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5G is coming, so what does it mean for you?

Geoff Simmonds MSc. Director, EMF Clothing and Shielding Ltd, and Founder, The EMF Community, offers an insight for those concerned about the imminent arrival of 5G.

I am constantly asked about 5G – when is it coming, should I be concerned?

The subject is complex, and the available information can be confusing. But firstly it is important to clear up some confusion between 5G and the term 5GHz

5G is an abbreviation of ‘5th Generation’, whereas 5 GHz refers to the 5 Gigahertz  – a spectrum frequency in operation for high frequency Wi-Fi. So remember 5G and 5GHz are not the same thing.

5G has been deployed in some towns and cities across the globe. The official status in the UK and Europe is that it is being ‘trialled in some areas’. Notably Guildford and Bristol. Many experts claim it is already operational in many other places including a highly publicised case of 32,000 street lamps in Gateshead.

Whatever the actual situation, it certainly looks like 5G will roll out faster than most people think.

So what is different about 5G?

5G is a paradigm shift in technology and infrastructure. According to the FCC  it is focused on making additional multiple-band spectrum available for 5G services.

This will not only utilise the existing 4G infrastructure but will bring in controversial millimetre wave spectrum for 5G terrestrial use with likely spectrum auctions in the 28 and 24 GHz bands. Then even up to 76 GHz and beyond.

This will require potentially millions of new small-cell antennae to be deployed, bringing 5G signals to almost everyone on the planet, wherever they live. Even beaming signals from space.

But there is much more. 5G is not just an upgraded telecoms communication system. Moreover, it will integrate the telecommunications network, smart grid and the ‘internet of things’ meaning a vast digitalisation of our world.

Whilst many are excited about the advances in technology; those who are concerned about the unknown health effects that the unleashing of such high frequencies may bring, are calling for time-out while the independent, objective concerns can be examined properly.

But the industry and governments are in no mood for delay, the agenda for 5G is accelerating and marching on at a fast pace.

What advice is there for those who are already sensitive to the existing electro smog? What can be done to protect against 5G?

Unless there is a change of tack in the roll-out, (which seems very unlikely), then the actions to be taken are limited, but still possible.

Here is a simple 4 step advisory roadmap:

  1. Research everything you can about 5G, the frequencies to be used and their properties and potential effects as quickly as you can.
  2. Consider your options for mitigation, such as shielding and/or relocation.
  3. Formulate a plan as soon as possible. Sound out your ideas with trusted friends and relatives as a sanity check.
  4. Make that plan a project with a timescale and clear objectives. Aim to start to implement it by the end of 2018 and make sure to be finished during 2019.

Good luck!


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  1. Yes I have relocated, on the run for 5 years, now I am in a tiny town with just enough emf to keep me sick half the time instead of all the time, but at least I have a roof over my head and a toilet that flushes.

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