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Roger Moller BSc

Roger Moller BSc.Ind.Eng. – Principal Surveyor – Electric Forester Investigations Ltd.

After a career in computers and telecoms and with over 20 years first-hand experience of living with EHS (and MCS – now recovered), Roger brings a blend of personal and unique perspectives to the issues now confronting many in today’s increasingly technology dominated world.

For those whose lives are profoundly impacted by this ubiquitous modern-day environmental pollutant, Roger offers insights and guidance aimed at minimising the immediate and long-term effects of EMR (EMFs).

You will find him easy to talk to and understanding of the challenges. With emphasis on strategies and practical solutions, the technological and sociological impacts of EHS will fall into clearer perspective and empower you to find your own way through the mire.

Languages: English

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2 thoughts on “Roger Moller BSc

  1. Please can you let me know the frequency of 5G? We have street lighting which look like they have transmitters attached. Can you recommended a emf meter so I can read the frequency,

  2. Hi emmab,
    5G will make use of the existing 2G/3G/4G frequencies as well as some new ones up to about 52 GHz. There are presently no suitable meters that I am aware of. Older meters that measure up to 3GHz or up to 8GHz may give some indication of sources and types. Streetlights are liable initially to use 433 / 850 MHz. but may only be switched to two-way communications after local protest have died down. WIth the wireless real-estate secured, doubtless they will be ungradeable to support the additional ‘5G’ frequencies when they come on line. Then streetlights will be able to act as local nodes and sensors for traffic, pedestrians and a host of other unimaginable communications and surveillance uses.

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