Our purpose is to bring you the latest news and information and provide a discussion centre for all those that have concerns about todays EMF environment. We will be bringing you up-to-date news from our sources and contributors around the world. News, opinions, articles, videos, reviews, discussion with ‘Your Say’, and a new online consultancy service, provided by our team of world class experts.

For those that need help with everything from medical, technical, professional and personal help with EMF problems, however difficult, our team of experts will offer advice in English, French, Spanish and Russian. Our time zones span the globe so help is always at hand.

Join the ‘Your Say’ discussion group and share your thoughts and ideas with like-minded people across the globe. Help us raise awareness of EMF in the community.

In the coming weeks we’ll be focussing on the latest news on 5G, Smart Meters and much, much more.

Make ‘The EMF Community’ your priority site for the very latest on everything EMF.

Geoff Simmonds MSc


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