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Barrie Trower – pulsed frequencies are dangerous to the human brain

Distinguished British physicist and ex-UK military specialist in Electronic Warfare, Barrie Trower, asked me to share his personally-obtained information with those interested. First, though, readers are encouraged to read what engineers from world-famous MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) say regarding the human brain and how relatively fragile/delicate it is. MIT engineer comments include, in part: https://engineering.mit.edu/engage/ask-an-engineer/can-brain-waves-interfere-with-radio-waves/:
1) “Radio waves and brain waves are both forms of electromagnetic radiation, i.e., waves of energy that travel at the speed of light. The main difference between them is their “frequency” i.e., how often each ‘wave’ peaks and troughs in a second. (Think of North American residential electricity which has a “frequency” of 60 waves or Hertz per second, which we refer to as “60 Hz”.)
2) Whereas radio waves (says MIT) constitute frequencies in the 10 Hz to 300-million Hz range (i.e., between 10 and 300-million oscillations per second), a human brain uses frequencies in the 10 Hz to 100 Hz range (i.e., between 10 and 100 oscillations per second).
3) Relative Signal Strength (or Power Density). Brain waves are so weak, they are hardly measurable at all. For comparison, says MIT engineer Pantazis, “The magnetic field of the earth is just strong enough to move the needle of a compass. Signals from the brain are a billionth of that strength.” [This is what corrupt governments and industry don’t want us to know/realize – Jerry Flynn]

Now back to Barrie Trower. His letter says: “Initially, all systems “pulsed”. However, when it was realized that stealth microwave warfare relies on entrainment of a brain from such pulses, now being used as a domestic instrument, the pulses had to be re-named as “modulations”. The difference between them is infinitesimally small, but the effect is just the same. Only the name has changed. I believe that this explains the dramatic changes in behavior we are now witnessing – group suicides, disruption in schools, aggression and so on.” Over the years, Barrie Trower compiled a list of known entrainment responses (followed by long-term potentiation) from these microwaves. He says: “It should be appreciated that each person will respond slightly differently, although the same areas of brain / temporal / amygdaloid temporal / marotid / etc. will remain the same.
Pulse/Modulations per second – Possible Result:
1 – Heartbeat Rhythm
1-3 – Sleep Pattern
3-5 – Paranoia / Hallucinations / Amnesia / Illusions / Drowsiness “Absent’ feeling
6-7 – Depression / Suicidal Feelings / Visual Distortion / Confusion
8-11 – Cannot Relax / Feeling Unwell / Unhappy
11-13 – Anger / Manic Behaviour / Problems with Movement / Flashes / Loss of Appetite
14-18 – Small Seizures/Disturbed Orientation/Auditory/Visual Hallucinations
18+ – Inability to make decisions/Sensory problems (sight/touch/sound)
24+** – Confusion/Flickering/flashing lights/Dizziness
35+ – Mania/Hyperactivity
40+ – Anxiety/Sleep disturbance/Reaction time slowed/Unable to make decisions.”
** It is worth mentioning that a mobile phone with a pulse/modulation frequency at 25 could act directly on visual sight (if being held at the head) or heartbeat (if in a chest pocket). A pulsed frequency of 25 can disrupt both visual and heart neurotransmitters.
Clearly a susceptible person may have any combination of these. Electro-hypersensitive persons may recognize many of their own symptoms. My work on EHS and the brain can be found on http://www.mastsanity.org.
I think the problem is that young Governments and young communications engineers have no knowledge of Cold War warfare and don’t know who to ask: even if they did, the Government would probably be in denial. The situation is a mess, made worse by greed.
If anyone would like clarification of any of the foregoing, or I can help in any way, please let me know. Signed Barrie Trower, 3 Flowers Meadow, Liverton, Devon, TQ12 6UP,
James G (“Jerry”) Flynn, Captain (retired)
Bowser, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
PS. Interestingly, BC Hydro’s own TETRA system pulses at 17.64 Hz – right smack in the middle of the human brain’s frequencies! It’s ‘carrier’ frequency is just under 400 MHz, which is dangerous in its own right, but it is the “pulse’ frequency that should concern BC Hydro, its unsuspecting employees, who are obliged to use TETRA, and those who work and/or live in such an environment. Remember, it takes about 10 years or more for serious illnesses to appear.
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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