate your neighbors about the dangers of wireless technology, including cordless phones, smart meters and Wi-Fi.

Related reading: The Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Explained

Certain nutrients may help protect your body from EMF damage

While making changes to your physical environment is of the utmost importance, there are a few nutritional interventions you can consider to help protect your body from EMFs. My recommendations include:

Magnesium: As a natural calcium channel blocker, magnesium can help reduce the effects of EMF on your VGCCs. Since many are deficient in magnesium, I believe you could benefit from as much as 1 to 2 grams of magnesium per day.

Molecular hydrogen: Studies have shown molecular hydrogen can mitigate about 80 percent of the damage caused by EMFs because it targets the free radicals produced in response to radiation, such as peroxynitrites. You can take molecular hydrogen tablets when flying to protect you from gamma rays. It is one of several tips I shared on how to minimize jet lag.

Nrf2: Increasing Nrf2, which is a biological hormetic that upregulates superoxide dismutase, catalase and all the other beneficial intercellular antioxidants, is also helpful mainly because it lowers inflammation, improves your mitochondrial function and stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis, among other benefits.

You can activate Nrf2 by consuming Nrf2-boosting food compounds such as sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables, foods high in phenolic antioxidants, the long-chained omega-3 fats DHA and EPA, carotenoids (especially lycopene), sulfur compounds from allium vegetables, isothiocyanates from the cabbage group and terpenoid-rich foods.

Performing high-intensity exercises that activate the NO signaling pathway, such as the NO dump exercise, activates Nrf2, and so does intermittent fasting.

Spices: Certain spices may help prevent or repair damage from peroxynitrites. Spices rich in phenolics, specifically cinnamon, cloves, ginger root, rosemary and turmeric, have exhibited some protective effects against peroxynitrite-induced damage.16,17

Children at greater risk than adults from EMFs

Sadly, most of our youth have widely adopted the wireless revolution and it is your responsibility to teach your children these dangers. Many kids have cellphones and wireless tablets before the age of 5 and many children sleep with their phones on or under their pillows. This is exposing them to a far more serious health threat than their grandparents had when they were smoking as adolescents.

The opportunity to experience greater mitochondrial damage over time is exponentially greater for children than it is for adults. Many kids today are growing up completely enveloped in technology. They carry cellphones at younger and younger ages, use computers and tablets beginning in the early school years and play internet-based video games, to name just a few of their EMF-related activities.

Depending on the habits of their parents, especially their mothers, many children were exposed to EMFs even before they were born. Particularly as it relates to cellphone use, EMF radiation penetration is deeper in kids than adults since their skulls are thinner.

Regarding the use of cellphones within the pediatric population, Ronald L. Melnick, scientific adviser for the Environmental Health Trust, said, “The penetration of the cellphone radiation into the brain of a child is deeper and greater. Also, the developing nervous system of a child is potentially more susceptible to a damaging agent.”18

California’s Environmental Health Investigations guidelines concur, saying: “EMFs can pass deeper into a child’s brain than an adult’s. The brain is still developing through the teen years, which may make children and teens more sensitive to EMF exposure.”19 It’s important to take precautions now to protect your children, especially because the damage done by EMF radiation can take years, and sometimes decades, to develop.

While there is no reliable way to predict the long-term effects on children, one study, involving more than 13,000 mothers, revealed some sobering potential effects. Upon viewing these statistics, I hope you will take steps today to reduce your EMF exposure, both for the health of your child and your own well-being. As compared to children born of mothers who did not use cellphones during pregnancy, children born of mothers who did experienced a:20

• 49 percent increase in behavioral problems
• 35 percent increase in hyperactivity
• 34 percent increase in peer-related problems
• 25 percent increase in emotional issues

Sources and References:

1 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Electric & Magnetic Fields

2 Reviews on Environmental Health 2015; 30(2): 99-116

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Cancers of Head/Neck & Gliomas Increasing in Sweden Among Men 50-79 Years Old

From Mona Nilsson:

Please find the latest data from Swedish Cancer Registry on the link here


Cancers in the head and the neck are increasing in Sweden according to the latest cancer incidence data from the Swedish Cancer Registry. Cancers in the thyroid and the mouth are among the cancers that have seen the sharpest rise during the last decade but also the trend for cancers of the pituitary are on the rise. Among men aged 50 -79 years malignant brain tumours, grade 3-4 are also increasing visibly. The increase of these cancers has coincided with increasing use of mobile phones during the same time period while the increasing trend of malignant brain tumours, gliomas, might be an effect of long term use of mobile phones.

PS: Not long ago I was contacted by a relative to a man who died from glioma grade 4 at 59 years of age. He had used the mobile phone for his work since early 1990, i e 25 years. The tumour appeared on the same spot where the phone was held. We have also had several reports from persons with cancer in the mouth area suspected to be related to intensive use of mobile phones. The thyroid is a well known radiation sensitive organ. It is described already in early reports from the Soviet Union that enlarged thyroid was seen as an effect of microwave exposure.

Kind regards
Mona Nilsson
Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation


Former Facebook executive: ‘you don’t realize it, but you are being programmed’

“I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works,” former Facebook vice-president of user growth Chamath Palihapitiya, told an audience at Stanford Graduate School of Business last November (see video below).

His comments first emerged on VERGE this week.

Palihapitiya expressed regret for his part in building tools that destroy “the social fabric of how society works” and warned his audience: “If you feed the beast, that beast will destroy you. It’s time to take a hard break from some of these tools.”


Review: Addicted to your smartphone? Now there’s an app for that

Did you text? Sorry, I can’t see messages right now. Arianna Huffington locked my phone.

The media tycoon turned wellness entrepreneur wants to keep you out of your phone, too, with a new app called Thrive. Its goal is to make it cool for a generation hooked on smartphones to occasionally detox.

Among Thrive’s capabilities: helping you humblebrag you can’t be reached by sending text responses on your behalf. As in, “Try me later, I’m busy Thriving.” (I hope my boss doesn’t mind.)

If smartphones are the new cigarettes, Thrive is a new kind of nicotine patch. The app won’t cure everything that’s screwed up about our relationship with phones – Thrive is an add-on to the software that runs the phone, and it only begins to address the social illness that compels us to be always connected. But it’s something you can actually do to break the spell of these glowing rectangles.


From Pauline Keeley, Dublin

Microwaves in EU countries emit as much carbon dioxide as 7 million cars, study reveals

‘Given that microwaves account for the largest percentage of sales of all type of ovens in the EU, it is increasingly important to start addressing their impact’

Microwaves across the European Union emit as much carbon dioxide as nearly 7 million cars, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Manchester carried out the first ever comprehensive research into the environmental impacts of microwaves, considering their whole life cycle, from “cradle to grave”.

They found that the machines are responsible for 7.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year in the EU, which is the same as the annual emissions of 6.8 million cars.



From Iris Atzmon, Israel

When Apple investors say there’s a problem – it becomes a hot topic in the media (don’t miss the Fox news segment).

The New York Times plus Reuters version was published in Israel.

The letter:


January 6, 2018


Fox News: IPhone child addiction: Apple investors push company to address issue




iPhones and children are a toxic pair, say two big Apple investors


Daily Mail


Heartless Apple investors claim kids getting hooked on iPhones could be a GOOD thing (for them) amid growing

addiction row


Prince Harry related to this issue recently:




60 Minutes related to this issue


For more information:




The interesting discussion that has developed…

Here the radiation issue is briefly mentioned, saying that there is no medical definitive answer, that people don’t know how much radiation is emitted from their phone, and that most people assume that the phones are safe (showing how misled they are)


CNBC – Nest co-founder, iphone, ipod designer: “We don’t really know what all these devices are. I’m not a physician, or a researcher, I don’t know what damage it does”


Should Apple Be Responsible For Combatting iPhone Addiction In Kids? Two Experts Weigh In | CNBC


Fox news – Roger McNamee, early investor in Google and Facebook, the reporter tells the viewers to Google about him.

Very interesting what he says: “One of the sad things, one of the things that makes me angry- is that executives out in the [Silicon] Valley, generally restrict their kids’ use of the products that they are encouraging everyone else use… so first thing to do is to explain to the kids, hey guys, a lot of bad stuff going on here that’s not your fault. I wish we had caught this before it become an epidemic problem.”

The reporter: “Coming from you this is profound”.

McNamee: “This was a huge change for me. This is my national service.”


So I listened to the reporter’s advice and googled about Roger McNamee:

January 10, 2018, 8:32 AM| Roger McNamee, one of Facebook’s early investors and a former mentor to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, warns of the social media giant’s harmful and potentially irreversible effects on society. McNamee, managing director of the private equity firm Elevation Partners, joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the argument he makes in a new Washington Monthly essay, “How to fix Facebook — before it fixes us.” He

claims Facebook has prioritized advertisers and not protected users. McNamee still holds a stake in Facebook.


Roger McNamee’s twitter


iPhone addiction in children TWiT Netcast – interesting discussion


Fox News- iPhone toxic for kids


ABC: Apple investors urge action to curb child gadget addiction


Dr. Marc Siegel explains, mentions CDC data and a study from Florida (suicidal behavior) which the reporter says is interesting.


Apple investors invest in addictive things


McNamee exposes the tech giants’ secrets and suggests solutions

Roger McNamee’s article reveals the secrets of addiction, how the tech giants cause people to get addicted to the technology. But he goes deeper than that.

And it’s coming from Zuckerberg’s mentor, who helped him to recruit Shery Sandberg.

I listened to several marketing experts on facebook, and he confirms what they talked so confidently about – showing that they were excellent students of the Facebook method. They learnt how to use negativity in order to gain money from people. The people are not aware that these manipulations are being made. It’s the best message if it causes fear and anger! Fear and anger sell…and how about this expression- “if it bleeds, it leads”?….

“Mark and Sheryl were my friends, and my goal was to make them aware of the problems so they could fix them. I certainly wasn’t trying to take down a company in which I still hold equity. In my thirty-five-year career in technology investing, I have never made a bigger contribution to a company’s success than I made at Facebook. It was my proudest accomplishment. I admired Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg-whom I helped Mark recruit-enormously.”

“Facebook and Google are now so large that traditional tools of regulation may no longer be effective”

“Second, the chief executive officers of Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others-not just their lawyers-must testify before congressional committees in open session”

“While many of the folks who run Silicon Valley are extreme libertarians, the people who work there tend to be idealists. They want to believe what they’re doing is good. Forcing tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg to justify the unjustifiable, in public- without the shield of spokespeople or PR spin-would go a long way to puncturing their carefully preserved cults of personality in the eyes of their employees”


Here’s the 60 minutes program that he mentions- “Brain Hacking”


U.S journalist’s visit to Israel caused a ‘paradigm shift’ in Psychiatry

-This is no less than a revolution, I think it should be known more widely although it’s off topic. All chances were against it, yet it happened.

Following a visit to Israel of the American journalist Robert Whitaker, the head of the Israeli Psychiatry Association has just changed the Psychiatry guidelines in a way that advances the reduction of drug doses, and stopping the use of drug treatment.

The head of the Psychiatry Association in Israel, sent this week a letter to dozens of psychiatrists in Israel, members of the association.

He described the change in guidelines under the influence of a journalist from the U.S, who came to lecture in Israel. After the lecture of the journalist Robert Whitaker, he was interviewed to the newspaper. Studies were presented too, in this article, showing a list of studies from the last 25 years, that doubted the effectiveness of psychiatric drugs. These studies were ignored, until now.

As a result of this article, the new guidelines in Israel are:

Focusing on reducing the dose of drugs gradually, to the lowest dose that is effective for the disease. Until now psychiatrists avoided reducing dose, unless there was a clear improvement in the condition of the patient.

Another guideline is to consider to gradually stop drugs treatment for “patients who did not react to drugs in the past in a reasonable dose, and don’t react now, so they won’t suffer from side effects”.

Third guideline for psychotic patients. When a patient improves, with “a reasonable dose of psychotic drug, but mild signs of psychosis remain, to consider together with the patient, to accept it, instead of increasing the doses, that will expose the patients to harsh side effects”

The head (chairman) of association, prof’ Haim Blamker, also guides the psychiatrists “to stop arguing that we know the pathophysiology of psychosis and depression through serotonin and dopamine, and to admit that we treat symptomatically, and not always succeed”.

In the newspaper article, Blamker strengthened Whitaker’s approach, and spoke in terms of a revolution in psychiatry.

“Thanks to his work, there is a change in the scientific approach in the psychiatry world. The studies really show that anti psychosis drugs and anti depressants, are less effective than what we thought in the past. For many years we relied on professional information that was funded by the drug companies, and that showed the effectiveness of the drugs”, said Blamker.

This was published in The Marker



From Next-up.org., France

Tire: Magnetic Fields
– Banden: Magnetische Velden


From André Fauteux, éditeur Magazine La Maison du 21e siècle, Canada

Design of frequency selective windows for improved indoor outdoor communication


(See also Do Foil-Faced Building Products Block Cell Phone Reception from Green Building Advisor)

The use of low emissivity windows degrades radio communication. This Communication presents design, manufacturing, and test measurements for an energy saving window that is transparent to GSM, GPS, and 3G radio wave frequencies. A frequency selective structure (FSS) is used in the metallic coating of the window to provide the desirable transparency in the frequency range from 900 MHz to 2 GHz. The periodic pattern used for the FSS is of the aperture type and the elements are hexagon loops. The FSS simulations are performed using the mode matching technique as well as the finite-difference time domain method. A frequency selective window was manufactured from a commercially available low emissivity glass. Measurements indicate that the frequency selective window has approximately 10 dB better transmission in the 900 MHz-2 GHz band than the original window.

Andrew Michrowski <paceincnet@gmail.com> wrote

Object: Reflecting foil vapor barriers

Date: Jan 12 2018 à 14:57:23 UTC−5

Ricocheting is a phenomenon, and the results are as indicated in the graph. The agglomerations can lead to focusing through frames such as those used in windows and doorways, and to conduction along stud wall partitions.. I have seen such localised intensification in renovated warehouses now used as condos; there emitters at the opposite side of a floor produced several beams that focussed on the workstation of a Montréal publisher several hundred fold.

Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines & Networks

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)- A public policy report on the Internet and the future of landlines and wireless networks, Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks,” was published online today by the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy (NISLAPP) in Washington, D.C.Because broadband networks and the Internet have become vital components of our nation’s physical, cultural and social structure, the future of these networks, the report says, must be steered towards the fastest, most reliable and future-proof, and secure infrastructure available. Such infrastructure would be wired, not wireless.


Re-Inventing Wires to be discussed at the Commonwealth Club of California

110 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105

Monday, February 5, 2018 – 5:30-6:45 p.m. (Registration begins at 5:00 p.m.)

General Admission – $8.00 members, $20.00 non-members, $7.00 students

Reception with panelists following the program (until 7:45 p.m.)

REGISTER with Commonwealth Club


National Geographic and Sprint Launch “CHASING GENIUS: Unlimited Innovation” to Fuel the Game-Changing Technologies of Tomorrow



This morning I spoke to the wonderful Mona Nilsson and she suggested that I read about the Ericsson’s bribery scandal. I started to laugh and posted the following on FB: “Apparently there is an investigation of the US authorities into alleged bribes of hundreds of millions of dollars as kickbacks. But then I thought – isn’t it funny really? Because I think that all the campaign “donations” of industry to our Congressmen on the Federal and state level is just the same – bribery? So if you are a Congressmen and take Ericcson’s “donation” and then introduce a 5G Bill, or vote in your state assembly to put cell towers in front of people homes even though the cities and counties you represent object the bill it is legal; but if you are not a Congressmen, taking the money is a criminal offence…”

Then I checked the news about 5G as I do every day, and I saw an article in National Geographic about 5G – 5G Is Coming Soon. Do You Care? You Should. Here’s Why. Why would NG cover 5G? I figured out the answer rather quickly – above the article it said: PARTNER CONTENT PRODUCED BY NAT GEO WITH SPRINT e- Apparently now NG is partnering with Sprint! I was furious and wrote the following on National Geographic’s FB page, not because I thought it will change anything just as an anger management activity….I got an automatic response that NG will consider if to publish my response…so far they haven’t. Following is my response:

“This morning I saw that NG published an article about how wonderful 5G would be. I was disturbed. You also published an article about climate change ignorant that so much of what we attribute to climate change is caused by this insane wireless infrastructure.

Not only man made pulsed microwave radiation used for wireless technology has created an unprecedented epidemic of sickness in humans, it is also responsible for devastating impact on animals and plants. You should read an Appeal of 200 expert scientists calling for a Moratorium on 5G because of its devastating impact on humans and the environment.


The bees’ colony collapse is a result of wireless radiation. The problem with migration of birds is caused by wireless radiation even the US government admits it. You should read this report titled Bees Birds and Mankind


Before publishing an article celebrating 5G you may also want to check the facts about the increase this wireless cloud is causing in terms of increased energy consumption – an increase of 460% in consumption of energy by the wireless cloud from 2012 to 2015. According to the following report, the wireless cloud is expected to generate 30 megatonnes of CO2 in 2015, compared to 6 in 2012 which equals adding 4.9 million new cars and this is before 5G…Read this report


You may also want to check the slavery of children in the Congo who are working in mines in order to meet the needs of our tech obsessed society.


Don’t you think that the above information is much more suitable for National Geographic to cover than an article which celebrates 5G because it will enable downloading of a movie in 4 seconds?

Your reporter does not even understand what 5G is about. 5G is not about faster downloading speeds. It is about getting all our appliances to communicate so companies can get this data and sell it. It means putting a cell tower in front of almost every home in the world as well as an antenna inside your home. It means adding to our exposure to a radiation which is already trillion times higher than what our bodies evolved to tolerate. But your reporter celebrates 5G and that people will be able to download a movie in 4 seconds and continue to be a zombie who stares at screens and doesn’t see the natural world around him/her.

I guess I should not be surprised – on the top of the article it was stated that the content was produced with Sprint. National Geographic sold its soul for money…


From Virginia Farver, Colorado
Famine Early Warning System

Is the FEWS network (Famine Early Warning System) is connected with HAARP. It also has something to do with El Nino and La Nina. There is the ENSO – El Nino Southern Oscillation. There are Oscillation Frequencies. Climate Prediction Center: ENSO Diagnostic Discussion



If you don’t like life in Google’s

future city, engineers Arup will

retrofit your town

Would YOU live in Google’s ‘city of the future’? High-tech Toronto neighbourhood that will monitor resident’s daily lives using sensors in everything from bins to traffic lights raises privacy concerns

• Alphabet is turning a disused area of Toronto into its first smart city district

• Everything from bins to traffic lights could be given data gathering hardware

• Sidewalk Toronto aims to integrate technology to create a more efficient city

• The company expects the area will house 5,000 people within four years

Constant surveillance may sound like an Orwellian vision of the future, but it could become reality in a ‘smart city’ district being planned by Google‘s parent company.

Alphabet is turning a disused area of Toronto’s waterfront into the first of its high tech neighbourhoods, as a pilot project for bigger things to come.


Welcome to the neighbourhood. Have you read the terms of service?

How we think about privacy today might not be the best way to deal with data collection in a smart city

The L-shaped parcel of land on Toronto’s eastern waterfront known as Quayside isn’t much to look at. There’s a sprawling parking lot for dry-docked boats opposite aging post-industrial space, where Parliament Street becomes Queens Quay. To its south is one of the saddest stretches of the Martin Goodman trail, an otherwise pleasant running and biking route that spans the city east to west.

But before long, Quayside may be one of the most sensor-laden neighbourhoods in North America, thanks to Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, which has been working on a plan to redevelop the area from the ground up into a test bed for smart city technology.


While Google designs new communities, Arup is uniquely positioned to retrofit cities around the world without wires

It is no accident the Mrs.Mary Robinson. as founder of the Mary Robinson Climate Justice Foundation will introduce the lecture by Jo da Silva of Arup Ireland. A member of the Climate foundation is Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines and the public face of Virgin Media which is currently rolling out it’s Cable My Street system of nano/pico/micro antennae across Britain and Ireland. (It’s noteworthy that immediately following the inauguration of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency, former President Barak Obama flew off to Branson’s private island in the Caribbean.)
Climate, wireless technology, climate engineering are intricately linked as Deborah Tavares (see below) and Dane Wiggington, of geoengineeringwatch.org, tirelessly remind us.
Arup’s website is replete with U.N. Agenda themes such as “resilience” and “sustainability.” The collaboration with Lloyd’s of London (which does not insure wireless companies) should prove cause for thought.


Featured cities perspectives

Deadline 2020 – The path to a sustainable future


All City Projects


SmartGrid SmartCity,

Could smart grids be the answer to Australia’s energy crisis?

Our research identified a potential economic benefit of more than AU$27bn over the next twenty years if smart grid technologies and tariffs improvements were rolled out. It also identifies significant opportunities for the industry to streamline existing processes and for consumers to make better choices about their energy consumption. The future is definitely looking smart.


Future Cities: Building Infrastructure Resilience,

Exploring how designers, investors, city officials and insurers can work together to build resilient infrastructure systems


Future Cities: Building Infrastructure Resilience

This report, published with Arup, looks at how to improve the ability of cities and their infrastructure to withstand and recover from disasters.


Arup calls for city-wide retrofits


Inspirefest is a unique international festival of technology, science, design and the arts. The main two-day conferencetakes place in the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin’s Silicon Docks. Tickets also include free entry to our legendary Fringe festival, with live music, spoken word, comedy and an unmatched networking experience.

From Kathy Sinnott, Co. Cork


From Linda Kurtz, director, of Smart Meter Education Network

Michigan fights for an Analogue Meter Choice bill, against cut-offs

Testify on Jan 30 or submit written testimony on shut-offs

DTE to testify first make sure you submit written testimony

The Michigan House Energy Committee will hold another day of testimony on Tuesday, Jan 30regarding shut-offs. DTE will testify first, and we can be sure that their testimony will be filled with lies.

Location: Room 519, Anderson Building, 124 N Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933.

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., Tuesday, January 30

It is very important that every single of one of you who has been shut off over the last 3 years submit written testimony to the Energy Committee. This is the only rebuttal we have to DTE. A limited number of customers will have the opportunity to speak at the hearing. If you are someone whom DTE shut off and your meter was not locked or you were otherwise shut off illegally, it is very important that you contact us so that we can ask Committee Chair Gary Glenn to provide you with an opportunity to speak, because it is the illegal shut-offs that the committee is especially interested in. If you were shut off because you refused to allow meter installation, you should also submit testimony and fill out this form(but you don’t need to email us).

Written Testimony

Submit testimony to: esleeper@house.mi.gov (this is the committee clerk) Be sure to to include:“Testimony for January 30, 2019 Energy Cmte Meeting” in the subject line.

Make sure you also tell all the other Michigan senators and representatives about the shut-off. For the other senators and representatives, put something in the subject line like “DTE Shut-off.”All legislators need to know what DTE and Consumers are doing. They will know that only by you contacting them. This is how we get the bill through! Here is the contact info for all statesenators and all state reps that you you can simply copy and paste into an email. Make sure you write your own senator and rep separately, and tell them you are their constituent. Find your state representative and state senator.

Make sure your statement is clear, and make it as concise as possible, but be sure to include all relevant details. If you can provide photographs of anything DTE did, be sure to do that. If you can, ask a friend to read over your statement for clarity before you submit it. Later on in this newsletter is the story of one man who was illegally shut off.

Sample bumper sticker:


From Tony Hughes, Natural Medical Clinic, Dublin

CityFibre announces a citywide full-fibre rollout with Vodafone


Gigabit Cities – CityFibre

CityFibre is a builder of Gigabit Cities. We bring the benefits of gigabit speed connectivity to entire communities.


Creating a Gigabit Society – the role of 5G


Vodafone and Huawei claim virtualised fibre breakthrough

New development from Huawei and Vodafone could accelerate high-speed broadband roll-outs.

Chinese tech giant Huawei and Vodafone Ireland have successfully conducted a field trial of virtualising fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks into multiple network slices.

The breakthrough could significantly speed up how FTTH and business deployments are managed, and enable ISPs and telcos to serve multiple customers across the same infrastructure.


From Joe Esposito, Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s exemplary AMI Smart Meters Removal and Consumer Protection Bill: A model for other states (and countries) to follow

By Catherine J. Frompovich — 1/25/18

You know it just had to happen! Some scientifically-hip legislator in one of the 50 United States finally decided to introduce a bill to protect his constituents’ Constitutional rights guaranteed by both state and federal Constitutions, plus delineated the factual, independent-not consensus-science that radiofrequencies (RFs) from AMI Smart Meters damage health and “The OCC [Oklahoma Corporation Commission] is to understand by this legislation that they work for the consumers and citizens of the State of Oklahoma and not the utility”!


From Ellie Marks, California Brain Tumor Association

Communities are being ‘ambushed and bullied’ by telecom now

If you receive this and do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area please forward to friends or family who do. Considering what telecom currently is doing in California (and many states) this is quite a hot topic. Many affluent communities are being “ambushed and bullied” by telecom now- there are alternatives to these 4G and 5G wireless telecommunication facilities in front of homes and schools. Many residents are correct in resisting this deployment. Please join us to learn more.

Reinventing wires: The future of landlines and networks


There is an information vacuum among government, media and the public about the relative role of wired communications and the reasons hard wires, such a copper cable and optical fiber, usually offer better telecommunications options. From the perspective of public investment, health and ecosystem impacts, and energy efficiency, a strong case can be made that hard wiring is preferable to wireless, yet few understand this. Instead, we seem to believe there is innate value to championing wireless over wired technologies, obsessing about how we can get and pay for more of it without first doing comprehensive cost benefit analysis or understanding the risks. This program will feature a report by the National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy, Reinventing Wires-The Future of Landlines and Networks by Timothy Schoechle.

Bill Grant, Camilla Rees (co-chair), Ellen Marks (co-chair)

US ‘hacking back’ law could create a cyber wild west of vigilantism

In the ever-changing world of security, one thing never changes: the hackers attack, and businesses defend. Given the structure of legal systems around the world, this is how it’s been for decades. But one US Congressman is looking to change the rules to give businesses the option to strike back and hack the hackers.

ACDC – I’m hacking back

The Active Cyber Defense Certainty Act (ACDC) currently being proposed would enable individuals and companies to conduct retaliatory attacks to delete stolen information and gain intel on the perpetrators.

The bill, put forward by US congressman Tom Graves, would amend the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) of 1986, which currently prevents any sort of offensive measures being taken to stop or retaliate against hackers. The ACDC act, however, would give individuals and companies legal authority to ‘leave their network in order to establish attribution of an attack, disrupt cyberattacks (without damaging others’ computers), retrieve and destroy stolen files, monitor the behavior of an attacker and utilize beaconing technology which would return information around location of infiltrated devices.’


From Prof. Andrew Michrowski, P.A.C.E., Canada

M08349 – Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) – Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) project

Dear Parties:

Please see attached the Redacted Letters of Comment updated as of January 18, 2018 regarding the above subject matter.


Crystal Henwood

Administrative Assistant to

Doreen Friis, Regulatory Affairs Officer/Clerk

Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board

3rd Floor, 1601 Lower Water Street

Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3S3

Potential relief – restores body to Schumann Resonance frequency

In the field of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology numerous systems for home use have appeared on the market in the last 15 years. Many were developed under the premise of providing evidence-based pulsed electromagnetic fields within a certain signal structure, frequency range and intensity.

Today only a few companies remain, because engineering, development, manufacturing and supply require a reliable, financially stable and experienced corporate structure. Legal requirements in designated countries, particularly in the field of complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM-section), have become more strict to protect the integrity and safety regulations of PEMF devices.

Swiss Bionic Solutions, the developer and manufacturer of the iMRS-Systems is the only company worldwide which fulfills all country requirements for supplying PEMF-devices for home use. In the USA the iMRS-series is registered and regulated with the FDA. In Canada the iMRS is a class II approved medical device. In Europe the iMRS-systems are certified as Class IIa-medical devices within the directive EEC 93/42. Furthermore all systems have a basic CE-Certificate as well as a more advanced CB-Certificate, which guarantees electronic safety and electromagnetic compatibility in the majority of countries including USA, Canada and Australia. Swiss Bionic Solutions respects the legal requirements within the complimentary and alternative field (CAM-section) and never makes any false claims. As a reputable organization Swiss Bionic Solutions proudly accepts its responsibility in protecting the powerful technology of PEMF’s and to guarantee effective, reliable and safe applications with every use.

Even though scientists have studied and researched magnetic fields for over 5000 years, Swiss Bionic Solutions recommends that anyone who is interested in this technology to carefully collect sources of reliable information. A very informative website with valuable data and evidence-backed facts is :www.pemf.com

With the brand new iMRS we will now be able to monitor and respond to biological and physical conditions in the human body. This begins a new chapter in the field of digital PEMF technology (iMORE-Technology = interactive MOnitoring and REgulation technology).

1. Very sustainable!

2. Very efficient!

3. Inspired by Nature!

4. Interactive!

5. Integrated Database!

6. Fully upgradable!

7. Developed by Science!

8. Combinable with Brain Wave Stimulation!

9. Built-in organ clock!

10. Full Compliance!


From Cece Doucette, Massachusetts

Action requested: Massachusetts EMF Bills

It’s getting exciting in Massachusetts. The four committees assigned the seven Massachusetts EMF bills must report out of committee by February 7, some may go early.

We are working hard here to till the soil and educate our legislators on the biological effects of EMFs, and they are listening. What is needed now is testimony — in numbers — to give them the courage and support to act.

I realize how very busy everyone is, but we need each of you to send in a statement. Even if it means setting your alarm a half hour early or staying up late one night. This opportunity won’t come around again for another two years and so much harm will be done to our collective children in that time.

Attached are templates to make it easy for you to submit. You can also access them on-line here. Pull from other communiques you’ve written. You needn’t spend a lot of time on this, but it’s important you submit.

You’ll Reach Key Decision-Makers

In addition to the legislators on the four committees, I have included contacts whom we’ve educated from the Governor’s office, the Attorney General’s office, and the Massachusetts Departments of Public Health, Elementary and Secondary Education, Public Utilities, Telecommunications and Cable. I’ve also included this time Massachusetts’ federal Senators, Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.

You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

If you sent in testimony before, feel free to send it again with any updates using the current distribution list. I was told by one of the committee chair’s offices that is fine to do. I asked how many testimonies have been received, and he thought about 30 (thank you to those who sent in earlier!). On topics that get their attention, they get hundreds.

A Key Point in Time: MA DPH Fact Sheets

I heard from the MA DPH yesterday. They have drafted a series of EMF public health fact sheets that will address high voltage power lines, cell towers, cell phones and wi-fi. These have been going through internal review for a year and are now at the top of the chain with the DPH Commissioner’s office. Thomas Mangan, Director of Government Affairs from that office, actually asked me to put him directly on the templates so he can see your testimonies.

Now is the time to show him many are speaking up about EMFs so those fact sheets don’t languish like California’s did.

Massachusetts Schools are Poised to Protect Children

Our state education department is now collaborating with our DPH. The Office of Digital Learning is waiting for those fact sheets to have something official with which to protect our children and staff in schools.

What We Need Today is You

So, please, this is a rare opportunity to reach key decision makers in one fell swoop. Regardless of where you live, in the U.S. or abroad, Massachusetts needs you and progress here may extend to where you and your loved ones are.

In the attached templates, or here, simply:

1. Download and save each template to your computer.

2. For each, replace the info in red with yours. Include your experience with EMFs, or simply say, “We need your leadership to protect the public from the biological hazards of wireless radiation.” (Feel free to recommend updates to the bill language too, current content is just a start and changes can be made by the legislators.)

3. Copy or cut the distribution list from the template into a new email.

4. Send your testimony as an attachment, or copy it into the email, it doesn’t matter which. Once you’ve filled out one template, it’s easy to copy and paste your info into the others. Each has different legislators though, so it’s important to send in each template.

5. Forward my email to your own distribution lists and loved ones, and ask them to do the same.

6. Feel really good for doing something timely that could have impact far and wide.

Thank you!

Cece Doucette
Technology Safety Educator
Ashland, MA

Understanding EMFs

Wireless Education

From Kevin Mottus

Some new wicked Federal bills promoting wireless broadband & 5G

We must take action on the Federal level to stop this.
Find below the latest wireless bills that were introduced to Congress just last week. You can click on the Bill numbers for the full text and additional information.

– Kevin Mottus

H.R.4814 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)To amend the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to preserve and protect the ability of local governments to provide broadband capability and services.
Sponsor: Rep. Eshoo, Anna G. [D-CA-18] (Introduced 01/17/2018) Cosponsors: (6)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/17/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. (All Actions)

H.R.4847 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)Broadband Deployment Streamlining Act
Sponsor: Rep. Brooks, Susan W. [R-IN-5] (Introduced 01/19/2018) Cosponsors: (1)
Committees: House – Transportation and Infrastructure, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/19/2018 Referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in addition to the Committees on Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy and Commerce, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such… (All Actions)

H.R.4842 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)
To amend the Communications Act of 1934 to provide that the Federal Communications Commission is not required to perform any review under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 or division A of subtitle III of title 54, United States Code, as a condition of permitting the placement and installation of a communications facility, and for other purposes. Sponsor: Rep. Shimkus, John [R-IL-15] (Introduced 01/18/2018) Cosponsors: (0) Committees: House – Energy and Commerce, Natural Resources
Latest Action: House – 01/18/2018 Referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committee on Natural Resources, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee… (All Actions)—–

H.Res.689 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)
Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that any infrastructure legislation that provides Federal funds to wireless broadband providers to promote wireless broadband deployment should prioritize funds for wireless broadband providers in States that have enacted streamlined siting requirements for small cells.Sponsor: Rep. Hudson, Richard [R-NC-8] (Introduced 01/11/2018) Cosponsors: (0) Committees: House – Energy and Commerce Latest Action: House – 01/11/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. (All Actions)

H.R.4795 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)

Communications Facilities Deployment on Federal Property Act of 2018
Sponsor: Rep. Walters, Mimi [R-CA-45] (Introduced 01/16/2018) Cosponsors: (0) Committees: House – Transportation and Infrastructure, Energy and Commerce Latest Action: House – 01/16/2018 Referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in addition to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of… (All Actions)

H.R.4839 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)To provide for the establishment of an inventory of Federal assets to provide information to entities that construct or operate communications facilities or provide communications service.
Sponsor: Rep. Lujan, Ben Ray [D-NM-3] (Introduced 01/18/2018) Cosponsors: (0)
Committees: House – Transportation and Infrastructure, Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/18/2018 Referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in addition to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of… (All Actions)

H.R.4824 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)

To allow certain State permitting authority to encourage expansion of broadband service to rural communities, and for other purposes.

Sponsor: Rep. Curtis, John R. [R-UT-3] (Introduced 01/18/2018) Cosponsors: (8)

Committees: House – Natural Resources, Agriculture

Latest Action: House – 01/18/2018 Referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, and in addition to the Committee on Agriculture, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned. (All Actions)

H.Res.701 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that with respect to any study required to be conducted by the Federal Communications Commission, or any entity regulated by the Commission under the Federal Communications Act of 1934, under the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 or division A of subtitle III of title 54, United States Code (formerly known as the National Historic Preservation Act), for the provision of broadband infrastructure, the area to be studied should be limited to the area of impact.
Sponsor: Rep. Flores, Bill [R-TX-17] (Introduced 01/18/2018) Cosponsors: (0)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce, Natural Resources
Latest Action: House – 01/18/2018 Referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committee on Natural Resources, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee… (All Actions)

H.R.4817 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)To direct the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information to make grants for the establishment or expansion of internet exchange facilities, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep. Long, Billy [R-MO-7] (Introduced 01/17/2018) Cosponsors: (0)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/17/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. (All Actions)

H.R.4813 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)To direct the Comptroller General of the United States to conduct a study to evaluate the role of unlicensed spectrum in offloading broadband traffic, and for other purposes.
Sponsor: Rep. Costello, Ryan A. [R-PA-6] (Introduced 01/17/2018) Cosponsors: (0)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/17/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. (All Actions)

H.R.4810 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)To direct the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information to carry out activities relating to the development and maintenance of a broadband inventory map through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and not through an agreement with any other agency.
Sponsor: Rep. Johnson, Bill [R-OH-6] (Introduced 01/17/2018) Cosponsors: (1)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/17/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. (All Actions)

H.R.4506 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)Jobs for Tribes Act
Sponsor: Rep. Torres, Norma J. [D-CA-35] (Introduced 11/30/2017) Cosponsors: (8)
Committees: House – Natural Resources, Foreign Affairs, Education and the Workforce
Latest Action: House – 01/17/2018 Subcommittee Hearings Held. (All Actions)

H.R.4800 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)Broadband Conduit Deployment Act of 2018
Sponsor: Rep. Eshoo, Anna G. [D-CA-18] (Introduced 01/16/2018) Cosponsors: (1)
Committees: House – Transportation and Infrastructure
Latest Action: House – 01/16/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. (All Actions)

H.R.4798 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)Inventory of Assets for Communications Facilities Act of 2018
Sponsor: Rep. Collins, Chris [R-NY-27] (Introduced 01/16/2018) Cosponsors: (0)
Committees: House – Transportation and Infrastructure, Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/16/2018 Referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in addition to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of… (All Actions)

H.R.4782 – 115th Congress (2017-2018) Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Equitable Rebuild Act of 2018
Sponsor: Rep. Plaskett, Stacey E. [D-VI-At Large] (Introduced 01/11/2018) Cosponsors: (6)
Committees: House – Transportation and Infrastructure, Energy and Commerce, Financial Services, Agriculture, Ways and Means, Natural Resources, Education and the Workforce, Budget, Science, Space, and Technology
Latest Action: House – 01/11/2018 Referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, and in addition to the Committees on Energy and Commerce, Financial Services, Agriculture, Ways and Means, Natural Resources, Education and the Workforce, the Budget, and Science, Space, and… (All Actions)

H.Res.691 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that any infrastructure legislation to promote broadband internet access or communications facilities deployment should treat all broadband and communications facilities in a competitively and technologically neutral manner.
Sponsor: Rep. Latta, Robert E. [R-OH-5] (Introduced 01/11/2018) Cosponsors: (0)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/11/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. (All Actions)

H.Res.690 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that no Federal funds granted, awarded, or loaned pursuant to any legislation, infrastructure-specific or otherwise, should be used to fund the construction, improvement, or acquisition of broadband facilities or service in areas where there is an existing broadband provider that meets certain minimum standards.
Sponsor: Rep. Lance, Leonard [R-NJ-7] (Introduced 01/11/2018) Cosponsors: (0)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/11/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. (All Actions)

H.Res.687 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that Federal, State, and local taxes, fees, regulations, and permitting policies should be coordinated and reconciled to maximize the benefits of broadband investment.
Sponsor: Rep. Bilirakis, Gus M. [R-FL-12] (Introduced 01/11/2018) Cosponsors: (0)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means
Latest Action: House – 01/11/2018 Referred to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to the Committee on Ways and Means, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee… (All Actions)

H.R. 4760 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)

Securing America’s Future Act of 2018

Sponsor: Rep. Goodlatte, Bob [R-VA-6] (Introduced 01/10/2018) Cosponsors: (70)

Committees: House – Judiciary, Education and the Workforce, Homeland Security, Foreign Affairs, Ways and Means, Armed Services, Oversight and Government Reform, Agriculture, Transportation and Infrastructure, Natural Resources

Latest Action: House – 01/11/2018 Referred to the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit. (All Actions)

H.R.4858 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)CLIMB ONCE Act
Sponsor: Rep. Eshoo, Anna G. [D-CA-18] (Introduced 01/19/2018) Cosponsors: (1)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/19/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. (All Actions)

H.R.4832 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)RESTORED Act of 2018
Sponsor: Rep. Cramer, Kevin [R-ND-At Large] (Introduced 01/18/2018) Cosponsors: (0)
Committees: House – Energy and Commerce
Latest Action: House – 01/18/2018 Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. (All Actions)

H.R.4824 – 115th Congress (2017-2018)Rural Broadband Permitting Efficiency Act of 2018
Sponsor: Rep. Curtis, John R. [R-UT-3] (Introduced 01/18/2018) Cosponsors: (8)
Committees: House – Natural Resources, Agriculture
Latest Action: House – 01/18/2018 Referred to the Committee on Natural Resources, and in addition to the Committee on Agriculture, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned. (All Actions)

If you are sick from Wireless radiation or know of anyone else who is sick and is willing to give a testimony for Congress please contact us.

Brenda Renschler


From Sarah Benson, GUARDS

Antenna Radiating Patterns explained


Antenna Radiating Patterns explained by Paul Stephenson, Managing Director of Solwise Script and Narration by Paul Stephenson Animation by Jack Harteveld


How to Understand 5G: Beamforming


To download the project files referred to in this video visit:

To apply for free trial of SystemVue visit …


From Angela Tsiang, California

CBS: 5G cellphone towers signal renewed concerns over impacts on health

• Interviewed a family with a 13-year old daughter who is a brain cancer survivor,

• Interviewed Bill Quirk, CA Assemblyman who sponsored bill for 5G small cell towers and who exempted their installation on firestations for health reasons because firefighters have a powerful lobby. He also said that if teachers and parents had a powerful lobby, he’d protect schools from cell towers too to get their vote (yes, he really said that).

• Interviewed Dr. Gunnar Heuser, who did brain studies on firefighters following a cell tower installation on their firestation and found that they were all abnormal

(Dr. Heuser did a SPECT brain study on firefighters in 2004 who complained of neurological problems following a cell tower installation at their firestation 5 years ago and found that they were abnormal. The symptoms they experienced: headaches, memory problems, sleeping problems, depression, and anxiety

//ecfsapi.fcc.gov/file/7022117660.pdf .

Dr. Heuser published a study recently on fMRI showing abnormalities in EHS similar to brain injury

Original study published in July 2017, without the controls, full text :


Corrigendum to the study, which includes fMRI scans of the controls (non- EHS)


• Interviewed firefighter who is a cancer survivor who said his fellow firefighters symptoms disappear when they move to a station without a cell tower


OAKLAND (KPIX) – Is a cell tower going up in your neighborhood? If it’s not now, it may soon.

Wireless carriers are installing millions of them across the country to enable the new, faster 5G cellphone technology. KPIX asks the question: Are there legitimate health concerns?

That question is keeping John Hiestand up at night. Outside his bedroom window he can see a new pole where Verizon will soon installa next-generation cell tower.

“This would be a big tower generating lots of RF outside of our bedroom window 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years,” he said.

It’s called a “small cell” or “distributed antenna system.” The industry says they’re safe. Many in Piedmont aren’t convinced.

“Our daughter is a cancer survivor,” said John Hiestand.

Thirteen-year-old Sophia Hiestand has been one of many petitioning the city council to deny this cell tower.

“I mostly talked about my cancer and how it affected me, even though you’re not supposed to talk about health issues, I still did,” Hiestand said.

According to federal law the city simply can’t consider health concerns. It’s outlined in a small section of the Telecommunications Act, based on science from 1996, back when we were talking on cellphones that looked like bricks.

“I find it really unfair,” said Hiestand.If cities do consider health, cell companies can sue them.

So, with few legal arguments to deny a tower, they’re popping up outside bedroom windows and school campuses, despite objections from across the country.

“5G can be a tremendous boom to California but only if it can be put up quickly and easily,” said Hayward Assembly member Bill Quirk. Quirk co-authored legislation that would make it even harder for cities like Piedmont to object to a tower.

“You wouldn’t have to go through the planning commission, through the city council,” Quirk said.

Quirk, a former NASA scientist, says he may resurrect the bill that was recently vetoed by governor Brown.

“I know scientifically that putting up these cell phone towers is safe,” he said.

But the International Association of Frefighters disagrees. They began opposing cell towers on fire stations, after firefighters complained of health problems.

“These firefighters developed symptoms,” says Dr. Gunnar Heuser. He conducted a pilot study on firefighters at a station with a cell tower.

“The symptoms included problems with memory, problems with intermittent confusion, problems with weakness,” Heuser said.

Heuser says their brain scans, compared to other firefighters, suggest even low-level RF can cause cell damage and he worries about more vulnerable groups like kids.

“We found abnormal brain function in all of the firefighters we examined,” Heuser said.

So, following lobbying by firefighters, assemblyman Quirk and his co-author exempted fire stations from their bill, making them one place cell companies couldn’t put a tower.

“This is the first piece of legislation that anyone is aware of where somebody got an exemption because they were concerned about health. Did they tell you at all about the study?” we asked the assemblyman.

Quirk’s response: “All I know is that when the firefighters ask, I do what they ask me to do.”

“Because they are strong lobbyists?” we asked him. His response: “Yes.”

“So if school teachers and parents had a strong lobby and they ask you to pass something that would prevent these from going up near schools, would you do that?” we asked Quirk.

His response: “If I couldn’t get the votes any other way!”

We next spoke to Tony Stefani, founder of the San Francisco Firefighters Cancer Prevention Foundation.

“It’s not only the firefighters, it’s the people that live within the vicinity of these towers,” Stefani said.

Anthony Stefani started with the San Francisco Fire Department in 1974. The 28-year veteran retired as the captain of Rescue 1 in 2003.

“More of these studies have to be done,” he says.

Stefani notes current regulations don’t take into account continuous low-level exposure from these small cells 24-hours a day. He says fellow firefighters report their symptoms disappear when they move to a station without a tower.

“I think doing more studies is always a good thing,” said Quirk.

We asked Quirk: “Do you think that maybe you should consider putting a pause on legislation that speeds up these towers until there is definitive evidence that there is no harm?”

His’s response: “We can do a lot of studies and there are people right now believe it or not who are sure the world is flat.”

“I do not believe that there is any health impact on firefighters or anyone else, from cells, period!” Quirk further asserted.

In a statement the CTIA says it “defers to the experts when it comes to the safety of cellular telephones and antennas.”

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Communications Commission, the World Health Organization, the American Cancer Society and numerous other international and U.S. organizations and health experts, the scientific evidence shows no known health risk due to the RF energy emitted by cellphones.

Likewise, the FCC monitors scientific research on a regular basis and its standards for RF exposure are based on recommended guidelines adopted by U.S. and international standard-setting bodies. That’s why the FCC has determined that all wireless phones legally sold in the United States are “safe.” This scientific consensus has stayed the same even after the NTP’s release in 2016 of its partial findings in a study involving cellphones and lab animals.

The FCC also sets exposure limits for cell site antennas that transmit signals to phones. Those limits, like the limits for cell phones, are even more conservative than standards adopted by leading international standards bodies such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

The FCC states that typical ground exposures to base station antennas are “hundreds to thousands of times less than the FCC’s limits for safeexposure” and “there is no reason to believe that such [antennas] could constitute a potential health hazard” to nearby residents.”

IARC – the International Agency for Research on Cancer – has classified RF radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

But what about the unknown? Well, back in Piedmont the Hiestands don’t want to wait around to find out.

“We are going to get some meters. We’re going to measure the micro-radiation today and then when the cell towers go up, we can measure it and see how dangerous it really is,” said John Hiestand. He says if he has to they’ll move.

“For my daughter’s health, definitely,” he said.

Piedmont was able to temporarily block permits for some small cell towers but now the company installing them for Verizon, Crown Castle, is suing the city.

Meanwhile new research set to be published next month could radically alter the debate. For the first time it establishes a scientific link between RF radiation and cancer in lab rats:

National Toxicology Program


Other wireless radiation stories by Julie Watts (most were produced by Abigail Sterling):

Cellphone EMF-Blocking Products Put In A Real World Test

Julie Watts, CBS San Francisco, Nov 14, 2017

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Judge Orders California To Release Papers Discussing Risk Of Cell Phone Use

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SF Residents Battle Wireless Firms Over Super Bowl Building Boom In Neighborhood Cell Antenna Systems

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Why I Declared Our Bedroom A Wireless-Free Zone

Julie Watts, CBS SF Bay Area, May 20, 2015

Wireless Radiation TV News — more than 150 news stories

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