Эпидемия будущего. Влияние 3G и Wi-fi на человеческий организм

Ученые забили тревогу, предупреждая нас о неизведанной доселе болезни, которая может стать чумой 21 века. Причем поражает она только тех, кто живет в развитых странах. Называется она электрогиперчувствительность. Симптомы тяжелые. Подробнее смотрите далее. Источник: lemurov.net

Panorama – Wi-Fi a warning signal

The Government insists Wi-Fi is safe, but a Panorama investigation shows that radio frequency radiation levels in some schools are up to three times the level found in the main beam of intensity from mobile phone masts. There have been no studies on the health effects of Wi-Fi equipment, but thousands on mobile phones and …

Wi-Fi in Schools – The Facts

Around the world an increasing number of governments and authorities have banned or warned against the use of wifi in schools. Many experts, scientists and doctors are warning the public to take a precautionary approach. In this video we examine the facts.