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North Carolina USA: Legislature passes bill throwing health caution to the wind

Jason Saine’s editorial in the Gazette, Thursday July 27, touts the wonders of the 5G Network. Well, it’s a wonder all right! It’s a wonder to me that the North Carolina legislature can pass a bill with such drastic consequences without any public debate or education, so let me try to explain what just happened to you without your knowledge. I regret to say that our good friend John Torbett also sponsored HB310, the 5G Network bill. Apparently, the only information our legislators weighed was from the 5G corporations and their associations.

First, the majority of the public has no idea what the 5G Network is. Even friends of mine who try to keep up on current events have no idea. 5G may have been discussed in the back rooms of tech corporate wizards and politicians, but has come in under the radar to the public, basically a deliberate sneak attack. The 5G Network is a massive implementation of smaller cell emitting towers to be installed on any street, in any right of way and in any neighborhood. The 5G small cell emitters will be communicating with the larger cell towers we have now. That is cumulative, meaning the air around these small cell towers is permeated with Electromagnetic Frequency waves from every wireless device. Smart Meters are also EMF emitters. What used to be underground wiring is now being moved into the air all around us. 5G is wireless technology with Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) that will penetrate your house and your body. And it is constant, 24/7. How much EMF is enough?

Corporations, looking to make fortunes on this technology, deny any health consequences from this and try to equate the technology with cell phones. But your cell phone can be turned off and placed away from you. And Wi-Fi at this time is communicating with your computer, cell phone, or possibly your TV from one location in your home or business. If you are EMF sensitive, and many people are even at the current levels, 5G EMF once implemented cannot be avoided at all. 5G is EMF on steroids. This is especially damaging to the health of children and the elderly. (You may recall my previous editorials regarding Smart Meters. If so, multiply the warnings by thousands.)

“The move to 5G presents additional concerns because there will be more energy in signals traveling over the high-frequency spectrum and the smaller transmitters will be closer to where people live and work. “There is a big concern with the previous technology and it’s just being made worse with 5G,” said Kevin Mottus, outreach director for the California Brain Tumor Association, who attend the FCC meeting and unsuccessfully attempted to ask officials about the health effects. “These are microwave transmitters and the closer you are to them, the more problems,” he said.

When Mr. Saine writes that we should look at 5G Networks as “infrastructure,” and he relates the technology to roads and railways, but he doesn’t say that roads and railways didn’t penetrate your home, body, and business without your consent or even the knowledge of the consequences.

Mr. Saine touts this move as “leadership in a global economy.” So far, as we have seen with other industry sectors, global means foreign ownership of our industries and infrastructure. No doubt global corporations are vying for dibs on hooking us up to 5G. This hardly makes Mr. Saine a good representative of NC citizens who didn’t even know about this previous to the bill passage. (Similar to the 50-year toll road contract with the Spanish firm Cintra to whom the NC legislature sold part of our interstate I-77.)

Mr. Saine says, “The ability to connect billions of devices will drive new innovation and ‘efficiencies,’ transforming entire industry sectors, such as energy, health, and public safety.”. “Billions of devices,” means cars, dishwashers, refrigerators, HVACs, washing and drying machines, hair dryers, microwave ovens, and every energy driven device in the entire country. As with Smart Meters and all wireless technology, the 5G cell towers can be hacked. The health sector can only be enhanced by the adverse health effects this technology brings with it, bringing lots of sick people needing help for illnesses that can’t be reversed. Public safety? Surely he is joking! He means that areas not heretofore serviced by cell service will now have service that connects them to EMTs and police. I am absolutely certain that there is a way around that without giving away the entire public right of way to massive EMF radiation.

Mr. Saine writes that so far only 10 states have passed legislation giving 5G the green light. That doesn’t necessarily mean that he is on right side of this or that his sponsorship of this bill makes him so smart. It just means the corporations pushing this technology waved enough money around Raleigh to get this bill passed before the public had a clue. Now Mr. Saine writes an editorial talking up his great accomplishment, when in fact that bill was a huge mistake with no public support or outcry for the need of it. He put the cart before the horse. (Just like the Obamacare legislation was passed “so we can see what’s in it.” Look how that turned out.)

The 5G bill has already been signed by the governor. Now it needs to be rescinded by the legislature if a correction to this mistake can be made. Here’s to your health, Mr. Saine. You and the legislature threw ours away.

Cheryl Pass



Source: http://www.gastongazette.com/opinion/20170727/my-turn-legislature-threw-caution-and-our-health-to-wind


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