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FCC just green-lit a mind-blowing new device that could soon uproot your entire way of life

Dear Loyal Reader,

If you’re someone who wants to see Congress fast-track President Trump’s infrastructure plan, then you’ll want to pay close attention to this message.

Because the FCC just green-lit a mind-blowing new device that could soon uproot your entire way of life … and make you a fortune in the process.

Mark my words: This is the extraordinary story of how you could infiltrate “the 1%” and create the kind of wealth that passes down generations.

Of course, there’s no word on whether this device or technology will be implemented as part of Trump’s infrastructure plan. This technology is still in its “build out phase.

But already $3 billion has been spent on the early stages of the build-out for a new kind of delivery system for electricity.

And it could be the go-to source for powering homes, businesses, and what some experts predict could be over 30 billion electrical devices.

Companies like Samsung, Sony, LG, Toshiba, Canon, and Motorola – among others – are already working to fast-track this game-changing technology.

And if it becomes part of the infrastructure plan, don’t be surprised if this happens to you:

You’re awakened by the clanks and squeals of bucket trucks that line your street.

An anxious peek through your window reveals a swarm of workers in hard hats and reflective neon gear.

They have arrived without warning.

You shift between wonder and worry, and ask yourself: “Is this some kind of national emergency, and have I missed the memo?”

But your neighbors are equally surprised and perplexed — if their expressions are any indication.

For the moment, you all look on as your quiet neighborhood becomes a thundering chaos of orange cones…

Flashing lights

Broken concrete and mounds of dirt…

And – most strikingly — a collection of holes, each more than five feet deep.

These holes used to house the poles that connected your power lines.

But not anymore.

Because when the hard hats leave, and the holes are filled, these workers will have helped bury a 120-year old tradition of what will have become the old way of distributing and accessing power…

And bring a brand new form of electricity to your home — one that is powerline free!

At the center of this movement will be one tiny company that controls all the critical patents for what I expect will be “America’s Wireless Electrical Grid”…

This company is only 1/1,000th the size of GE … yet they have pioneered a miraculous new “electricity” that the Washington Times says, “Will change the world on a scale hardly seen in human history.”

This may sound fantastical, but when President Trump passes the largest infrastructure plan we’ve seen in decades…

And if this technology is part of it, which it could be

You’re going to wish you had taken advantage of this historic opportunity!

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To Your Success,

Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

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