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Krakow hears of heart cancers and corruption while the U.N. promotes wireless technology and the White House weighs tax cuts and less red tape for 5G

For 500 years since Copernicus, Krakow has revolutionized science. Today the city stands alone in the conflict over the safety of electromagnetic radiation to protect its citizens.

By John Weigel

(Krakow, Poland) At the Third International Forum on Protection from Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution three scientists speaking the city’s Hall of Sessions told the international audience of the threat posed by modern microwave based technology to human life amide and environment of political and corporate corruption. Krakow remains the only municipality on the planet to protect it’s citizens from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation pollution.

On the same day as the conference, The United Nations International Telecommunications Union (ITU) issued a press release promoting global wireless
technology including: regulatory sandboxes of enterprise; ‘start-up and experiment’ interfaces and 5G projects”. The ITU sponsored a symposium in Geneva and produced “guidelines for encouraging policy and regulatory measures to facilitate the deployment and use of emerging technologies for affordable digital infrastructure and services”.

Jacek Majchrowski
Nowhere is the issue of planetary security, or health and safety addressed. The Forum was opened by Jacek Maria Majchrowski, Mayor of the Royal Capital City of Kraków since 2002 (reelected in 2006, 2010 and in 2014), a professor of law and history (since 1988) at Copernicus’ Jagiellonian University. A member of the Democratic Left Alliance, Majchrowski’s left-wing stance became globally-renown when he was snubbed during a visit to the city
by US president George W Bush, due to his opposition to the Iraq war and his country’s forces involvement in it.

The profound historic significance of Bush’s behaviour in Poland can not be over-emphazied. G.W. Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was immersed in business dealings with the Nazis and deployment of I.B.M’s technology – the Hollerith machine – which used punch cards to keep track of trains and prisoners to the Auschwith-Birkenau complex – an hour’s drive from Krakow – before turning to computers. The program was administered from Wael Castle in Krakow and operated from a facility across the street from a modern day  hopping center and train station at 22 Pawia Street. According to Edmond Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust, a third machine was located little over a mile from Auschwitz III, also known as Monowitz Concentration Camp.

On the world stage, while Krakow works to inform it’s citizens about microwave electromagnetic technology, Warsaw (capital city) are negotiating to roll out 5G.

The very heart of Poland is at risk.

Presenter for the event was Marta Patena, Councillor of the City of Krakow and long-time promoter of protecting citizens from electromagnetic pollution.

A mathematician, Patena has been a member of the Krakow City Council for 16 years and now plans to run for the Małopolska Regional Assembly – for Krakow. Prior to the guest presentations, Cllr. Patena was presented with an Award of Merit by Mayor Michrowski for her services to the city of Krakow.

The three guest speakers at the event included:

•Dott.ssa Fiorella Belpoggi (Italy), director, Cesare Maltoni Cancer Research Center,
Ramazzini Institute, Bologna, Italy.
•Dr. Marc Arazi (France), Président “Alerte Phonegate”.
•Prof. Olle Johansson (Sweden), Neuroscientist.

Collegium Ramazzini is an independent, international academy with 180 invited members from more than 30 countries. It was founded in 1982 by American-born Dr. Irving Selikoff who made the definitive link between asbestos and lung disease.

It was named after 16th Century Italian physician Bernardino Ramazzini. The Collegium Ramazzini’s brief is to investigate occupational and environmental health issues. As head of research, Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi conducts her scientific studies at the Collegium’s Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy.

The significance of the Ramazzini Institute is that it is a nonprofit scientific cooperative which only exists through donations from individuals and organizations to investigate subjects as diverse as weather modification, Monsanto’s glyphosate and cancer in children. In 2000 The Ramazzini Institute signed an agreement to cooperate with the National Toxicology Program, an inter-agency program which operates under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Collaboration between the Ramazzini Institute and the National Toxicology Program
focuses on four areas:
– Rodent cancer bioassays
– Interactions of genetic susceptibility and environmental exposures
– Basic mechanisms of carcinogenesis
– Statistical methods for the evaluation of bioassay data

“We started to study radiation as physical agents (ionizing and non ionizing radiation) in 1991, some years after the Chernobyl accident. The whole project on  radiation includes:
Gamma radiation, ELF-EMF: and RFR,” explained Dr. Belpoggi. In 2005, both the Ramazzini Institute and the NTP decided to extend their enquiries into  microwave frequencies.

Rather than accepting reports from the Ramazzini Institute and the NTP’s controversial interim report in 2016 on the increased incidence of cancer from microwave exposure, the International Agency for Research and Cancer (IARC) praised the work of both groups but said more work needs to be conducted. IARC wants a complete inventory of the effects of radiation on every part of the body.

There is a sublime irony to be found in IARC’s request. Headquartered at Lyon, France, IARC began life after a group of leading French figures persuaded President DeGaulle to establish an organization to deal with the issue of escalating cancer rates. The new organization was to be funded from the national budget allocated to nuclear weapons development. Following DeGaulle’s approval, within 18 months the idea became widespread and the project evolved into an international effort and IARC was created in 1965 by the World Health Assembly which is the governing body of the World Health Organization (WHO).

In a scientific paper accepted in January 2018 titled, Report of final results regarding brain and heart tumors in Sprague-Dawley rats exposed from prenatal life until natural death to mobile phone radiofrequency field representative of a 1.8 GHz GSM base station environmental emission, Dott.ssa Belpoggi and her team concluded:

 An increase in the incidence of malignant glial tumors was observed in treated female rats at the highest dose (50 V/m), although this was not statistically significant. Similarly to the NTP (Wyde et al., 2016), the communication of the first important findings of the RI study was urged by different factors: 1) the fact that also a small increase of the incidence of tumors induced by the exposure to RFR could have great impact for public health; 2) The RI findings on far field
exposure to RFR are consistent with the results of the NTP study on near field exposure to RFR (Wyde et al., 2016), as both reported an increase in the incidence of tumors of the brain and heart in RFR-exposed Sprague-Dawley rats;and 3) because the tumors of the brain and heart observed at increased incidence in rats exposed to RFR generated by an 1.8 GHz GSM antenna in our study are of the same cytological origin of those observed in some
epidemiological studies of cell phone users. These experimental studies provide sufficient evidence to call for the re-evaluation of IARC conclusions regarding the carcinogenic potential of RFR in humans.

In essence the paper supports the contention of Dr. Annie Sasco who unsuccessfully urged that IARC declare EMF radiation a carcinogen rather than the current 2B Possible Carcinogen rating.

According to Belpoggi, the NTP Program found a “significant increase in malignant glioma and glial cell hyperplasia” in the brains of male rats and startlingly in the heart “a significant dose-related increase in malignant schwannoma and hyperplasia in males”. In contrast, her team found a “slight but not insignificant (increase) in malignant glioma in exposed female rats”. It was during investigations of cancer of the heart that proved electromagnetic frequencies prompted unanticipated results including heart attacks. “There was a significant dose-related increase in malignant schwannoma in males; slight increase, not insignificant, in hyperplasia of Schwann cells in both males and females,” she reported. “Considered together, these lesions are highly significant in all treated groups, both male and females”.

Dottt.ssa Belpoggi summarized explaining:

• The RI findings on far field exposure to RFR are consistent with the results of the NTP
study on near field exposure
• The tumors of the brain and heart observed in rats exposed to RFR in both studies have
the same cytological origin as those observed in some epidemiological studies on
cellphone users
• These experimental studies provide sufficient evidence to call for the re-evaluation of
IARC conclusions regarding the carcinogenic potential of RFR in humans

“If the telecommunications industry’s plans for 5G come to fruition,” said Belpoggi, “no person, no animal, no bird, no insect and no plant on Earth will be able to avoid exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to levels of RF radiation that are tens to hundreds of times greater than what exists today, without any possibility of escape anywhere on the planet.”

In a chilling warning from a scientist of life-long professional experience, Belpoggi warned, “These 5G plans threaten to provoke serious, irreversible effects on humans and permanent damage to all of the Earth’s ecosystems.”

Dr. Marc Arazi is a medical doctor and radiation health activist. His 2016 enquiries and subsequent legal action led to the release of French government documents in 2017 which list cell phones that generate radiation levels in excess of legal thresholds. The radiation levels noted by the government in 2015 revealed that radiation levels from nine out of 10 cell phone manufacturers were as much as three times statutory guidelines.

In a peer review of the U.S. National Toxicology Program’s draft cancer report published in May 2016 Arazi noted:

In July 2016, the French National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety (ANSES) published an important report entitled, “Exposure to Radiofrequencies and Child Health”. This report brought to light information hitherto unknown to the public, namely that 9 out of 10 mobile phones tested in 2015 by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR) in contact with the body showed a SAR level higher than 2W/kg and one out of 4, a SAR level higher than 4 W/kg…

In June 2017, following several legal actions by Arazi and others, the ANFR was forced to publish preliminary partial results of tests
on 379 mobile phones selected from stores between 2012 and 2016. These results reveal that leading mobile phones sold in
France as well as Europe exceed the regulatory thresholds for the Standard Absorption Rate (SAR) for the trunk and extremities of the
human body valid within Europe.

Six months ago in a press release, Dr. Arazi explained, “On March 8, 2018, the Agency revealed on the same DATA site the complete reports (but not the original ones) of 442 cell phones tested until 2017. These results show that the leading mobile phones sold in
France as well as Europe exceed the regulatory thresholds for the SAR trunk and extremities valid within Europe. All this was made possible by inappropriate regulation that allowed mobile phones to be tested at a distance of 15 to 25 mm from the skin.”

The resultant health scandal was dubbed PhoneGate by French journalist Pierre Le Hir of Le Monde and resulted in the establishment of the the non-governmental organization called PhoneGate Alert in March of this year. Arazi is also a co-funder of a French commercial company which provides financial services to healthcare professionals.

To view Araziʼs full presentation visit:

Just why a citizen, a professional in the field of medicine should find it difficult to obtain information about health-related issues from his government remains problematical. There can only be one reason why a government would withhold information. France, like most other governments and the United Nations, has another agenda. That agenda is formulated by corporations pursuing profit and governments failing to implement the socalled Precautionary Principle which calls for discretion by policy-makers to justify difficult decisions relating to electromagnetic radiation to control the population.

There is a catch in Europe’s approach to the Precautionary Principle. According to the Journal of the European Union there are two very big “IFs. “The precautionary principle is detailed in Article 191 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). It relates to an approach to risk management whereby if there is the possibility that a given policy or action might cause harm to the public or the environment and if there is still no scientific consensus on the issue, the policy or action in question should not be pursued. Once more scientific information becomes available, the situation should be reviewed.”

Against what Arazi calls “An industrial scandal on a planetary scale”, France’s hesitation to make information available to Arazi and his colleagues at Alerte PhoneGate could be interpreted as being cautious because there “is still no scientific consensus” about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones in particular. In addition to the failure to implement the Precautionary Principle in France, there is a global push for wireless technology. While IARC is holding the line against declaring wireless technology dangerous to human beings it is acting as an agency of the World Health Organization

U.N. ignores the Precautionary Principle delays the science, promotes deployment


which, in turn is a subsidiary of the United Nations – a voluntary, unelected body founded under the influence of Rockefeller family interests.

Simultaneously, the United Nations, through it’s subsidiary agency, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is promoting the rollout of wireless technology, including AI and 5G, around the world. Logically, the U.N. is delaying acceptance of wireless dangers while promoting its deployment.

The U.N’s International Telecommunications Union claims that “ consumer demands are shaping the development of mobile broadband services.’ The ITU has created an international specification called IMT-2020, noting that 5G trials and pre-commercial activities already underway.

The IMT standard is intended to :

• “transport a huge amount of data much faster, reliably connecting an extremely large
number of devices and processing very high volumes of data with minimal delay 5G is
expected to connect people, things, data, applications, transport systems and cities in
smart networked communication environments;
• “5G is expected to support applications such as smart homes and buildings, smart
cities, 3D video, work and play in the cloud, remote medical surgery, virtual and
augmented reality, and massive machine-to-machine communications for industry
automation and self-driving cars. 3G and 4G networks currently face challenges in
supporting these services.
• Due to its sheer scale and scope, “5G is expected to accelerate the achievement of all
17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), from affordable and clean energy to zero

A second difficulty facing Arazi and PhoneGate Alert is the issue of corporate lobbying of politicians and governmental bodies. According to the Sunday Times, a company operating in both France and Ireland, for example, Cube Infrastructure Managers (CIM) fronted by Granahan McCourt was revealed to be the host of a dinner meeting with Ireland’s Minister for Communications and four of his officials in Manhattan’s Club 21.

The friendly relationship between the minister and Granahan McCourt led to his resignation 11 October.

“We are assembling a team of specialized lawyers and jurists to identify the judicial means to launch legal actions on a large scale in France, Europe and internationally,”explained Arazi. “in order to force the public authorities to act. We are also launching group actions to enable each affected consumer to be heard and have his or her damages remedied.

Arazi claims that there are 300 million world-wide persons who are victims to radiation overexposure from smartphone radiation. “We are one of the rare associations to fight, in a free and independent way, with no financial or corporate interests, to ensure the defense of citizens and not to cede to the power of
big multinationals which decide that they can make the rules and favor the dominance of their devices over our health and that of our children – and this without being accountable to anyone, protected by regulations made to measure.”

In August of this year PhoneGate called for the withdrawal of most cell phones on the market. PhoneGate said, “The recall of more than 250 of the best-selling mobile phone models on the French market, which must either be withdrawn from the market by a procedure of free exchange or their software or hardware must be updated by the manufacturer.” Should governments agree it would dramatic economic consequences on a global scale.

Simultaneous to Arazi’s efforts to bring the issue to a global audience, a case was weaving it’s way through the French courts. As reported by LeParisian, Electrosensitivity: the discomfort of an employee recognized as an accident at work, for the first time.

Just three days after the Krakow conference the Court of Social Security Affairs of Versaillesruled that the discomfort of an employee in the workplace was caused by microwave radiation. This ruling gives affirmation to the work of Dott.ssa Belpoggi and the concerns of the Ramazzini Institute as well as supporting the evidence unearthed by Asst. Prof. Olle Johansson, formerly of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

Due in large part to the relentless work of Johansson and the Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive, Sweden is the only country in the world to recognize electrosensitivity as a functional impairment.

According to Johansson, “In Sweden, impairments are viewed from the point of the environment. No human being is in itself impaired, there are instead shortcomings in the environment that cause the impairment (as the lack of ramps for the person in a wheelchair or rooms electrosanitized for the person with electro-hypersensitivity). This environment-related impairment view, furthermore, means that even though one does not have a scientifically-based complete explanation for the impairment electrohypersensitivity, and in contrast to disagreements in the scientific society, the person with electrohypersensitivity shall always be met in a respectful way and with all necessary support with the goal to eliminate the impairment. This implies that the person with electrohypersensitivity shall have the opportunity to live and work in an electrosanitized environment.”

Johansson’s appearance on the podium at Krakow added a sense of gravitas to the proceedings. He is the only speaker to be invited to address the Forum for a second time. “From the current vast scientific literature, it is obvious we must proceed with caution before immersing the citizens in more and more artificial electromagnetic fields,” he said, “We may, as a matter of fact, already be gravely endangering our current as well as coming generations. To not act today, may prove a disaster tomorrow, and such lack of action may again result in the classical ‘late lessons from early warnings’.“

“I, as a scientist, am not here to promote convenience or economic growth, but only ‘to serve and protect’ human health, as well as to directly protect other animals, plants and bacteria.”

He listed the following lessons from science:

• Use of cell phones decrease the semen quality in men by decreasing the sperm count,
motility, viability, and normal morphology. The decrease in sperm parameters was
dependent on the duration of daily exposure to cell phones and independent of the initial
semen quality.
• A progressive decrease in the number of newborns per diem was observed, which
ended in irreversible infertility.
• Exposure of pregnant women to mobile phone significantly increase fetal and neonatal
heart rate, and significantly decreased the cardiac output.
• After 45 min of exposure to pulsed 2450 MHz micro-waves (2 microseconds pulses,
500 pps, 1 mW/cm2, average whole body SAR 0.6 W/kg), rats showed retarded
learning while performing in the radial-arm maze to obtain food rewards, indicating a
deficit in spatial “working memory” function. … These data indicate that both cholinergic
and endogenous opioid neurotransmitter systems in the brain are involved in the
microwave-induced spatial memory deficit.
• The present findings suggest that Wi-Fi exposure may exert gender-related alterations
on neural activity associated with the amount of attentional resources engaged during a
linguistic test adjusted to induce working memory.
• EMFs disturb immune function through stimulation of various allergic and inflammatory
responses, as well as effects on tissue repair processes. Such disturbances increase
the risks for various diseases, including cancer.

Response to electromagnetic radiation is not only affecting human beings. All of nature is affected. ”These responses occur very soon after exposure, strongly suggesting that they are the direct consequence of application of radiofrequency fields and their similarities to wound responses strongly suggests that this radiation is perceived by plants as an injurious stimulus,” said Johansson.”Even bacteria are affected leading to resistance to antibiotics, he said, adding, ”These responses occur very soon after exposure, strongly suggesting that they are the direct consequence of application of radiofrequency fields and their similarities to wound responses strongly suggests that this radiation is perceived by plants as an injurious stimulus.”

The solution to the proliferation is, according to Johansson, based on The London Resolution, published by the science journal Elsevier in 2009. “Based on the (UN) Precautionary Principle, children and vulnerable groups (such as people with epilepsy and heart conditions) should not be exposed to a risk of harm”, Said Johansson, “Thus we propose that children under 16 should use mobile phones and cordless phones for emergency calls only. No Wi-fi, WiMax or other forms of wireless networking are placed in homes, schools or public areas or promoted for use thereof.”

Johansson had no sooner finished his presentation and a hand from the audience shot up asking him to repeat his opinion on electromagnetic radiation. In a departure from Forum protocol Johansson returned to the podium and reasserted his contention that no artificial man-made radiation is safe. A second departure from protocol was the appearance of brochures designed to mimic Forum literature claiming that EMFs, wireless microwave radiation has not been proven to be unsafe – this after hearing from two eminent scientists and a medical doctor.

Related topics discussed at the Krakow Forum included:

• Ecophone and other global innovative solutions in wireless communication
by Mgr inż. Przemysław Kitowski
• Role of state authorities in preventive and protective actions aimed at
protecting people from excessive exposure to EMFs
by Krzysztof Kwiatkowski
• EMF monitoring in Krakow
by Dr. inż. Jacek Stępień
• Results of EMF measurements including the results obtained from personal
exposimeters in Krakow
by Dr. Barbara Gałdzińska-CalikSolidarity with Krakow from Ireland

The propaganda against the goals and the safety of the people of Krakow was ratcheted up with an article in the Rzeczpospolita newspaper threatening economic difficulties if Krakow fails to join Warsaw’s political political agenda of even more radiation. The newspaper article titled “The fate of 5G weighs in Krakow”, explains: “In Poland, the city will probably not be the second largest in Krakow, because there is a strong movement opposing the increase of electromagnetic field limits (PEM) in the environment, led by councillor Marta Patena, though the city council is afraid that the 5G network may have a
negative impact on the health of residents.”

Aside from the national push for 5G technology from Warsaw, the article infers a failure on the part of Krakow to submit to the directives of the un-elected European Commission. “The creation of the 5G network in our country is Poland’s commitment to the European Commission and at the same time the condition for the implementation of many national projects included in the strategy for responsible development, investments, the creation of the latest generation network, on which the implementation of flagship government projects, such as intelligent transport systems, depends on a strong social resistance,”said Patena.

The week of the Forum, the United Nations issued a press release calling for less red tape in the roll-out of 5G technology and on the following Friday, the U.S. White House hosted a summit to facilitate investment in 5G. But the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) said in a statement that it would sue the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) if the commission does not change a proposed policy that would preempt local control in a bid to streamline installation of 5G wireless infrastructure.

If Poland is in the crosshairs of international deployment of 5G, Krakow, as the heart of Poland, can anticipate more than one wireless-triggered heart attack. As Mayor Majchrowski steps down, one candidate for the office – in the face of burgeoning scientific evidence – has promised to make the city the first in Poland to deploy 5G technology.

To support the Ramazzini Institute visit:

To support the PhoneGate Alert visit:



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