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Russian Defense Ministry develops electromagnetic gun to counter drones

Ladies & Gentlemen,

EMF Refugee / The Microwave Factor (//emfrefugee.blogspot.ie/) has drawn attention to the the item below regarding ‘Controlled opposition in the Truth Movement’ which raises two points:
1) Controlled opposition. Those involved in the dialogue about wireless technology have doubts about several well-known individuals who have made reputations in the effort to make “Smart”/ wireless technology. Naming individuals becomes personal and divisive. Recognition of certain individuals requires discernment but the fact that “controlled opposition” exists should prompt questions in the minds of the general public; and
2) A so-called Truth Movement. Time was when children were taught to adhere to the Truth, from George Washington’s admission, “I can not tell a lie” about who cut down his father’s cherry tree until the modern invention of the Noble Lie. Wikiquote describes it as: 
A noble lie is a myth or untruth, often, but not invariably, of a religious nature, knowingly told by an elite to maintain social harmony or to advance an agenda.
This is equivalent to a Noble Lie – unspoken, yet present. It is worth doing an internet search using the terms “linguistics lie” and “emotional intelligence”.
It is unfortunate that both stories – appearing on the same day in a national newspaper – do not ask about the cause of the tumours.
This is linguistics being used as controlled opposition. By extension, the two stories cited below about Irish survivors of brain tumours rightfully examine the triumph of the human spirit against an ultimate adversary – cancer of the brain.
Furthermore, use of the term “Truth Movement” has become a pejorative – a method used by those ascribing to the Noble Lie to sideline those legitimately looking for answers of seeking the truth. If George Washington was an example to millions of American for more than two centuries, why should the word “Truth” threaten anyone?
The peril to humanity of deploying wireless technology is writ large in the on-going tragedy in Puerto Rico and a society dependent on money transferred wirelessly. Even the wealthy will go hungry when the electrical grid fails.
A lie can not be noble if it puts people in jeopardy. 

Please circulate.

John Weigel


Controlled opposition in the ‘Truth Movement’

Ever wonder why nothing ever changes? Two words: Controlled Opposition.

Controlled opposition is counterintelligence propaganda and is carried out today, legally, under the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act. It’s all an Act. And the Act is part and parcel of Social Engineering, the systematic molding and brainwashing of the individual mind to conform to group-think and one preferred ideology. Controlled opposition turns a captive audience into a captured herd with an accepted institutionalized message.

Living in the institutionalized system that we do means that one small group can infiltrate grassroots organizations to change the perception of reality for all. By programming through the educational system and the media, an entire nation can be demoralized within a span of one generation or 15 to 20 years. Controlled opposition exists to subvert and undermine “The Truth Movement” to protect The Establishment.


The problem with a cashless society (and why Big Gov wants you to ignore it)

“You’re broke even if you have money,” said Juan Jimenez as he peered into his bank.

It was closed… and he had no cash.

His paycheck was still digital, and his pockets were empty.


Dr. George Carlo at ‘Generation Zapped’ screening in the U.K.

Film short

Do You Know That I Love You?

Meinhard Federlein

Published on Sep 20, 2017

A Short 3 ½ Minute Film On Radiation

The US military is quietly building SkyNet

Maybe Elon Musk had a point…

The US’s military leaders have agreed on a strategy to guarantee the US military retains its global dominance during the twenty-first century: Connect everything with everything, as DefenseOne describes it. The result? An unimaginably large cephapoloidal nervous system armed with the world’s most advanced weaponry, and in control of all military equipment belonging to the world’s most powerful army.

Sound familiar? It should…


Like mice, humans might soon have their brains controlled externally

Imagine someone remotely controlling your brain, forcing your body’s central processing organ to send messages to your muscles that you didn’t authorize. It’s an incredibly scary thought, but scientists have managed to accomplish this science fiction nightmare for real, albeit on a small scale, and they were even able to prompt their test subject to run, freeze in place, or even completely lose control over its limbs. Thankfully, the research will be used for good rather than evil, for now at least.


Walmart Introduces ‘666 Obamacare RFID Chip Machine’


Just use your fingers

Bio-metrics are here

Fingopay is a unique biometric technology that enables you to use the pattern of veins in your fingers to pay. Our vision is to make payments safe, simple and reliable. Unlike fingerprints, it can’t be damaged, stolen or forged.



Watch This and You’ll Notice Something Bizarre!

Implanted microchip to replace credit cards. car keys
Swedes already using biometric chip instead of train tickets

A microchip embedded under the skin will replace credit cards and keys according to Stephen Ray, who has already overseen a program for Sweden’s largest state owned train operator that allows customers to scan their chips instead of using tickets.

BBC News showcased the system in which Swedes are able to have their embedded chip scanned by a conductor who uses an app to match up their chip membership number with a purchased ticket.



The mystery of the Cuba Sonic attacks

The U.S. State Department announced Friday it was withdrawing more than half its embassy staff from Cuba following “specific attacks” that sickened at least 21 U.S. embassy employees. On some level it was only the latest blow to Obama’s historic rapprochement with Cuba; on another, though, it was a diplomatic break that never happened. Just last week, Rex Tillerson, the U.S. secretary of state, said the U.S. was reviewing closing the entire embassy. As it is, U.S.-Cuba relations remain largely intact.


Mystery surrounds metal towers popping up In tunnels & bridges

Lhota: “The base of these new pieces that are going up include whatever fiber optics are necessary for those Homeland Security items.”

In other words, anti-terror technology. Could that one day include facial recognition? We don’t know and Lhota won’t say.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that,” he told Carlin.

So as more of these expensive towers rise, the mystery is tucked away inside them.

Lhota said all necessary Homeland Security technology remains in place at all crossings, even the ones that don’t have the new towers yet.



Mysterious metal towers are popping up at local tunnels, and soon they’ll start appearing at bridges, too. But even people on the MTA board in charge of the towers can’t say why they’re being used or what’s in them, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reports.

How to stop your devices from listening to (and saving) what you say

Yes, voice technology is amazing. You can ask your phone a question. You can talk to your speaker system and even book an Uber. With the right setup, you can verbally lock the doors in your house, dim the lights, and change the thermostat. All across America, people are embracing their oral fixation.

Virtual assistants are handy, but they’re always listening. As more manufacturers and developers jump onto the audio tracking bandwagon, you may wonder how much your devices are recording. And what happens to the audio files they gather?


A financial scheme for local wireless access points in the EU, free of charge and without discriminatory conditions, is on its way.

The funds will be used in a “geographically balanced manner” in more than 6000 communities across member states on a “first come, first served” basis to finance free wireless connections in centres of public life, including outdoor spaces accessible to the general public (libraries, public administrations, hospitals etc.


Patrick Wood-The Technocracy Takeover- The CSS- 9/17/17 (Hour 2)

The 5G Depopulation Plot- Virginia Farver- The CSS- 9/17/17 (Hour 3)

New 5G technology could send voices into your head – patents & white papers

Train stations to use facial recognition and palm vein scanners for payment

Editor’s Note: The stages of incrementalism seem to be speeding up. Nicholas West has written forActivist Post just this month about China’s high tech KFC called KPRO turning to facial recognition for payment, as well as a UK supermarket becoming the world’s first to use finger vein scans for its customers. The use of biometrics was, of course, first peddled as a necessary security measure, so we have seen it spread in that capacity from planes to trains and even for event security. Now the cashless agenda can more aggressively make its move for the full roll-out of biometric identification and payment into every facet of daily life.


The coming software apocalypse

A small group of programmers wants to change how we code-before catastrophe strikes.
It’s been said that software is “eating the world.” More and more, critical systems that were once controlled mechanically, or by people, are coming to depend on code. This was perhaps never clearer than in the summer of 2015, when on a single day, United Airlines grounded its fleet because of a problem with its departure-management system; trading was suspended on the New York Stock Exchange after an upgrade; the front page of The Wall Street Journal‘s website crashed; and Seattle’s 911 system went down again, this time because a different router failed. The simultaneous failure of so many software systems smelled at first of a coordinated cyberattack. Almost more frightening was the realization, late in the day, that it was just a coincidence.

The future the US military is constructing: a giant, armed nervous system

Service chiefs are converging on a single strategy for military dominance: connect everything to everything.

Leaders of the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines are converging on a vision of the future military: connecting every asset on the global battlefield.

That means everything from F-35 jets overhead to the destroyers on the sea to the armor of the tanks crawling over the land to the multiplying devices in every troops’ pockets. Every weapon, vehicle, and device connected, sharing data, constantly aware of the presence and state of every other node in a truly global network. The effect: an unimaginably large cephapoloidal nervous system armed with the world’s most sophisticated weaponry.


House unanimously approves sweeping self-driving car measure

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. House on Wednesday unanimously approved a sweeping proposal to speed the deployment of self-driving cars without human controls and bar states from blocking autonomous vehicles.

The bill now goes to the Senate and would allow automakers to obtain exemptions to deploy up to 25,000 vehicles without meeting existing auto safety standards in the first year, a cap that would rise to 100,000 vehicles annually over three years.


Christian family refuses mandatory RFID chip at Texas school

Steve and Andrea Hernandez of Spychips.com who talk with Alex in-studio about San Antonio area High School honor student who has refused to wear a school mandated RFID tracking beacon around her neck because doing so conflicts with her religious beliefs.

Trump & Kushners already implanting RFID 666 Mark via Obamacare

SHOCKING! Millions already RFID chipped under OBAMACARE without consent!

Published on Jun 18, 2016

THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY. Case study shows 1 in 3 American are implanted ILLEGALLY with RFID Chip Mark of The Beast system without consent. Over 100 million Americans have already been implanted with RFID chips – and are not even aware of it. I have gathered all the evidence and testimony to prove that this is really happening right now and please share this with your friends and family and tell them not to take the RFID Mark of the beast and tell them we are truly living in END TIMES!.

Millions already chipped!! RFID 666 implant done without Obamacare!! (C. Ervana)

Bob Boyce’s un-requested VeriChip and associated tumor removed

Boyce finally had the second VeriChip implant removed yesterday along with the associated tumor. This time the surgical staff documented the implant with photos, and the surgeon placed the “foreign body” in a specimen container and sealed it to establish chain of custody evidence.

A second VeriChip microchip implant was removed yesterday from Bob Boyce’s shoulder, which was placed there without his knowledge or consent. The blue color is from a dye that pinpoints cancerous cells, which are not uncommon to form along with VeriChip implants.

Jim Murray and Paul Babcock’s 4790% SERPS Presentation

Ignition Secrets DVD by Aaron Murakami 

Magnetic Energy Secrets, Paul Babcock, Parts 1 & 2

Battery Secrets by Peter Lindemann

The VeriChip “foreign body” was placed in a specimen container and sealed by the surgeon.
by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010

Last year we reported that Bob Boyce, the highly-revered inventor of ultra-efficient electrolysis systems and of a self-charging battery circuit (harnessing energy from the environment, possibly from zero point energy), had contracted terminal cancer and that the originating point was a VeriChip microchip that someone implanted in his right shoulder without his knowledge or permission.

He had a chip removed, but it turned out that another chip was still in there, implanted deeper, as confirmed by an X-ray.

He’s lived with that one for a year, but finally had it removed yesterday at the Fannin Regional Hospital in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

The Fannin surgical staff took photos as the chip was removed from the tissue and placed in a specimen container, labeled “foreign body”, and sealed by the surgeon. The blue color of the tissue is from a dye that was injected to mark cancerous cells.

Tiny device allows you to track your car using your smartphone

Have you ever lost your car on a parking lot? It happens. You park and go shopping. When you get back, you don’t have a clue where your car is. Then you start roaming around clicking on the panic button on your car keys so the alarm goes off. It can be frustrating, especially on a hot, sunny day.

No, you don’t need to install an expensive GPS system to keep track of your car. That’s way too expensive. You would need to pay a monthly subscription fee just to use it. Don’t we have enough bills to pay already?


Two underground power grid explosions in one day


Panic as explosion on London’s Oxford Street leaves at least one person injured

Section of Oxford Street in London cordoned off after the ‘power network’ blast

At least one man suffered injuries, as pictures show smoke billowing from street

Shocking footage on social media shows terrified shoppers fleeing the area


Los Angeles

Underground Explosion Obliterates South LA Street

SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) – The LADWP is still trying to figure out the cause of an underground explosion Wednesday on a busy street in South L.A.

Several streets remained blocked off through Wednesday night at Brynhurst Avenue and 63rd street in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

The blast happened around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, sending asphalt and two 250-pound manhole covers flying.



If you are a fan of Swiss knives and have to carry a lot of data around, well this is for you then; The Victorinox 1TB Swiss Army Knife. The drive can be detached from Swiss knife. The item costs $3,000.


Incubation centre Ireland


Ireland’s troubled intervention plan for broadband has hit some very serious speed bumps.

Ireland’s National Broadband Plan (NBP), geared to make Ireland the fibre testbed of Europe, is unravelling before our eyes.

The plan, costed at between €500m and €1bn (no one was ever clear on the figure), is now likely to cost 60pc more than what the politicians and civil servants predicted.

This is down to the cost of accessing Eir’s poles and ducts.


ESB Networks – recall of Ampy meters

ESB Networks regrets to advise that a small proportion of an electronic meter (Ampy) could develop a fault. The manufacturer has advised that the issue is only likely to arise with a very small proportion of meters (<10% of 17,000 affected meters). There is a potential for a small component within the meter to fail which would cause the meter to record inaccurately for a short period of time and then to stop working. ESB Networks will carry out a planned exchange programme to remove all of these meters over the next few months. If you have this type of meter you will receive a letter of clarification from us this week. The affected meters are single phase meters with RM code RM067/RM068.


Two (more) brain tumour stories do not mention cause

‘I was rushed from my Specsavers appointment straight to hospital’: Irish woman on the optician who spotted tumour and saved her life

An Irish woman who was left blind after undergoing emergency surgery on a brain tumour has said seeing the faces of her loved ones is what she misses the most.

Claire Shorten (25) from Ballinteer in Dublin began to experience migraines in 2011 which her GP believed to be tension headaches, however the student’s optician became extremely concerned for her welfare during an appointment that summer.


Woman (26) left blind after brain tumour surgery defies the odds to train as teacher

Excited and assured – some initial tummy butterflies aside – Claire Shorten is like any trainee second-level teacher making the big leap into classrooms this term to gain the practical experience necessary for her professional qualification.

But unlike the rest of the estimated 1,000 students who have just started the two-year, post-graduate Professional Master of Education (PME) (Post Primary), Claire is blind.

The 26-year-old Dubliner is a rare example of a working teacher who is fully blind, and the first fully blind student to undertake the PME in Maynooth University (MU).

It was while she was a first year undergraduate in Maynooth, in 2011, that Claire unexpectedly lost her sight, following surgery to remove a brain tumour.


New operations management system upgrade

ESB Networks future-proofs Ireland’s electricity network to meet surging consumption.

ESB Networks has launched a substantial upgrade to the technology we use to manage the operation of Ireland’s electricity network. Using the latest Oracle technology, ESB Networks manages the Distribution system to deliver a reliable electricity supply to all domestic and commercial premises.

At ESB Networks, we are responsible for the safe and reliable management of the electricity network that powers Ireland’s critical infrastructure, including public transport systems and emergency services. These require the most reliable and resilient energy supply available. ESB Networks has chosen Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle Utilities Network Management System (NMS) to manage Ireland’s electricity in real time and to facilitate the ongoing development of the electricity network to meet the current and future needs of the country.

John Donnelly, Country Manager at Oracle Ireland said: “Mobile and digital devices are central to our daily lives, so it’s only natural that employees want to use these technologies at work too. By building the capability to extend Oracle NMS data to its Network Technicians’ devices, ESB Networks will be offering a speedier service for its customers, it has also created an attractive environment for future hires who view these technologies as second nature.”



Can the US Military re-Invent the microchip for the AI era?

As conventional microchip design reaches its limits, DARPA is pouring money into the specialty chips that might power tomorrow’s autonomous machines.

The coming AI revolution faces a big hurdle: today’s microchips.

It’s one thing to get a bunch of transistors on an integrated circuit to crunch numbers, even very large ones. But what the brain does is far more difficult. Processing vast amounts of visual data for use by huge, multi-cellular organism is very different from the narrow calculations of conventional math. The algorithms that will drive tomorrow’s autonomous cars, planes, and programs will be incredibly data-intensive, with needs well beyond what conventional chips were ever designed for. This is one reason for the hype surrounding quantum computing and neurosynaptic chips.


From Angela Tsaing, California

AT&T looks to trials for AirGig

AT&T says it is talking to several utilities about testing its “AirGig” system, which could mean trials later this year.

The technology wirelessly rides alongside — not inside — medium-voltage power lines and uses newly designed “low-cost” plastic antenna to deliver the service. AT&T says that it uses millimeter waves to deliver gigabit speeds. (See AT&T Claims ‘Breakthrough’ With New Power Line Delivery Tech for 4G, 5G.)

AT&T says that it is looking at tests in the fall. At least one will be in the US.

“We are looking forward to begin testing the possibilities of AT&T Labs’ invention for customers and utility companies,” said Andre Fuetsch, president of AT&T Labs and chief technology officer, in a statement. “AT&T is focused on delivering a gigabit-per-second speed everywhere we can with our wired and wireless technologies. Project AirGig represents a key invention in our 5G Evolution approach.”

AT&T hasn’t yet revealed when its powerline technology might be available commercially.


$Millions for cows made sick from electricity. Wi-Fi causes skin injury. Update on $25mil NTP rat study.

Courts ruled that chronic exposure to low levels of electric current in the ground caused harm to some dairy cows. The cows suffered from increased stress hormones (cortisol), impaired immune function, decreased milk production, strange behaviors, and death. Not all cows on each affected farm experienced problems – only a minority of cows on each farm were affected. Judgements were in the millions of dollars and the electric utility companies were ordered to improve their wiring to remedy these excess ground currents.

$6.3 million awarded in Minnesota in 2014


$2.5 mil awarded in 2015 by Minnesota Supreme Court


Potential $13.5 mil to be awarded in Wisconsin, reported Sep. 7, 2017



Is your skin aging prematurely or are you noticing skin problems around Wi-Fi?

A study found that exposure to 2.45-GHz (Wi-Fi) electromagnetic radiation for 60 minutes daily for 4 weeks at 64mW/kg SAR (FCC limit is 80mW/kg SAR for whole body exposure, so exposure was below FCC limit) caused a statistically significant decrease in the activity of antioxidant enzymes dismutase (SOD) (p<0.01) and glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) (p<0.05) in skin tissues. Levels of malondialdehyde (MDA), an indicator of oxidative stress, increased significantly (p<0.001). The antioxidant supplement β-glucan significantly reversed the elevation of MDA levels and the reduction of SOD activities. “The present study demonstrated the role of oxidative mechanisms in EMR-induced skin tissue damages and that β-glucan could ameliorate oxidative skin injury via its antioxidant properties.”


Ceyhan AM, Akkaya VB, Güleçol ŞC, Ceyhan BM, Özgüner F, Chen W. Protective effects of β-glucan against oxidative injury induced by 2.45-GHz electromagnetic radiation in the skin tissue of rats. Arch Dermatol Res. 2012 Sep;304(7):521-7


A lot of studies show a decrease in glutathione or glutathione enzymatic activity from exposure to wireless radiation. Why is glutathione important? It is the main antioxidant in your body and produced by your liver. People take glutathione by mouth for treating cataracts and glaucoma, preventing aging, treating or preventing alcoholism, asthma, cancer, heart disease(atherosclerosis and high cholesterol), hepatitis, liver disease, diseases that weaken the body’s defense system (including AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome), memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. Glutathione is also used for maintaining the body’s defense system (immune system) and fighting metal and drug poisoning.


In short, it is a very important chemical in your body, and one that you don’t want decreased levels of if you want to stay healthy.

Superoxide Dismutase

Superoxide dismutase is used for treating pain and swelling (inflammation) caused by osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and rheumatoid arthritis; a kidney condition called interstitial cystitis; gout; poisoning caused by a weed-killer called paraquat; cancer; and lung problems in newborns.

It also improves tolerance to radiation therapy, rejection rates in kidney transplantation, and minimizes heart damage caused by heart attacks.


Date: Tue, Sep 19, 2017 at 4:45 PM

Subject: National Toxicology Program’s cell phone radiation study: Update

National Toxicology Program Finds Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer

Scientists from the National Toxicology Program presented their data on the genotoxicity of cell phone radiation in rats and mice at the annual meeting of the Environmental Mutagenesis and Genomics Society held in Raleigh, North Carolina from September 9-13, 2017.

DNA damage was significantly increased in:

• the frontal cortex of male mice from CDMA and GSM cell phone radiation,

• in peripheral leukocytes of female mice from CDMA only, and

• in the hippocampus of male rats from CDMA only.

There were no significant increases in micronucleated red blood cells in rats or mice.

The authors concluded that, “exposure to RFR [radio frequency radiation] has the potential to induce measurable DNA damage under certain exposure conditions.”

For more information about this paper and other NTP study results including evidence of increased cancer risk:


Other recent posts and updates on EMR Safety:

• Scientists and Doctors Demand Moratorium on 5G

• 5G Wireless Technology: Is 5G Harmful to Our Health?

• 5G Wireless Technology: Major newspaper editorials oppose “small cell” antenna bill (SB 649)

• 5G Wireless Technology: Millimeter Wave Health Effects

• Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director
Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

Website: //www.saferemr.com

Facebook: //www.facebook.com/SaferEMR

Twitter: @berkeleyprc


Clearing allergies

In other regards, watch your exposure to electromagnetism.

So artificial and controlling has our society become, so “sophisticated,” that they want to implant everyone with a microchip that would replace credit cards and car keys.

The latest iPhone has face recognition.

Already, you are photographed everywhere you go. At the airport, they see right through you. The dentist will not clean your teeth without an x-ray.

Our society, our air, our bodies are suffused with electromagnetic waves, to which the human organism, as God fashioned it, is not accustomed.


Can the US Military re-Invent the microchip for the AI era?

As conventional microchip design reaches its limits, DARPA is pouring money into the specialty chips that might power tomorrow’s autonomous machines.

The coming AI revolution faces a big hurdle: today’s microchips.

It’s one thing to get a bunch of transistors on an integrated circuit to crunch numbers, even very large ones. But what the brain does is far more difficult. Processing vast amounts of visual data for use by huge, multi-cellular organism is very different from the narrow calculations of conventional math. The algorithms that will drive tomorrow’s autonomous cars, planes, and programs will be incredibly data-intensive, with needs well beyond what conventional chips were ever designed for. This is one reason for the hype surrounding quantum computing and neurosynaptic chips.


Russian Defense Ministry develops electromagnetic gun to counter drones

The gun can be charged from the grid, as well as from a car battery

KUBINKA /Moscow region/, August 22. /TASS/. The Russian Defense Ministry’s Main Robotics Research and Test Center has developed an electromagnetic gun to counter unmanned aerial vehicles, named Stupor, a TASS correspondent reported, adding that a model of the gun was presented at the Army-2017 International Military-Technical Forum being held in the Moscow region.

A press release says that the Stupor gun is designed to counter unmanned aerial vehicles, including copters, under direct visibility.


Radio Frequency Dosimetry Handbook


Is your refrigerator a national security risk?

WASHINGTON (CBS4) – The federal government is worried some refrigerators and coffee pots could pose a national security risk, and it’s taking action.

Colorado’s U.S. Senator Cory Gardner among a bi-partisan group of senators who are sponsoring legislation to secure the so-called Internet of Things – everyday devices that are embedded with computer chips and sensors.

Gardner says those devices can be used as weapons of mass disruption.

“The federal government orders billions of dollars worth of Internet of Things devices each and every year,” says Gardner. “These are things that can be hacked into. You can try to control systems, instruments with them. You can certainly read what people are doing and maybe even eavesdrop on a conversation people are having.”


Please spread this knowledge! HAARP and everything its used for

From Virginia Farver, Colorado
Energy 2017 Transition Symposium


‘Internet of things’ can boost US manufacturing might

The “internet of things” offers the potential to connect trading partners, production facilities, products and consumers in ways that can provide visibility and value up and down the supply chain.

Within the manufacturing enterprise, the “industrial internet of things” and related technologies represent a disruptive change to long-established practices, required skill sets and technologies in manufacturing.


Former Facebook executive says Google, Facebook are ‘surveillance states’ and risk more regulation

“Amazon is a microscopic portion of global consumption today, so ultimately I think it has more room to grow before it invites regulatory overview,” Palihapitiya said. “On the other hand, Facebook and Google effectively are surveillance states. And they have so much personal, private information about so many citizens of so many countries.”


The epic saga of a Smart Meter opt-out

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