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Wisconsin company to implant microchips in its employees in August

Ladies & Gentlemen,
It is no longer escapable that the predicted epidemic of cancer is upon us. Just as one sunny day does not constitute a Summer, one unfolding tragedy as noted by the Irish Mirror newspaper does not constitute a n explosion of cancer. The spectre of three children facing the loss of both parents does deserve our attention. And the family deserves every support available.
The brain tumour encountered by U.S. Sen. John McCain also deserves attention (as did the same operation faced by Teddy Kennedy and former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Beau). Then there is the coincidental development of brain tumours by E! television presenter Maria Menounos and her mother. (See below.)
All their illnesses occurred during the use of 4G technology. The telecoms industry is positioning itself for deployment of 5G – faster and more powerful. If implemented, as noted by Ellie Marks of the California Brain Tumor Association, what we are witnessing now will no longer be news. It will be commonplace. A quiet epidemic of Biblical proportions. According to Marks, “For every celebrity you hear about there are 100’s of ordinary people deceased or suffering as the result of cell phone use or living near a cell tower.”
Thus, ordinary people are asked again, to give financial support because governments around the world are failing to protect the people in favour of industry.
Denis O’Brien’s foray into the United States is included here because his firm in Ireland, SiteServ, was involved in the failed attempt to install digital water meter in Ireland. A major shareholder in Ireland’s largest newspaper group, INM, O’Brien stands poised totake the company private under his ownership. It is ironic that he was responsible for the departure from Independent Newspapers by both Sir Anthony O’Reilly (formerly of Heinz Foods) and O’Reilly son, CEO Gavin. A second O’Reilly son, Cameron O’Reilly because responsible for the development of the Smart Meter for electricity through corporate ownership of the engineering firm, Landis + Gyr which was sold after the device had been brought to market. As a contributor of $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, O’Brien (and his backers) are well positioned for the roll-out of of digital equipment across the United States.
It is relevant to discussions about the deployment of wireless communications as AT&T is issuing customer landline cancellation notices while making generous political contributions as noted by Susan Clarke.As an incubation centre for wireless technology, if there has been the emergence of a new deadly illness called Sudden Adult Syndrome (SADS) and an increase in cancers, there is no reason why the prediction by Irish medical professionals should not hold true for human society where one half the population will experience cancer. India, too, is experiencing an increase in brain tumours in children. Dane Wiggington’s predictions about the Last Chance for Life on Earth could well come true.Please circulate widely.Kind regards,
John Weigel


WiTricity and IHI partner to bring wireless charging to electric vehicles

WiTricity and IHI partnered to offer wireless charging stations around the globe.

Back in 2009, WiTricity Corporation was an MIT spinoff company with a novel wireless-charging technology and a need to find early commercial partners. At an Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) event at MIT, the startup’s dramatic desktop demonstration of wireless power caught the eye of Yoshi Iso, a technology scout for IHI Corp., a major international technology company.

The two companies began to talk, and IHI examined the WiTricity charging technology at its corporate research and development facilities in Tokyo. In 2012, IHI and WiTricity entered into a long-term collaboration and commercialization agreement.


Wisconsin company to implant microchips in its employees in August

Three Square Market (32M), a River Falls-based software design company, says starting August 1st, it will be offering microchips to all their employees. The chips will be implanted underneath the skin between the thumb and forefinger, which will allow employees to pay for food and drinks in the company’s break room, open security doors, and login into their computers without any special cards-or passwords.


Why we fight…

RTE One News 1 June 2010 I

“With one in two people expected to get some form of cancer in this country by 2025the RCPI (Royal College of Physicians in Ireland) says that today’s recommendations are cost effective and necessary.”

Ailbhe Conneely
RTE reporter

But it is difficult to accept that so many people get hurt, the money-people and governments know it very well that this is not very healthy. They are willing to sacrifice our health to get as much money as possible. That´s how it is.

Sissel Halmoy
International EMF Alliance

… and evidence of censorship

MailChimp, the e-mail server for bulk e-mail based in Atlanta, Georgia including this one. MailChimp is owned by a company called the Rocket Science with corporate offices in West Friendship, Mayland.

MailChimp, with 15 million customers was co-founded by CEO Ben Chestnut, formerly of Rocket Science and son of a military man, and Dan Kurzius.

On 8 July 2017 a weekly e-mail was circulated contacting people on several lists. The first list was circulated. The others were not.

This first to note a problem was a colleague in Australia who received notice that the e-mail contained a virus and / or an algorithm for Phishing – a term used to describe a technique of stealing personal information from e-mail recipients.

The following is the 8 July notification from MailChimp.

Our automated abuse prevention system, Omnivore, reviewed your account with the username EMF Contacts (user ID: 54877185).It detected content or actions which either conflict with our Acceptable Use Policy (mailchimp.com/legal/acceptable_use), or present a significant risk to our deliverability.

The account has been disabled. You may log in at any time to export and back up your account data (//eepurl.com/6BOJv), download reports, or close the account permanently(//eepurl.com/6MHP9).

To circumvent MailChimp’s failure to distribute the e-mail, several others like-minded individuals were asked to circulate the e-mail in question. Among those asked to circulate the e-mail was Mr. Paul Doyon, of EMF Refugee, a well-respected, long-time observer and critic of the wireless industry. “This is what I got after trying to send out your email,” explained Doyon. He received the following message from MailChimp:

Our automated abuse-prevention system, Omnivore, has detected an action or content in your accountthat may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy. We’ve temporarily paused your ability to send while a member of our Compliance Team reviews your account.

An independent computer consultant reported the following professional assessment of the original e-mail:

This is the antispam log for your e-mail in my server (timezone is Brazil-East, GMT-3): Jul 9 12:32:37 In my server the message passed the spam filter and hit some spam checks. Each check add or subtract points and if message hit 5.0 points it is flagged in the system as spam and goes to the junk folder. That was not the case, your message got 1.4 points. 

The response to blocking Doyon caused a furious reaction with numerous scientists and others rowing in behind him. His response to MailChimp was, ”

Seems to me like you guys are shooting yourselves in the foot with bad business practices – as I am not the only person I know of this happening to. So if I inform everyone on my list of this nonsense with your company – which I am very likely to do – they will be also less likely to use your email service opting for alternative companies like ConstantContact, aWeber, or iContact, etc. Furthermore, they will all be likely to tell ten people and those ten people will tell ten more people and so on down the line. In the end you will get a bad reputation as a company people should avoid. Let me know what you decide so I can quickly make a decision as to whether or not to work with another company.”

At issue is the fact that one company can block / censor information from both Europe and the United States.

A further difficulty arose when it was noted that e-mails of elected officials had been “cleaned” and were not delivered. The following is an example of candidates / elected officials who have been “cleaned”.

The current impasse with MailChimp is explained by the following:My name is Bobby and I’m a Senior Deliverability Advisor here. I understand the account is being reviewed due to the recent stop by our abuse detection system, Omnivore. To expand, this system looks at a wide range of content, but more importantly actions it can see as a conflict with our terms. I do follow your concern with getting the account going again and I will be happy to assist.

I would like to clarify that this review is not due to the campaign content. As long as you aren’t sending content that creates a conflict with our terms, then you should be okay there. The concern here expressed by Glen is what MailChimp defines by our terms as permission to receive bulk email.

Sending bulk emails requires a different set of permission than one-to-one emails. People must be able to opt-in before they have to opt-out. Bulk emailing someone that did not directly opt-in with your or your organization is considered prospecting and is not supported in MailChimp.

The unanswered question is how can contacts opt-in without knowing you exist? There was no reference to who “cleaned” the names of contacts.

Prof. Andrew Michrowski, of the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE), reports censorship difficulties as well. Said Michrowski, “We suffer similar problems – having even lockouts to our server. It is a miracle that our Prime Minister and several of his Cabinet sometimes get our communications, even private and confidential ones!”

Battle for free internet rages as FCC swamped with over 10mn net neutrality comments

The US government has been flooded with more than 10 million comments about rolling back net neutrality regulations.

Net neutrality is the principle that the internet is free, open, and accessible, meaning internet users can access any sites they want, and internet service providers (ISPs) can’t block or slow down content and websites as they choose.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to reverse net neutrality rules it passed in 2015, which prevent ISPs from blocking and prioritizing certain content online over others.


Denis O’Brien’s engineering firm Actavo expands into the US


Firm previously known as Siteserv on course to break €500m in sales

Actavo, the Denis O’Brien-owned engineering services company previously known as Siteserv, says it is on course to break €500 million in sales this year, as it sets its sights on an expansion into the US to help fuel growth.

Actavo is entering the US market for the first time with a buyout of Atlantic Engineering Services (AES), which specialises in designing high-speed fibre broadband networks.

AES operates in Georgia, Texas, Missouri and Colorado and employs about 120 design engineers. Sean Corkery, Actavo’s chief executive and minority shareholder, says it gives it a “beach head” to launch its US foray.

Mr O’Brien bought Siteserv in 2012 for about €45 million from State-owned bank IBRC, following a write-off of more than €100 million.


Explosive: psychiatric diagnosis, Surveillance State linked

Fiercebiotech: “Mindstrong Health, cofounded by former NIMH [National Institute of Mental Health, a federal agency] chief Tom Insel, is working on technology that analyzes smartphone data to determine a person’s mental state. The company’s tech collects information on which words are used, or a person’s location when using certain apps, for example, and turns them into objective measures of brain function. The company recently raised $14 million…”

“Meanwhile, Boston-based Akili Interactive and Pfizer reported data last year showing that a video game-based diagnostic test could distinguish between people with and without brain amyloidosis, a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. And PureTech’s Sonde Health is working on the analysis of ‘vocal biomarkers,’ or changes in nonlinguistic characteristics of a person’s voice, to indicate changes in health.”

To make a long story short: spy on everybody through their cell phones and computers, in order to diagnose them with ANY mental disorder.


Sen. John McCain has brain cancer, aggressive tumor surgically removed

(CNN)Sen. John McCain, 80, has been diagnosed with a primary glioblastoma, a type of brain tumor, Mayo Clinic doctors directly involved in the senator’s care told CNN exclusively. The doctors spoke directly to CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

The senator underwent surgery to remove a blood clot on Friday at Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix. Lab results from that surgery confirmed the presence of brain cancer associated with the blood clot.

Glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive tumor that forms in the tissue of the brain and spinal cord, according to the American Brain Tumor Association. (See Ellie Marks’ appeal below)



Senator McCain was one of only five U. S. Senators who voted against the passage of the Telecommunications Reform Act of 1996, calling it the “Leave No Lobbyist Behind Act of 1996“.

John McCain in 2003:

“Whether we agree with them or not, the FCC’s actions are a direct result of the direction given to it by Congress in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which should have been called ‘Leave No Lobbyist Behind Act of 1996.’ And might I add, as we are all responsible for our votes, my colleague from North Dakota voted for that bill, as did my colleague from Mississippi. I voted against it. I voted against it because I thought it was an outrageous exercise of lobbying power and special interest power and would have enormous unintended as well as intended consequences; and the unintended consequences we are dealing with today.

“So let’s be clear, all of my colleagues, what is the genesis of this problem. That is the 1996 Telecommunications Act. I say so because the DC Court of Appeals vacated the 35-percent cap and remanded it back to the FCC. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals found that: Congress set in motion a process to deregulate the structure of the broadcast and cable television industries [in the act].

“In fact, the court–I think very appropriately–characterized the 1996 act’s deregulatory tone as not subtle but quite explicit, likening it to ‘Farragut’s order at the battle of Mobile Bay– Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.‘ That is how the court described the 1996 deregulatory act.”

Tiny device allows you to track your vehicles using your Smartphone

Have you ever lost track of where your vehicles are?

You may have drivers on different jobs. When you try to find the closest one to the next job, you don’t have a clue who to call next. Then you start calling around, panicking that you won’t be able to get a driver in time. It can be frustrating, especially on an already busy day.

But is there a way to track your vehicles without spending a spending a fortune?

Multiple companies have made this a reality. They have created a tiny device that works with your smartphone, and it could be exactly what you’re looking for!

What is it?

It’s called a vehicle tracker. It is a state-of-the-art tracking device the size of a USB stick. It’s changing the way we keep track of the important things in our lives.


Are there patents to manipulate the human nervous system using electromagnetic frequencies?

USP# 3009080- Apparatus and method for generating and containing plasma having ultra high temperatures.
USP# 4245909- An optical instrument for measurement of particle size distribution.
USP# 6238333- Remote magnetic manipulation of nervous systems.
USP# 6091994- Pulsative manipulation f nervous systems.
USP# 5782874- Method and apparatus for manipulating nervous system.
USP# 6017302- Subliminal acoustic manipulation of nervous system.
USP# 6506148-Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitor.

All devices are used for Mind Control projects run by CIA or other intelligence agencies. A group of researchers (under the name Dr H Loos) were actually a group of hired professionals for researching and inventing such devices which could be developed and used for mass mind control, PSYOPS, behaviour modification later by CIA. [1] [CJF emphasis]


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity & human rights

Commentary to the European Economic and Social Committee

by Isaac Jamieson, PhD, DIC, RIBA, ARB, DipAAS(Hons), Arch MinstP


Government ‘searches’ conducted using Smart Meters considered ‘reasonable’ by industry proponents

by SkyVision Solutions

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions

A shocking court filing by industry and smart meter proponents reveals the degree to which corporate and government interests will go to get these privacy-invading devices on our homes.

In the case of Naperville Smart Meter Awareness, v. City of Naperville, an amici curiae brief was recently filed by the American Public Power Association (APPA), Edison Electric Institute (EEI), and National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). [1]


11 South Carolina kids diagnosed with rare brain cancer live within miles of each other

Something has happened to the children in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina; 11 kids have been diagnosed with rare brain cancer and they all live within miles of each other. And now, local mothers are wondering if they are connected and what the cause might be.

Brandy Richardson, whose eight-year-old son Ethan was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma recalls the day he was diagnosed as terminal, “They give you radiation and tell you to go home and enjoy your kid til he’s gone.”

But that was just the beginning.

That same day another boy named Sam was diagnosed with DIPG. Two kids from the same town, diagnosed on the same day, in the same hospital. What were the odds?


The planned destruction of America: ‘If they can’t collapse it internally they’ll attack the U.S. externally’

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces) via SHTFplan.com

From within and from without. Before our very eyes, we are seeing actions taking place both within the U.S. domestically and outside of it. The scripted plans were set into motion decades ago, and are seeing fruition now, with increases in activities leading toward the planned downfall of the U.S. The architects follow a very “Orwellian” pattern: it isn’t important who takes the reins of power, if that power is used to promulgate the continually leftward-moving paradigm shift and the continuance of power. These oligarchs are globalists who wish to remove the national boundaries except to use the governments in an administrative fashion to control the masses.

Sound radical? It is, as in “Rules for Radicals,” by Saul Alinsky, in a concept known as “organizing the organized.” In such a fashion, the oligarchy will control the population through the captains…the “duly-elected” commander of the ship of fools. The apparatus of the military and police being already in place in the nation, then it is just a matter of appropriating that apparatus to use it as a control mechanism and enforce the totalitarianism. It is not a new story. So why is this era different?

Technology. The technology to monitor hundreds of millions of human beings on CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras. The technology to keep track of every person…every item purchased and the funds spent, as well as the balance in the bank account and the source of the income.

“What is your source of income, citizen? Where is this money here coming from? Oh, you claimed not to be able to pay your traffic ticket, but we have you right here at 10 pm on camera withdrawing $20 from the ATM next to your house.”

Everyone carries around their personal monitors, the personal tracking device of the cellular telephone. Almost everyone. I was amazed the other day as a man showed some friends of mine how there’s an app on his cellular telephone that allows you to see a heat signature…yes, thermal imaging! of a person standing just 10 feet away from him. I was amazed because this is on some average person’s cellular phone


Surveillance, science & the grid of control

From Ellie Marks, California Brain Tumor Association

Urgent appeal for funds to stop California Senate Bill 648
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As many of you know I am extremely committed to the wireless radiation and health issue as ​I am in the trenches

. When a 10 year old boy is diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and there is a cell tower on the school property I get the call. When a 30 year old man is diagnosed with a brain tumor attributed to his cell phone use I get the call. I am getting far too many calls!

You are hearing about far more brain tumors daily. For every celebrity you hear about there are 100’s of ordinary people deceased or suffering as the result of cell phone use or living near a cell tower. ​We are also hearing about babies being aborted as they have brain tumors. And this radiation is causing many cancers and other illnesses including the very real ES – electro-sensitivity

I rarely reach out for funding but we have a crisis that will affect all of us that needs immediate action and funding.

We have found an excellent political strategist to help with the campaign to stop ​SB 649​ but that costs money.

We need to raise $15,000 NOW.

YOUR homes and YOUR children’s schools, parks, and all public buildings will have powerful cell towers placed near then throughout Ca​lifornia​ if we do not stop ​SB​ 649.

The 5G emissions are millimeter waves used by the military. You do not want this anywhere near you or your families. ​

This is what happened in Long Island recently:

Sadly time is of the essence as telecom and “in their pocket” legislators are rushing this Bill through. 
Despite the fact that 2/3 of the California population (represented by their city or county government) has opposed this bill our state legislators are moving quickly. Over 200 cities and 35 (out of 52) counties are opposed! One Assembly member voted in favor of SB 649 despite every city and county in her district opposing it!

Yet this Bill flew through the Senate and 2 Assembly hearings already. The next Assembly hearing (Appropriations) is August 23. Then it goes to the Full Assembly September 4 and to Governor Brown by September 13.

My Colleagues and I have formed ​Californians Against SB 649.

We have the support and wisdom of ​many ​worldwide experts. After we raise the funds I will send out our social media info and names of legislators for you to contact.

The work we are doing is for YOU and YOUR families. This is about your family’s health and your real estate property values. The equipment will be in the public right of way in front of homes (every 5-10) in every neighborhood. If you have underground wiring new poles will be built in the right of way in front of your home! They are ugly, noisy, a fire hazard and emit a great deal of a possible carcinogen.

The Firefighters Union was opposed to SB 649 because they understand the health ramifications so a deal was cut- ​right of ways near ​fire houses are exempt!!!! But this is ok for our homes and schools? NO.

CITY AUTHORITY (AND YOUR INPUT) from the permitting of cellular facilities by giving it to state. According to telecom WE are standing in the way of progress. Reality is we are standing in the way of them making more money in a more expedient manner!​preemptsThe crux of the Bill is this: It 

​Our ​state legislators are ignoring health and safety concerns and concerns about the impact this will have on real estate and the SHLOCK that will be undermining the beauty of our California 
​downtowns, parks and neighborhoods
Cities will also lose revenue that funds schools, parks, et​c.​

WE NEED YOUR HELP. Anything from $5 to 15K is appreciated. If you belong to a group that has opposed a tower in your neighborhood please reach out to the group to donate to us for this campaign.

We want to stop this:


Many other states are being targeted now with similar bills. Even if you do not live in California please donate to this and it will benefit your state also.


California Brain Tumor Association
Ellie Marks
Thank you so very much.

​Please let me know what you can donate and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, comments or other ways to support this cause. ​

Donations can be mailed to:
435 China Basin St. #617 San Francisco, CA 94158
California Brain Tumor Association c/o Ellen Marks. 

​There is a solution- fiber optics- but telecom won’t spend the money!​

From Iris Atzmon, Israel

Prof. Sadetzky: EHS was not proven by the WHO; Prof’ Simon Chapman letter to Israel – from two new (different) articles

Another Life magazine July 2017:

Prof. Sigal Sadetzky:

“Studies were done on cell phone use and the association to the developments of brain tumors, acoustic neuroma and parotid gland tumors but they have methodological problems and therefore the level of certainty about the findings is not perfect”.

“In studies on the association between high tension power lines and the development of leukemia in children living nearby, an association was not proven, and the classification was left on the level of possibly carcinogenic in humans”.

“Scientifically, an association was not proven between the radiation and the symptoms that are reported by those who claim that they suffer from the radiation. It’s a line of non specific symptoms and an association was not proven by the

WHO. However, there is no doubt that it is needed to treat people who complain. It’s a complicated issue because even if cell phones and non ionizing radiation indeed cause the symptoms, the question is what can be done. Clearly there is no possibility to describe a world where non ionizing radiation will not exist at all”.

Prof. Sadetzky said in the Knesset, media and conference, that in 2039 there would be the conclusive proof on excess of brain tumors, following the time it took to see such excess after the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

This was (unfortunately) taken by Devra Davis to the Australian program on Wi-Fi and to the Online Cancer Prevention Summit.

Simon Chapman, who published the paper on no connection between brain tumors and cell phones, attacked this position and said to the Australian media that there was proven excess of cancer much earlier.

Now Chapman is one of experts who protest against the Israeli Minister of Health’s attitude towards smoking.

In a letter with Prof’ Martin McKee, who is reported to be a leading public health expert from the UK, and others, they write that Israel has become a case study for international public health experts, for the deterioration of the fight against smoking. The article’s headlines say that Prof’ McKee was shocked to find out about what happens to Israel, that was once leading the fight against smoking. McKee is the president of the European Association of Public Health.

Prof. Simon Chapman is described in The Marker, Haaretz, as “a world expert who is identified with the fight against tobacco , founder of Tobacco Control Journal, who initiated the uniform cigarette packages in Australia”. Other experts who are signed are Prof Stanton Glantz who has international reputation and an activist against smoking, and Prof’ Mike Daub, who is a consultant to the WHO and other health bodies, also an important figure in the fight against smoking, says the article in The Marker.

These experts wrote that they were amazed by the fact that the smokers rate in Israel (adults) increased to 22.5% of the population. They wrote that Israel who was leading in health promotion, is now behind many countries in the fight against smoking.

The experts relate also to the ICOS cigarettes of Philip Morris. Israel is the only country that permits uncontrolled sale of this product.

Eventually only a lawsuit to the Supreme court caused to define this product as a tobacco product with the limitation like other products have.

The experts wrote that the Minister of Health’s meeting with Philip Morris was done against the WHO’s FCTC treaty that Israel is signed on.


Prof. Martin McKee

Prof. Stanton Glantz


From Angela Tsaing, California

Very important study – EHS can be objectively measured

EHS, electrohypersensitivity, is a collection of negative biological reactions that some people, including children, experience when exposed to EMF’s. The reactions include headaches, sleeping problems, skin rashes, bad allergies, digestive problems, heart palpitations, panic attacks/anxiety, and memory and cognition problems. To read more on EHS, //ehtrust.org/science/electromagnetic-sensitivity/

The attached study, done in Germany in 2013, showed that 3 parameters, which cannot be voluntarily controlled, changed after exposure to EMF’s in those with EHS and explains why provocation studies involving individuals with self-reported EHS could not find an association between EMF exposure and symptoms.

EHS can therefore be objectively measured with these 3 parameters.

The 3 parameters:

1) HRV (heart rate variability),

2) electric skin potential, and

3) microcirculation (this means blood flow thru capillaries) The important thing about microcirculation is that it regulates intestinal motility (see p. 284) and that the frequency (0.15Hz) correlates with intestinal motility and gallbladder motility. So changes in microcirculation can affect digestion and gall bladder. (It is interesting to note that there is technology that uses EMF’s to improve microcirculation.//deutschland.bemergroup.com/en/science The fact that such technology can be used to improve microcirculation under specific conditions also means that it can make microcirculation worse under other conditions. Such medical technology is also proof of biological effects of EMFs)

  • Changes in the HRV can explain panic attacks and heart problems.
  • Changes in the electric skin potential can explain skin rash/inflammation seen in EHS individuals.
  • Changes in microcirculation can cause headaches and affect digestion and gall bladder.

Fig. 1 in the study showed differences in HRV in EHS people before and after exposure to mobile phones.

Fig. 4 in the study showed ECG’s, electric skin potential, and microcirculation before EMF exposure in EHS people, and then Fig. 5 showed their changes after EMF exposure in EHS people.

Other findings of the study:

• In people without EHS, there were no changes in these 3 parameters before and after EMF exposure.

• Without EMF exposure, there were no differences in these parameters in people with EHS and people without EHS.

I’ve attached the study highlighting the important parts.

Hypothesis on how to measure electromagnetic hypersensitivity


Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is an ill-defined term to describe the fact that people who experience health symptoms in the vicinity of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) regard them as causal for their complaints. Up to now most scientists assume a psychological cause for the suffering of electromagnetic hypersensitive individuals. This paper addresses reasons why most provocation studies could not find any association between EMF exposure and EHS and presents a hypothesis on diagnosis and differentiation of this condition. Simultaneous recordings of heart rate variability, microcirculation and electric skin potentials are used for classification of EHS. Thus, it could be possible to distinguish “genuine” electromagnetic hypersensitive individuals from those who suffer from other conditions.

Important note and correction on this paper.

The hypothesis the authors presented as a way to objectively identify EHS people was based on the“result of extensive measurements by one of the authors (von Klitzing) in this area” (p.286), but this paper unfortunately did not report the actual data and contained some ambiguities. As written, this paper unfortunately cannot be considered an actual study on EHS persons, only a hypothesis based on data that lacks clarification – some questions need to be asked of the authors regarding how the actual data for the graphs were obtained.

(PDF Download Available). Available from://www.researchgate.net/publication/234097688_Hypothesis_on_how_to_measure_electromagnetic_hypersensitivity [accessed Jul 19, 2017].


EHS documentary. Top 10 Illinois Chiropractor Shares her EHS Story

A very good documentary on electrohypersensitivity, or EHS, was released yesterday July 19, which includes interviews of those with EHS. Dr. David Carpenter was also interviewed.

Nobody is born with EHS. Prior to becoming EHS, people with EHS had normal lives, and used electronic and wireless devices like everyone else. The commonality in all EHS sufferers is that it develops suddenly after chronic overexposure to EMF’s, when before they didn’t have symptoms. EHS symptoms include headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, sleeping problems, other neurological problems, nosebleeds, skin reactions, and immune problems. To read more on EHS //ehtrust.org/science/electromagnetic-sensitivity/

Some celebrities share stories about their EHS below. They became so sick, hitting rock bottom, that they are courageously speaking up now to prevent others from becoming as sick as they were now that they have recovered significantly:

• Dr. Libby Darnell, named a Top Ten Illinois Chiropractor in 2016, talks about how she became very sick with EHS, and how EMF’s gave her 7-year old niece glioblastoma (brain cancer) who passed away shortly after diagnosis in 2014. Children are particularly vulnerable to EMF’s. She gives practical tips as well

• NY Times Best Selling Author Elana Amsterdam from Colorado shares her story of how high levels of wireless EMF in her home triggered a recurrence of her Multiple Sclerosis symptoms//elanaspantry.com/green-house-almost-killed/ She was diagnosed with MS in 2006 and was able to keep it under control with a healthy Paleo diet. After moving into her new “smart” home in 2014, her MS returned, and she ended up in the hospital, numb from the neck down . She was not able to recover despite her best efforts – the symptoms were very severe. In 2016, after doing research on the health effects of wireless, she removed all wireless technology from her home and is now on the road to recovery. She is now sharing what she’s learned about wireless and cell phones to help others//elanaspantry.com/are-cell-phones-dangerous/

• Jolie Jones, activist, artist, teen supermodel and daughter of Quincy Jones, talks about her 7-year ordeal with EHS and interviews Dr. Olle Johannson


She has put together a website to inform about EHS //www.jolietalks.com/

In Europe, guidelines were established in 2016 regarding the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of EHS 

Two studies that prove that EHS is a medical, not a psychological condition:

1) Statistically significant genetic and metabolic differences were seen in EHS compared to non-EHS, also reduced levels of glutathione and impaired detoxification ability in EHS. Risk of EHS development was increased 9.7 times in individuals who are missing two genes GSTM1 and GSTT1, which are glutathione S-transferase (GST) enzymes that detoxify by conjugation with glutathione 2014 DeLuca Study


• a certain genotype (cytochrome P450 isoenzyme CYP2C19 (*1/*1)) was present in 89.7% of EHS (see Table 1 in study)

• a risk of EHS development was increased 9.7 times in individuals who are missing two genes GSTM1 and GSTT1, which are glutathione S-transferase (GST) enzymes that detoxify by conjugation with glutathione (see Table 1 in study)

• a statistically significant lowered level of antioxidant/detoxification enzymatic activity of GST (glutathione S-transferase) in EHS compared to non-EHS (~1.9 in EHS vs. ~2.5 in non-EHS, p=0.000001, see Figure 5a)

• a statistically significant increased level of antioxidant/detoxification enzymatic activity of GPX (glutathione peroxidase) in EHS compared to non-EHS (~24.9 in EHS vs. ~22.8 in non-EHS, p=0.012151, see Figure 5b)

• a statistically significant lowered level of GSH (reduced glutathione) in EHS compared to non-EHS (~315 EHS vs. ~350 non-EHS, p=0.000031, see figure 6a)

• a statistically significant lowered level of omega-6 phospholipid content in the red blood cell membranes of EHS compared to non-EHS (~11.3% EHS vs.~11.9% non-EHS, p=0.000181, see Figure 8a)

• there was statistically significant higher levels of oxidized /total CoQ10 in EHS compared to non-EHS (~0.345 EHS vs. ~0.327 non-EHS, p=0.000181, see figure 6d). The higher levels of oxidized CoQ10 could explain the dermatitis/eczema seen in 41% of EHS sufferers.

• EHS group showed a trend to the increase in erythrocyte CuZnSOD activity Fig. 5c and to the depletion of the main lipophilic antioxidants in plasma-reduced coenzyme Q10 and alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) (Figures 5 and 6).

2) 2015 Belpomme Study //www.ehs-mcs.org/fichiers/1454070991_Reliable_biomarkers.pdf

identified biomarkers in many of those with EHS that are out of normal range:

• High-sensitivity C reactive protein (hs-CRP)

• Low Vitamin D2-D3 (this study showed that low vitamin D is not a cause of EHS but an effect from electromagnetic radiation exposure)

• High Histamine

• High IgE  

• High Protein S100B

• High Nitrotyrosine (NTT)

• High Heat shock protein 70 (HSP70)  

• High Heat shock protein 27 (HSP27)

• High Anti-O-myelin autoantibodies

• Low Hydroxy-melatonin sulfate (6-OHMS)

• Low 6-OHMS/creatinine

• Abnormal blood flow in brain in temporal lobes

Video is encoded onto the DNA of living bacteria using CRISPR

12th July 2017 by Maarten Rikken

Images and a GIF were successfully encoded into the genome of a living E. coli cell.

The study, published in Nature, saw researchers uses nucleotides – DNA’s building blocks – to produce a code that relates to the individual pixels of each image. To encode the GIF, researchers delivered the sequences frame-by-frame over time to the genome of living E.coli bacteria. Once delivered, the data can then be retrieved by sequencing the DNA and then reconstructed by reading the pixel nucleotide code, which can be done with around 90 percent accuracy. We spoke to Seth Shipman of Harvard University about the study, which also provides new insights into the functioning of the CRISPR system.

ResearchGate: What motivated this study?

Seth Shipman: With this study, we were aiming to see whether the CRISPR-Cas system could be used to capture complex information with a time component and store that information in the DNA of a living cell’s genome. We care about that because we want to make cells that can record information from biological systems and store that information so that we can collect data without having to disrupt the biological system.


From Virginia Farver, Colorado

Frequency allocations for 5G

Here’s the latest on what frequencies will be divvied up between various commercial concerns for 5G. This is what they’ll be putting up roughly every 200-300′ in the city, vertically as well as horizontally. Additional info below . . .


What frequency bands will roll out the carpet for 5G?

Lots of new frequency bands will factor into the official 5G standard scheduled for publication in September next year – and not just millimeter waves.


Lots of new frequency bands will factor into the official 5G standard scheduled for publication in September next year. These include lower bands neighboring 4G frequencies to higher millimeter waves with enough breathing room to enable better coverage and capacity, experts say.

What frequency bands will roll out the carpet for 5G?

James Morra 1 | Jun 05, 2017

Millimeter waves occupy the frequency spectrum from 30 GHz to 300 GHz. They’re found in the spectrum between microwaves (1 GHz to 30 GHz) and infrared (IR) waves, which is sometimes known as extremely high frequency (EHF). The wavelength (λ) is in the 1-mm to 10-mm range.Mar 6, 2013

Futuristic mobile technologies foresee ‘IMT for 2020 and beyond’

The buzz in the industry on future steps in mobile technology – 5G – has seen a sharp increase, with attention now focused on enabling a seamlessly connected society in the 2020 timeframe and beyond that brings together people along with things, data, applications, transport systems and cities in a smart networked communications environment. In this context, ITU and its partners, sharing a common community of interest, have recognized the relationship between IMT – International Mobile Telecommunication system – and 5G and are working towards realizing the future vision of mobile broadband communications.

Motorola Solutions’ new AI partnership could use body cameras to find missing kids

Motorola Solutions is teaming up with Boston-based AI firm Neurala to develop “smart” cameras that could assist police officers in the hunt for a suspect, a missing child or suspicious backpack, the companies announced this week.

By integrating Neurala’s deep-learning software into its devices, Motorola Solutions, which makes emergency communications equipment, hopes to one day give public-safety workers new tools for making sense of vast amounts of data collected in real-time.

Although it has several ideas for how Neurala’s AI platform can be used in the future, Motorola Solutions will start by giving its Si500 body-worn cameras the ability to detect individuals who match a certain description, Chief Technology Officer Paul Steinberg said.


The IoT ‘time bomb’ report: 49 security experts share their views

IoT security: How serious is the problem?

Why IoT security needs more focus on the backend

How to define an IoT cyber security policy

As the Mirai malware attack proved, security often plays a back seat to commercial interests when it comes to IoT. But just how serious is the problem? And who’s responsible for IoT security – manufacturers or consumers?

Here’s everything you need to know.


Jeff & Dane Wiggington – GeoEngineering the end of life on Earth

You might already be Microchipped – Leaked docs confirm virtually everything on planet tracked

The wi-fi signals in your house create a network of frequencies that can be picked up and people can track where you are, how many people are in the room and what’s in the room. That’s incredible…


Electromagnetic fields may act via calcineurin inhibition to suppress immunity, thereby increasing risk for opportunistic infection: Conceivable mechanisms of action

Doyon Independent Research, 1428 7th Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95062, United States

The Experimental Dermatology Unit, Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institute, 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden

//doi.org/10.1016/j.mehy.2017.06.028Get rights and content


While a good number of studies have demonstrated that modern, man-made ambient electromagnetic fields can have both stimulatory and inhibitory effect on immune system function, the precise mechanisms have yet to be completely elucidated. It is hypothesized here that, depending on the parameters, one of the means by which long-term electromagnetic field exposure has the potential to eventually lead to immunosuppression is via downstream inhibition of the enzyme calcineurin – a protein phosphatase, which activates the T-cells of the immune system and can be blocked by pharmaceutical agents.

Calcineurin is the target of a class of pharmaceuticals called calcineurin inhibitors (e.g., cyclosporine, pimecrolimus and tacrolimus). When organ transplant recipients take such pharmaceuticals to prevent or suppress organ transplant rejection, one of the major side effects is immunosuppression leading to increased risk of opportunistic infection: e.g., fungal, viral (Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus), atypical bacterial (Nocardia, Listeria, mycobacterial, mycoplasma), and parasitic (e.g., toxoplasmosis) infections.

Frequent anecdotal reports, as well as a number of scientific studies, have shown that electromagnetic field exposures may indeed produce the same effect: a weakened immune system leading to an increase in the same or similar opportunistic infections: i.e., fungal, viral, atypical bacterial, and parasitic infections.

Furthermore, numerous research studies have shown that man-made electromagnetic fields have the potential to open voltage-gated calcium channels, which can in turn produce a pathological increase of intracellular calcium, leading downstream to the pathological production of a series of reactive oxygen species. Finally, there are a number of research studies demonstrating the inhibition of calcineurin by a pathological production of reactive oxygen species.

Hence, it is hypothesized here that exposures to electromagnetic fields have the potential to inhibit immune system response by means of an eventual pathological increase in the influx of calcium into the cytoplasm of the cell, which induces a pathological production of reactive oxygen species, which in turn can have an inhibitory effect on calcineurin. Calcineurin inhibition leads to immunosuppression, which in turn leads to a weakened immune system and an increase in opportunistic infection.


Non-thermal effects of electromagnetic fields in Biology and Medicine

Wlodzimierz Klonowski
Nalecz Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering,
Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

Abstract I discuss several aspects of non-thermal effects ofelectromagnetic fields wbile showing results of experiments demonstrating how EMFs influence growth of com seedlings and growing of cress seeds. Not only EMFs of selected frequencies

but also broadband electromagnetic noise affects living organisms Hypersensitivity to EMFs should be a matter of special concern….

It is no longer possible to deny non-thermal effects of EMFs – existence of such effects is now obvious even for high-school students.


Joint Conference of the European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference (EMBEC) and the Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics (NBC), Tampere, Finland, June 2017
For an abstract book of the proceedings see: //embec2017.org/abstracts/

Protective effects of melatonin and omega-3 on the hippocampus and the cerebellum of adult Wistar albino rats exposed to electromagnetic fields


The purpose of the study was to investigate the effects of pulsed digital electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones on the central nervous system of the adult Wistar albino rats. The study evaluated structural and functional impacts of four treatment arms: electromagnetic field (EMF) exposed; EMF exposed + melatonin treated group (EMF + Mel); EMF exposed + omega-3 (ω3) treated group (EMF + ω3); and control group (Cont). The 12-weeks-old rats were exposed to 900 MHz EMF for 60 min/day (4:00 −5:00 p.m.) for 15 days. Stereological, biochemical and electrophysiological techniques were applied to evaluate protective effects of Mel and ω3. Significant cell loss in the CA1 and CA2 regions of hippocampus were observed in the EMF compared to other groups (p < 0.01). In the CA3 region of the EMF + ω3, a significant cell increase was found compared to other groups (p < 0.01). Granular cell loss was observed in the dentate gyrus of the EMF compared to the Cont (p < 0.01). EMF + ω3 has more granular cells in the cerebellum than the Cont, EMF + Mel (p<0.01). Significant Purkinje cell loss was found in the cerebellum of EMF group compared to the other (p<0.01). EMF + Mel and EMF + ω3 showed the same protection compared to the Cont (p>0.05). The passive avoidance test showed that entrance latency into the dark compartment was significantly shorter in the EMF (p < 0.05). Additionally, EMF had a higher serum enzyme activity than the other groups (p < 0.01). In conclusion, our analyses confirm that EMF may lead to cellular damage in the hippocampus and the cerebellum, and that Mel and ω3 may have neuroprotective effects.

Protective effects of melatonin and omega-3 on the hippocampus and the cerebellum of adult Wistar albino rats exposed to electromagnetic fields (PDF Download Available). Available from://www.researchgate.net/publication/317296249_Protective_effects_of_melatonin_and_omega-3_on_the_hippocampus_and_the_cerebellum_of_adult_Wistar_albino_rats_exposed_to_electromagnetic_fields [accessed Jul 20, 2017].

More than 200 cities are now officially opposed to 5G

Hi Friend,

As we put the pieces together toward solving the great issues of our time, the foundation is unbiased information which connects the dots from problem to solution.

Many of these problems coming to light are actually assaults on the human body and immune system. And theImmune Defense Summit – which starts tomorrow – will bring you the latest empowering info.

With Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (as seen in Take Back Your Power) and 35 other experts, here’s a chance to tap into vital research to protect and rejuvenate you and your family.

» Go here to get free access to the Immune Defense Summit

More than 200 cities are now officially opposed to 5G. It’s awesome to see so many fighting for what is right. Though with the amount of money and corruption that’s involved, your voice is needed.

How this plays out in California will likely influence most other regions. So whether you’re in California or not, I’m asking you to use this simple form to enter your comments opposing the bill SB 649 into the public record, for the8/23/2017 Appropriations Committee Hearing.

From the website: “We will print the comments and hand them to the Sergeant-At-Arms during the hearing to ensure your name and comment is entered into the public record.”

» Go here to enter your comments opposing 5G


» Watch my 2016 youtube video exposing 5G

Another way you can make a difference by spreading awareness AND solutions, is to tap into the Building Biology community.

Registration is now open for this year’s Building Biology Conference is October 6-8 in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

I had the privilege of presenting at their 2015 conference, and was amazed and inspired by the attendees and presenters.

Whether you’re looking to create a meaningful new career in EMF solutions, or to get a download of the latest from cutting edge EMF researchers, I highly recommend the Building Biology community and conference. It’ll be an amazing time!

» Go here for info on the 2017 Building Biology Conference

Josh del Sol

From Cece Doucette, Technology Safety Educator

MA residents in RT America film W-Fi Refugees released

RT America released the film Wi-Fi Refugees today and it is being viewed by millions all over the world on their live stream. It is a 52-minute documentary on what wireless radiation is, what it does to our bodies and our planet, and what life is like for the increasing number of citizens becoming ill from it. Several Massachusetts residents are interviewed in the film:

• The clown, Jonathan Mirin, and his wife, Godlieve Richard who portrays the physician in their playInnocenzo, are from Shelburne, MA.

• Ida Paredo is from Hopkinton and she shares what happened to her health after seven “smart” meters were installed on her condo wall.

• Patricia Burke is from Millis and we see her helping Pamela Steinberg from Worcester measure the EMFs in her home, and learn how Pam has to protect herself from wireless signals coming from outside her home.

• Patricia also joins me at Ashland High School where we measure the radiation from wi-fi systems which students and staff are exposed to daily in schools throughout the Commonwealth. We also discuss how other countries protect their citizens but in America the FCC is pushing more wireless into our society with 5G, even though the current U.S. National Toxicology Program study shows it causes DNA damage, brain and heart tumors.

I have cc:d each of these courageous MA residents if you would like to reach out to them directly with questions or comments.

I hope you will watch Wi-Fi Refugees with your loved ones so we can all learn together and do what we can to implement technology best practices in our homes, our towns and our society at large.

Technology is here to stay, so the message is not “no technology” but rather “safe technology”. This can be achieved through hard-wired Ethernet/fiber optic connections, by keeping mobile devices primarily in airplane mode, moving wireless infrastructure away from homes/schools/medical facilities, and encouraging industry to bring biologically safe mobile technology to market before we install any new infrastructure.

Massachusetts is to be commended for leading the nation with seven bills to begin examining the health impact of wireless radiation. Hopefully we can be the catalyst to help our nation turn the tide on this invisible ubiquitous toxin. Please include this submission as testimony for:

1. S.1268 Resolve creating a special commission to examine the health impacts of electromagnetic fields

2. S.1864 An Act relative to utilities, smart meters, and ratepayers’ rights

3. S.107 An Act relative to disclosure of radiofrequency notifications

4. S.108 An Act relative to the safe use of handheld devices by children

5. H.2030 An Act relative to best management practices for wireless in schools and public institutions of higher education

6. S.2079 An Act reducing non-ionizing radiation exposure in schools

7. S.2080 An Act increasing medical awareness and insurance coverage of non-ionizing radiation injury and reliance upon credible independent medical research

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Wi-Fi Refugees. Nowhere to run: Electrosensitive people try to escape wireless technology

Although these people are sick, their illness is difficult to diagnose, and it’s even harder to convince others that it actually exists. Their symptoms include cluster headaches, nausea, chronic fatigue, a burning sensation on the skin, and a metallic taste in the mouth. Sufferers claim the cause is wireless technology. There’s no known cure, and the only way to alleviate the symptoms seems to be to distance themselves from electronic devices and the influence of omnipresent wireless networks.


An Electronic Silent Spring – July, 2017 Newsletter from Katie Singer

Posted on July 19, 2017 by ksinger

US State Bills Streamlining Wireless Small Cells on Public Right-of-Ways

“Small cells” (which, including batteries, may actually be the size of a fridge) on public right-of-ways are designed to support 5G (fifth generation) mobile technology and the Internet of Things (machine-to-machine communication).

Environmental Health Trust has compiled lists of US states with bills that support local control of wireless facilities on public right-of-ways (i.e. utilitiy poles) and states with bills that pre-empt local authority and allow telecom corporations to place antennas near homes with zero or minimal community input. Please read these lists and get informed about your own state legislative actions.

In California, SB649 has been amended to allow the installation of large cell towers (not just small cells) without local review. One activist writes that “It’s clear from the direction of this bill that the intent is not about 5G wireless deployment, but rather local deregulation of the entire telecommunications industry.” Talking Points for Your Assemblyman gives reasons why they should vote against SB649. These notes might be relevant to communities around the country.

Hear Gerald Mitchell, one of Yahoo Finance’s Top Marketing Minds, speak to the California State Assembly about his opposition to SB649-and small cells in his neighborhood. (He’s got a lemon-sized brain tumor and does not want more EMR exposure.)

Dr. Jerrold T. Bushberg, a health and medical physics consultant, prepared a report, “At What Distance Does a Small Cell Mounted at 26′ height produce greater than the BioInitiative 2007 recommendation of 0.1 microwatt/cm2 (green highlight)? Or ten times higher at 1.0 microwatt/cm2 (yellow highlight)? Cindy Sage, coeditor of the BioInitiative Reports, compiled asummary of Bushberg’s report

John P. Thomas, MSPH (Master of Science in Public Health), wrote about 5G antennas and smart meters’ impacts on health and privacy for Health Impact News.

Dr. Joel Moskowitz has compiled editorials from major newspapers that oppose 5G “small cell” antenna bills.

For more on 5G and the IoT, see my introductory piece. Kate Kheel culls articles related to 5G and the IoT at www.whatis5g.info.

Sharon Noble (www.stopsmartmetersbc.com) reports:

In Ohio the telecoms snuck a bill allowing microcells onto a bill outlawing puppy mills. Such action and combining of unrelated bills is illegal in Ohio, so now the battle begins to change it. If these things are so safe and desirable, why the subterfuge?

“Wooster was one of more than 40 cities and villages that joined together in a suit in Summit County opposing Senate Bill 331. Among other things, the part of SB 331 that riled cities so much was language that minimized their abilities to regulate small cellphone towers.

In Wooster, public officials have denounced the telecommunications portion of the law as just the latest piece in the list of recent laws eroding home-rule authority for cities.”



AT&T has reneged on its promise to wait ’til 2020 to begin dismantling PSTN landlines

In California, some AT&T customers are now receiving a change in service notice: unless the customer cancels service with them within 30 days, you automatically agree to allow AT&T to install new network equipment on your property, and to pay all of the electric charges for this new equipment. Wireless Action has posted a consumer alert that clarifies the law.

In Illinois, an AARP lobbyist has voiced concern about the need to maintain landlines.

Legal assessments

Section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act (TCA) states: “No state or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction or modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions.”

According to court rulings regarding Section 704, the word “environment” includes health. Further, the TCA trumps the Americans with Disabilities Act. And since telecommunications cross state lines, federal law trumps state laws.

With President Trump’s appointment of corporate-interest supporter Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and the likelihood that Trump will appoint at least one more justice (since Ginsburg, Kennedy and Breyer are each over 80), Vince Warren, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Law, advises that for the next twenty years, progressives will need to select legal battles very carefully.

In a June interview on Democracy Now!, Warren explained:

1. If a lower court rules against a corporation’s agenda, the corporation will pursue the case in higher courts.

2. Given the Supreme Court’s current makeup, it’s likely that rulings would favor corporations-not human/health or environmental rights.

Vince Warren suggests that if a lower court rules in favor of a corporate position, we might decline to challenge this ruling, since appellate and Supreme Court rulings would affect larger populations.

Janet Newton, president of the EMR Policy Institute, says, “Our best chance now for progressive policies is to elect progressive senators and representatives to the next Congress.”

Get ready for school

Around the world, some parents and teachers want Wi-Fi, routers, mobile phones, Chromebooks, iPads and Google out of classrooms.

Essentially, anyone aware of the health hazards, addictive nature, security and privacy risks and inadequate emergency preparedness of mobile technologies becomes a teacher needing patience, tolerance and an arsenal of references. Here are some resources:

Inviting Discussion About Safer Tech Use in Schools, Katie Singer’s paper summarizes problems and solutions regarding screen-time addiction, EMR exposure, emergency preparedness, medical implants, critical thinking skills, privacy and security.
What Parents Need to Know About Safe Technology, a two-page flyer from EH Trust.
High School Non-Confidential: How School-Loaned Computers May Be Peering Into Your Home, a June, 2017 paper from the American Civil Liberties Union of Rhode Island.
* Americans with Disabilities Act Title II Evaluation of Electromagnetic Sensitivities (EHS) & Accommodations, a letter from medical writer Susan Foster to Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Michelle King, presents an excellent overview about EHS and why every school system needs policies that address it.
* Dr. Roxana Marachi tracks connections between charter schools, public tax dollars being spent on computer hardware and software (including for kindergartenders), and the loss of public schools mandated to serve all children. www.eduresearcher.com

10 detrimental health effects of wireless devices

Juhanna Harju, a Finish writer and nutrition expert, has written an excellent introduction to technology’s adverse effects.

Katie Singer speaks at Oregon bookstores

* July 30, Sunday, 3pm at Tsunami Books in Eugene. Given that the Internet is the largest thing humanity has built, it requires electricity, rare minerals and water. Is the Internet sustainable? How/do we limit use of these resources and mobile growth?
* August 1, Tuesday, 5:30 pm at TreeHouse Books in Ashland. Wise Up! to safer tech habits at home and school: a talk for youth, parents and teachers.

Please contribute! to keep this newsletter (and other projects) going.

Katie Singer is currently working on a series of educational cartoons about e-tech hazards and solutions. (Did you see the recent cartoon about smart meters’ fire hazards?) She also seeks funds to hire a videographer to record and edit her talk about the Internet’s sustainability. Thanks for your consideration: every contribution matters.

Thanks to everyone who aims to use electronics as safely as possible, reduces their energy useand EMR emissions.

To healthier ecosystems and safer communities,
Katie Singer

Yet Another New Study Proves Our Phones Are Killing Us

By Andy Snyder, July 19, 2017

A Note From Andy Gordon: We know that you, as someone who is interested in early-stage investing and equity crowdfunding, like to think outside the box and feel good about breaking free from traditional systems. You also know that startups can help create solutions to major problems.

This is why I wanted to share an article from Andy Snyder, a good friend of mine. He recently published a presentation on the dangers of cellphone radiation.

It’s a big problem. But there are solutions. And, as usual, startups are jumping into the problem-solving arena. ( Check out this startup’s technology someone showcased by walking around Vegas in his underwear.)

I’ve talked with Andy many times about the many connections between how we lead our lives and how we conduct our investments, and I’ve become an avid reader of his impressive new venture, Manward Digest. I think you’d enjoy it.

If you want to read more from Andy, click here to automatically subscribe to Manward Digest and receive updates every time he writes an article.

Dear Early Investor,

The bad news is piling up.

We’ve long said modern humans are the guinea pigs in a nasty and dangerous experiment.

We’ve been put to the test, exposed to the risks… and now the results are trickling in.

They’re not good.

A new report published in the American Journal of Epidemiology confirmed that folks who have used their cellphones for 558 hours or more have, get this, more than a doubled risk of brain cancer.

Again… just 558 hours on the phone and our risk for brain cancer more than doubles.

Is It Time to Say “Bye Bye” to the S&P 500?

Over the past three years, the S&P price-to-earnings ratio has rocketed by 47%. It’s ballooned from a reasonable 18 in 2014… to an insanely overvalued 26 today. That’s ridiculous! You and I both know what happens to balloons. But believe it or not, there’s a MUCH more serious problem… that’s NOT a traditional crash or correction… And it’s about to strike the major markets.

Greed Turns Deadly

As each of us logs more and more hours on these deadly devices, we’re convinced we’ll see more and more stories like this.

Our little guinea pigs are in trouble.

“This study adds more evidence linking cellphone use with brain cancer,” said Dr. Anthony Miller, a senior advisor to the World Health Organization. “We believe the criteria has been met for radio frequency radiation to be classified as a probable human carcinogen. Governments need to take immediate action to inform the public and enact protective policies.”

Keep dreaming…

Governments want nothing to do with this mess. Oh sure, they’re charged with keeping us safe and keeping our society healthy… but the politicos lost that message long ago.

These days it’s all about money.

And when it comes to cellphones, there’s big money on the line.

Take, for instance, the rollout of the next generation of cellphone technology – known as 5G. What a debacle.

Late in Obama’s final term, his administration quietly freed up a wide range of radio spectrum to make way for the implementation of 5G technology.

Of course, that spectrum comes at a price.

The FCC held a first-of-its-kind “spectrum” auction last year. It laid the groundwork for an eventual 5G rollout.

It was quite lucrative for Uncle Sam… pulling in a whopping $19.8 billion.

Even more astonishing, the FCC just fined a company $100 million for licensing but not using spectrum that the FCC “considered promising for future 5G networks.”

In other words… no squatting.

Where’s all this money going? Glad you asked… because at the same time the FCC was counting its nickels and dimes, the Obama White House signed a $400 million plan that funds research papers and other projects related to 5G.

Clearly, big money is on the line.

And when big money is on the line… health concerns are secondary. Just ask Big Tobacco.

A Billion-Dollar Problem

Dr. Devra Davis, the president and founder of Environmental Health Trust, compares it to the recent scandal at Volkswagen. She says “Phonegate” is no different from “Dieselgate.”

“This is an enormous international scandal,” she said.

And it’s only going to get worse… especially now with new, more powerful technology about to hit the airwaves.

“Not only does 5G plan to utilize cellphone frequencies,” Davis said. “It also aims to incorporate millimeter waves that are frequencies already used at higher power as military weapons. Acknowledging the scientific evidence we have, how can this 5G rollout continue?”

Again, we know the answer.

It’s in our wallets.

This experiment is not going to end well. The results are already clear.

Cellphones cause cancer. And they’re killing us… one hour at a time.

The best solution we’ve found is the crux of our recent presentation. It’s a “miracle fix” that cellphone companies absolutely don’t want you to know about. Get all the details by clicking here.

Be well,


P.S. Cellphone companies know all about the dangers of their products. In fact, they’re included in the fine print of every phone on the market. That’s as far as cellphone companies are willing to go to protect you. But like I said, there is a fix… and we’re giving it away for free.

Startup and Cryptocurrency News Roundup

By Adam Sharp, July 14, 2017

Today I’m doing a roundup of July’s top startup and cryptocurrency news. Topics include bitcoin, WhiteClouds and Uber. Read on…

Jawbone’s Demise Has a Silver Lining for Early Investors

By Andy Gordon, July 12, 2017


The latest from Andy Snyder
Doctor’s testimony reveals shocking cellphone-cancer link

July 20, 2017

It’s like a bad car wreck. The authorities tell us to look the other way… but we can’t help but peer over the median to see what in the world happened.

The wreck we’re watching is still unfolding.

It can still be prevented.

And yet the authorities tell us to look away and let it happen.

We’ve got some shocking evidence for readers today. It’s controversial, to be sure.

But we’ve done some digging. We looked where we were told not to. And we can’t help but share it with you.

We recently found an incredible video. It was filmed on September 25, 2008. It contains damning testimony about the dangers of cellphones.

Expert witnesses strolled into Room 2154 of the Rayburn House Office Building just off of Capitol Hill and spilled their guts on the subjects of tumors and cellphone use.

The congressional hearing lasted more than two hours.

It included testimony from the families of brain tumor victims… scientists… and regulators.

It was one of the most important hearings about our health and the effects of cellphones. And yet the vast majority of Americans never heard about it.

It never made the news.


The iPad is a far bigger threat to our children than anyone realizes

Ten years ago, psychologist Sue Palmer predicted the toxic effects of social media. Now she sees a worrying new danger…

When the little girl pointed at the sweets at the checkout, her mother said: ‘No, they’re bad for your teeth.’ So her daughter, who was no more than two, did what small children often do at such times. She threw a tantrum.

What happened next horrified me. The embarrassed mother found her iPad in her bag and thrust it into her daughter’s hands. Peace was restored immediately.

This incident, which happened three years ago, was the first time I saw a tablet computer used as a pacifier. It certainly wasn’t the last. Since then, I’ve seen many tiny children barely able to toddle yet expertly swiping an iPad – not to mention countless teenagers, smartphone in hand, lost to the real world as they tap out texts.


New 5G cell towers and Smart Meters to increase microwave radiation and invade privacy

When the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) approved the use of 5-G microwave communication technology in 2016 and approved the use of microwave frequencies in the 30 Ghz range, [1], they opened the door to even higher levels of human illness and severe disability for American children and adults.

Microwave radiation such as that currently being used in cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, and smart meters has already been linked to numerous health effects.

The introduction of even more intense levels of microwave exposure at higher frequencies will push many people into life-threatening chronic illness. High frequency microwave radiation is often overlooked as a causative factor in illness, because most conventional healthcare providers, government regulators, telecom companies, and electric utilities believe microwave radiation used in communication technology is harmless.


Brain tumour among children on the rise in India

Brain tumour is a cancerous or a non-cancerous mass of growth of abnormal cells in the brain and is a leading cause of death in India.


‘It’s so surreal and crazy and unbelievable that my mom has a brain tumor – and now I have one too.’

Maria Menounos shares ‘walking therapy’ video as she recovers after battle with brain tumor

Former E! News co-host Maria Menounos shared an update of her recovery on Instagram Wednesday, after her announcement earlier this month that she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor and underwent surgery to remove the golf-ball-size tumor.

Menounos, 39, who stepped down from her role as an “E! News” co-host in order to focus on her recovery, posted a pair of photos her doing “walking therapy” with her fiance, Keven Undergaro.


We are all lab rats in a massive cell phone study

Worth a read before you go to bed with your phone again.

The National Toxicology Program is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services. Formed in the 1970s, the program’s stated mission is to identify chemicals or other agents that could pose a threat to public health.

The NTP is currently conducting a multi-year, multi-phase, $25-million rodent study looking into health harms associated with the kinds of radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitted by your phone. In a surprise move last year, the NTP chose to publish “partial findings” after concluding the first phase of its study. In its summary of those findings, the report states: “These studies found low incidences of malignant gliomas in the brain and schwannomas in the heart of male rats exposed to RFR of the two types . . . currently used in US wireless networks.”

Speaking to the media after his program published its report, NTP associate director John Bucher said, “Overall we feel that the tumors are, in fact, likely to be related to the [RFR] exposures.” Bucher had to clarify this point several times because, after soliciting expert comment on his program’s findings, some reviewers took issue with the study’s design and conclusions.


Documento global de divulgacion sobre salud humana yexposicion a campos electromagneticos (radiacion noionizante). )Spanish)

Global disclosure documentary on human health and exposure to electromagnetic fields (non-ionizing radiation).


EMF: The Invisible Toxin That Is Ruining Your Life With Dr Libby Darnell

There’s no denying that EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are harmful! It’s a fact that we need to stop hiding from. Whether you feel it within yourself (like I can) or not, you are being affected by these fields every single day, and they’re having an undeniable impact on your health, happiness and hormones.

Today’s podcast guest, Dr Libby Darnell – a Functional Medicine practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic – has experienced this impact personally and professionally. She knows the detrimental effects of EMF all too well, after losing her seven-year-old niece in two months after high exposures of EMFs in her home and school.


Long Island residents protest 5G antennas installed outside homes w/out consent (video)

Zombies R Us: ‘We the People’ are the walking dead of the American police state

By John W. Whitehead

The Rutherford Institute

July 19, 2017

“Monsters in movies are us, always us, one way or the other. They’re us with hats on. The zombies in George Romero’s movies are us. They’re hungry. Monsters are us, the dangerous parts of us. The part that wants to destroy. The part of us with the reptile brain. The part of us that’s vicious and cruel. We express these in our stories as the monsters out there. The zombies are back. They are hungry. And they are lurking around every corner.”-Filmmaker John Carpenter

RIP George Romero (1940-2017).

Romero-a filmmaker hailed as the architect of the zombie genre-is dead at the age of 77,//www.vox.com/2017/7/16/15979370/george-romero-dead-at-77-living-dead

but the zombified police state culture he railed against lives on.

Just take a look around you.

“We the people” have become the walking dead of the American police state.


Paul Raymond Doyon

Building Biology® Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS)

Serving the South San Francisco Bay Area (Santa Cruz, Monterey, and the Silicon Valley/San Jose Areas)



Major newspaper editorials oppose 5G “small cell” antenna bills

The following editorials oppose the 5G “small cell” antenna bills proposed by the telecommunications/wireless industry in numerous states across the country.

The editorial boards of four major newspapers in California are opposed to this legislation because it imposes serious limitations on local control over the siting of cell antennas.


From Susan Clarke, GUARDS

As goes CA (SB.649), so goes the US & the world!

There is nothing sensible, polite, or smart about SB.649. It is a disaster on many fronts, especially financially — the focus of the Assembly Appropriations Committee. No Speakers Cup Golf Tournament memory from Pebble Beach, no community contribution from AT&T or Verizon and no (very thin) ‘promise of future economic benefit’ can paper over the facts that the financial liability for SB.649 is huge, and the Wireless industry is attempting to pin this on the states. The states are being treated as the pawns in this chess game. The chess grand master is a three-headed entity FCC/AT&T/Verizon — three entities acting as one to exploit California.

A careful reading of the following documents, attached, provides the evidence for this thesis.

• 2017-0719-Assembly-Appropriations-Warning-Letter.pdf

• 2016-0525-SPIN-vs-FACTS-NTP-Carcinogenesis-Study.pdf

This Transcription of the 6/28/17 Local Government Hearing discussion with Assembly Member Ridley-Thomas re: Liability Tells You What You Need to Know (my emphases are in red)

Rudy Reyes, Verizon @ 2:36:20: “A cell tower might give you five to ten miles radius of coverage, but the small cells for 4G/LTE densification goes a few blocks . . . for 5G, the spectrum is going to be millimeter wave spectrum. That spectrum goes much shorter distances, maybe 100 feet and requires a line of sight . . . we are going to need about five to ten times the number of 5G nodes, as we will 4G/LTE nodes . . . so it is really about p times q, price times quantity. So this cost formula needs to pencil out in order to bring 5G to California . . . just for dowtown LA, Verizon alone is going to need 200 to 300 small cells just to densify for 4G/LTE. Then you have to multiply that for five to ten times for when we get to 5G.”

[Comment: that means 1,000 to 3,000 5G small cells in downtown LA, which according to Dr. Google is 4.75 square miles. This would spread 300 4G Small cells + 3,000 5G Small Cells over 4.75 square miles for Verizon alone. If each major Wireless Carrier does the same (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile), that’s 3300 x 4 = 13,200 small cells in roughly an area 11,500 feet by 11,500 feet or one small cell for every 10,000 square feet – understanding that an average Safeway is 50,000 square feet]

Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas @ 2:39:18: “With respect to the liability associated with potential either health impacts or some other safety impacts, does that rest with the Companies or does that shift to the Cities, if we make this a ministerial permit instead of a discretionary permit.”

Senator Hueso @ 2:40:02: “There is nothing precluding the local municipal agency from enforcing all building code requirements. Public safety is extremely important. This doesn’t exempt the industry from following the building code requirements. They are still in place, they must be followed . . . They have to conform to the codes that are imposed by the US standards.”

[Comment: Hueso didn’t answer the question]

Bill Devine, AT&T @ 2:40:38: “May I add an additional comment . . . on page 4, line 38 of the Bill, ‘Small Cells must apply with all applicable Federal State and local health and safety regulations including the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.’ So it reinforces that in the Bill and that was an amendment that was added in the Senate”

Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas @ 2:41:04: “And Liability would rest with the Telecomm Carrier.”

Bill Devine, AT&T @ 2:41:08: “With the company.”

[Comment: This, unfortunately, is not true. Liability will remain with the State if SB.649 becomes a law.]

Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas @ 2:41:31: “The issue with community facilities and safety is not, in my opinion, one that has received as much attention as I’d like in this bill. I read the fire piece a couple of times and it said [not] on a fire department building, does that at all extend that concern into schools, in any sense? . . . Land use goes to the local jurisdiction, even at local schools.”

Hueso @ 2:42:35: “In the public right of way, there is nothing stoppingif there is a vertical pole within the public right of way of a fire station, there is nothing that preempts [a small cell] from being sited there.

Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas @ 2:41:04: “For me, that would be an on-going concern if this Bill moves forward.It would be schools and fire facilities.”

Senator Hueso @ 2:44:35: “Not all cities oppose this bill, not even a majority of the cities. It’s a very high number. It’s like 197, but it’s not a majority — there are over 400 cities [in California].”

Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas @ 2:41:31: “Understood. All of the cities in the jurisdiction I represent do not support this bill and the county which is the largest in the state does not support this measure.”

SB.649 is a very contentious Bill, with many documented due process and rules violations that has been speeding its way much too fast through the CA legislature from Mar throughJuly 2017: SB.649 is more appropriately named Wireless Telecommunications Tools of Commerce, than its misleading nameWireless Telecommunications Facilities. This bill needs to be stopped and the Telecomm companies forced to install fiber-optic to every home, business and farm, as they promised to do, were paid to do and fraudulently neglected to do — as explained in this excellent series of articles by Bruce Kushnick.

Just as with AB.2395 (AT&T’s infamous ‘eliminate telephone landlines’ bill), the Assembly Appropriations Committee can do what is right for California and Californians, by letting this bill mercifully die in Assembly Appropriations.


California Assembly Bill 2395

Status: (Failed) 2016-11-30 – From committee without further action.

The simple and correct answer is to provide energy-efficient, secure, reliable-for-decades, fast broadband to every home, business and farm — a solution that can only be provided with the proven technology of fiber-optic cables buried in the ground all the way to each residence and business. One Big Dig for California will keep the CWA and other unions and many other Californians fully employed for years — digging these ditches and laying this 21st Century Conduit.

Where is the money for this infrastructure investment? The Telecomm companies already collected it from its landline customers from 1992 to the present for the express purpose of installing fiber-optic to the home, but the Telecomm companies misused these funds to install only fiber-optic to their cell phone towers. The state can and must enforce this contract. It is the most economically sound plan for the state of California and avoids the liabilities endemic in allowing wireless tools of commerce to be installed on public property (read Attorney Harry Lehmann’s letter, attached).

How did we get here? The Telecomm Companies have been calling in their chips as payback for the large campaign contributions and community donations they have made in the legislators’ interests over the last few years (see photos, below). The Telecomm industry is trying to free itself of the last vestiges of regulation and pass legislation that has been . . .

• Written by the American Legislative Exchange Council (primarily funded by Koch brothers money)

• Supplemented with the ever-growing wishlist from the CTIA – the Wireless Association . . . more with each successive Bill edit

• Handed to the Bill Authors Ben Hueso and Bill Quirk with marching orders, even though a growing list of 215 CA cities and the 25 largest CA counties universally oppose SB.649 — including all of the cities in Hueso’s and Quirk’s Districts.CA legislators, on behalf of their Telecomm benefactors, are shoving this down the throats of local CA governments and all California residents in a race to beat the final release, later this year, of the 1800 MHz Mice data from the 16-year, $25 million National Toxicology Study on the Carcinogenesis of Radio-Frequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MW radiation) from cell phone intrastructure. The 900 MHz rat results, released in May, 2016have already proven significantly higher rates of brain cancer, heart cancer, DNA damage and pre-tumors in test rats, with no occurrences in control rates, who were properly shielded from ambient RF/MW radiation signals.

The United States National Toxicology Program (NTP), part of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), released substantial scientific proof of its a 16-year,$25 million investigation, the largest and most complete toxicology study ever completed. Dr. Ronald L. Melnick, the lead designer of the NTP study stated on 6/1/16:

“So, what’s the message from all of this? We tested the hypothesis that [radio-frequency] radiation could not cause health effects and we feel that the hypothesis has now been disproved because these results clearly show that that [radio-frequency] radiation can cause adverse health effects. . .

The finding of increases of gliomas and schwannomas of the heart in rats exposed to the radio-frequency radiation provides consistency with the epidemiological reports of increases of gliomas and acoustic neuromas, which are tumors of Shwann cells among humans exposed to [radio-frequency] radiation. Those were the findings that provided the basis for the IARC evaluation of 2011, because the same cells that became cancerous in rats are the cells that have been reported to develop into tumors in [human] epidemiological studies . . .

The incidence of tumors is not the measurement of risk alone. Risk is determined from the dosimetry, which is the absorbed power [multiplied by] time [of exposure], versus the tumor response . . . because of the large number of [exposed human] users worldwide, even a small increase in risk at exposure propensities that may be close to what humans experience, could result in a large number of people developing a RF-radiation-induced tumor with long-term exposure.”

This is consistent with the human findings from our US Embassy personnel who were irradiated by RF/MW radiation by the Soviets during the Cold War from 1953 to 1978, described below. The longer their service, the worse their health outcome. Both of these studies prove that its the total exposure over time, not the rate of exposure which really matters, as with any toxic agent.

I would guess that you are busy with many stories of importance, but SB.649 has received far too little press coverage for how significantly it will impact all Californians, including an estimated one to four million Californians who may be forced out of their homes if this Bill becomes law (details below).

• //www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170602005869/en

• //scientists4wiredtech.com/2017/06/press-advisory-ca-sb-649-passed-by-senate/

A hearing on SB.649 on 7/12/17 State Capitol Room 437 at the Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee at a time-certain start time of 1:30 pm, due to an accommodation the CA Assembly extended to Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) Californians — a group who, until 5/15/17, have been illegally blocked from addressing their government face-to-face about the very ill-considered Wireless Telecommunications Tools of Commerce that have ruined their lives (first AB.57 in 2015 and now SB.649 in 2017).

After a very tough struggle, we finally achieved an accommodation to give these persecuted Californians a voice in the proceedings. The Senate and the Assembly, however, are unwisely ignoring the substantial scientific evidence (20,000+ studies) that conclude certain harm from the RF/MW radiation exposures planned by SB.649.

What’s common among the SB.649 Bill Authors? CA Senator Ben Hueso and CA Assembly member Bill Quirk have each received large checks from AT&T (note the dates and the disparate amounts of these checks; there is a back story here.)

One to four million Californians suffer from a Federally-recognized disabled characteristic calledElectromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS) — an environmentally-induced illness caused by too much exposure to Radio-Frequency Microwave Radiation (RF/MW radiation) and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). ‘Too much’, by the way, is millions of times lower than the current and scientifically-disproven Federal RF/MW radiation exposure guidelines, which have never been safety guidelines, only military/commercial guidelines.

In addition, SB.649 nukes local control over cell tower siting (of all flavors) — so the Wireless Carriers and the Federal Government would have carte blanche to violate Californians’ inalienable rights to safety and privacy in our own homes — rights that are guaranteed by our US and CA constitutions. SB.649 will force unnecessary Wireless Telecommunications Tools of Commerce right onto the light poles and utility poles in residential zones — as close as 10-50 from residences. This burdens Californians with forced exposures to hazardous levels of RF/MW radiation 24/7/365 at much too close proximity.

Cell phone antennas belong 200 feet in the air and 2500 feet away before one can tolerate the resulting 1 to 5 micrwatts per square meter (µW/m²) signal which enables both calls and texts. Anything higher than 10 µW/m² is a severe health hazard. A microwatt is a millionth of a watt.

Measuring peak, not average levels is critical to understanding that any use of RF/MW radiation leads to unacceptably-high exposures (//www.createhealthyhomes.com/richtwerte-2015-englisch.pdf)

No Hazard | Slight Hazard | Severe Hazard | Extreme Hazard

< 0.1 µW/m² 0.1 µW/m² to 10 µW/m² 10 µW/m² to 1000 µW/m² > 1000 µW/m²

Unlike so-called “Smart Meters”, another proven hazard, there is no opt-out program for so-called “Small Cells”, which are not small by the definitions in the actual Bill language:

65964.2. (g) (2) (A) “Small cell” meets the following qualifications:

(i) The small cell antennas on the structure, excluding the associated equipment, total no more than six cubic feet in volume, whether an array or separate.

(ii) Any individual piece of associated equipment on pole structures does not exceed nine cubic feet.

(iii) The cumulative total of associated equipment on pole structures does not exceed 21 cubic feet.

(iv) The cumulative total of any ground-mounted equipment along with the associated equipment on any pole or nonpole structure does not exceed 35 cubic feet.

(v) The following types of associated ancillary equipment are not included in the calculation of equipment volume:

(I) Electric meters and any required pedestal.

(II) Concealment elements.

(III) Any telecommunications demarcation box.

(IV) Grounding equipment.

(V) Power transfer switch.

(VI) Cutoff switch.

(VII) Vertical cable runs for the connection of power and other services.

(VIII) Equipment concealed within an existing building or structure.

35 Cubic feet is the size a large refrigerator as shown in this accurate model. Such a power supply box will be placed on the sidewalk next to every pole and non-pole so-called “Small Cell”: not very small, is it?

The Chilling Part of the Story

The following two blog posts provides accurate, professionally-collected RF/MW radiation exposure data and tells the chilling story:

• //scientists4wiredtech.com/2017/03/rfr-hazards/

• //scientists4wiredtech.com/2017/04/palo-alto-4g-small-cells/

[1] The RF/MW radiation levels that the Soviets beamed at US Embassy personnel from 1953 to 1978 were at 20,000 to 280,000 µW/m², which caused many well-documented health problems from microwave radiation sickness:

• Cardiac problems

• Neurological and psychological symptoms

• Altered blood cell counts

• Increased chromosome aberrations, and

• Elevated cancer in children and adults (three ambassadors to Russia died of brain tumors and Leukemia)

• Sickness increasing in a dose-response manner with years of residence.

[2] The RF/MW radiation levels that people on the sidewalks of downtown Palo Alto have been exposed to since November, 2016 is 720,000 to 1,230,000 µW/m² which is an extreme health hazard causing short-term, medium-term and long-term negative health impacts.

ConclusionRF/MW radiation exposures on the streets of downtown Palo Alto today is 5 to 60 times higher than what was beamed at the US Embassy personnel from 1953 to 1978. And this can go much higher because the antennas are only running at 6 Watts of input power at present, but could be turned up to 500 Watts at any time because there is sufficient power on the sidewalk to do so and there is no realtime monitoring or policing of RF/MW radiation levels in this populated area. These factors need to be identified, discussed and corrected.

In addition, these Wireless tools of commerce are falsely branded as “Small Cells”, which belies their true nature and function. Digging into the actual specs of this Palo Alto installation, uncovers the disturbing truth. This link to the planning documents describes in detail the 19 node 4G Distributed Antenna System (DAS) in Palo Alto. The specs in this document show:

Page 5: “The project is categorically exempt from the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) per section 15303 of the CEQA Guidelines.” [Comment: this should not be, given the hazardous levels of RF/MW radiation]

Page 12: “Applicant shall hire a radio engineer licensed by the State of California to measure the actual radio frequency emission of each installation and determine if it meets FCC’s standards”. [Comment: The problem is the the FCC standards are nonsense and do not protect the population; scientists have shown this in their substantial scientific data for decades]

Page 12: “Indemnity: To the extent permitted by law, the Applicant shall indemnify and hold harmless the City, its City Council, its officers, employees and agents (the “indemnified parties”) from and against any claim, action, or proceeding brought by a third party against the indemnified parties and the applicant to attack, set aside or void, any permit or approval authorized hereby for the Project, including (without limitation) reimbursing the City for its actual attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in defense of the litigation. The City may, in its sole discretion, elect to defend any such action with attorneys of its own choice.” [Comment: This means that people who get injured from RF/MW radiation from this city-owned property have to sue Verizon, which knows it can bleed any plaintiffs dry and force a settlement without a decision, as it has done for 20 years]

Page 16: “TREE DAMAGE. Tree Damage, Injury Mitigation and Inspections apply to Contractor. Reporting, injury mitigation measures pursuant to Tree Technical Manual, Section 2.20-2.30. Contractor shall be responsible for the repair or replacement of any publicly owned or protected trees that are damaged during the course of construction, pursuant to Title 8 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code, and city Tree Technical Manual, Section 2.25.” [Comment: This protects trees during construction, but not during operation of these small cells — from certain damage from RF/MW radiation: see 2016-0806-Waldmann-Selsam-citotenv-572-p554-569-RF-Trees.pdf, available on the internet].

Page 19: “this 19 site (node), small cell project is designed to be installed in the public right of way on existing utility poles. The small cell wireless sites provide capacity coverage to the larger cell site or cell tower in the area. In this case that larger cell site exists at 525 University Avenue.” [Comment: The project is not necessary at all since all locations in this three-block area could already receive a call/text from the antennas already installed on the top of a 20-story building, which endangers those who rent the top floor, but not everyone on Palo Alto sidewalks]

Page 21: “Each of the 19 nodes will utilize one or two antennas not exceeding 24″ in length, additionally each site will have an equipment cabinet within 10 feet of the existing pole and within the public-right-of-way, that will hold the radio equipment.” [Comment: You most likely have a wireless router at home; by spec it broadcasts 800 feet. The power supply needed to do this easily fits in one hand. Why does a “Small Cell” need a power supply box as large as 35 cubic feet? It doesn’t, so this extra space is for future growth and new applications which could require lots of power. What could these applications be?]

Page 21: “Nor will the project be detrimental to public health or safety.” [Comment: This is a false statement according to 20,000+ studies of substantial scientific evidence that indicates the contrary. These same studies prove that the 47 U.S.C. Paragraph 332©(7)(B)(iv) is nonsense]

Page 21: “To ensure that the proposed project will operate within the limits, a report prepared by a qualified third party (Jerrold T. Bushberg, Ph.D., DABMP, DABSNM) is included in the application. The reports looks at the antennas and equipment proposed as part of this project and analyzes emissions. The report concluded that maximum RF exposure is well below the FCC establish standard. [Comment: Let’s take a careful look at this analysis and compare them to actual technical specs of the equipment installed in Palo Alto — there is something very wrong here].

Page 28: “According to the report by Jerrold T. Bushberg, dated March 27, 2015 Each antenna is to be driven with a power input of 6.32 watts

Page 33: “Actual specs for Amphenol Antenna: power input of 300 to 500 Watts” [Comment: there is something very wrong here].

Page 61: Bogus mapping of hazardous radiation levels [based on calculations of average, not peak RF/MW radiation levels, using nominal and lower than actual power inputs; notbased on actual RF/MW radiation peaks metered by instruments].

Page 63: Required RF/MW Radiation Warning sign that is missing from the Palo Alto Small Cell installations

This is all explained more fully here:


From Emil-Pierre Steck, Australia

EMR / RF cell phone radiation exposure at body contact

PhoneGate: Cell phone radiation exceeds limits when tested at body contact position


Letter to French ministers Agnès Buzyi and Nicolas Hulot on cell phone ‘PhoneGate’ scandal

Letters From Dr. Marc Arazi to Agnès Buzyn Minister of Solidarity and Health and Nicolas Hulot Minister of the Ecological Transition, France on Cell Phone Scandal As detailed in a Press Release on June 22 2017, Dr. Marc Arazi wrote Mrs. Agnès Buzyn Minister of Solidarity and Health and Mr. Nicolas Hulot Minister of the […]


Phonegate: French government data indicates cell phones expose consumers to radiation levels higher than manufacturers claim

Cell Phone Radiation Scandal: More Exposure Than Manufacturers Claim “PhoneGate” In France, government data release reveals 9 out of 10 phones tested exceed regulatory limits Click here to read Spanish translation. (Washington, DC) Under court order, the National Frequency Agency (ANFR) of France has just disclosed that most cell phones exceed government radiation limits when tested […]


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